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BLOG EVENTS. My favourite things. Thanks to blog events, I’ve met my best friends. Like, friends that are my real life friends. Friends that come…


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BLOG EVENTS. My favourite things.

Thanks to blog events, I’ve met my best friends. Like, friends that are my real life friends. Friends that come to my birthday and meet up with me outside of blog events. Friends I talk to every day. I LOVE BLOG EVENTS FOR THIS.

The first time I went to a blog event, I was shitting myself. I’m not going to lie. If you’ve met me in real life than you’ll probably know that I’m generally quite awkward to start with. If I’ve met you many times, then I’m pretty much myself, but to start with I’M SO NERVOUS.

I’m okay with bloggers I’ve never spoken to online, I tend to be pretty okay around them for some reason. But if I know who you are, or I’ve spoken to you online, I’m terrified and I struggle to go up to people first!

If you’ve never been to an event. you’ll probably be terrified on your first time too, but that’s natural. Bloggers are generally lovely. I think the thing I found most scary about meeting bloggers is that I was scared that if they had a certain idea of me because of how I come across online, I wouldn’t meet their expectations in real life. I often get told that I come across as a confident person online, but I don’t feel like in real like, but hey? I think we all project the best version of us online! Also it’s a lot easier to be yourself online.

So while I know that how I am on this blog is WHO I am, it sometimes takes a bit of time for me to be able to relax and be myself.

Because like a lot of people, I’m a tad insecure and sacred of saying the wrong thing!

But that’s okay because every person I’ve met at blogging events have actually turned out to be really lovely people!

#socialbloggers weekly Twitter chat about going to blog events and how to prepare for blog events

Q1: Have you been to a blogging event before?

Q2: How did you prepare the first time, were you nervous?

Q3: What has been the best event you’ve been to?

Q4: If you could plan your own event, what would it be?

Q5: Whats your favourite thing about events?


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  1. I know what you mean, I get really nervous too! I also don’t like showing my blog to someone I have just met incase they then view me differently!

    Ash | Liakada

  2. I always enjoy blogger events, it was a bit daunting at first not knowing people but after a while you generally recognize a few faces! I’d organise a night at the museum for my ideal blogger event

  3. This post just makes me wish I’d go to more blogger events, haha! I get a few invites, some I really want to go to but can’t make it to, others I’m just too nervous to go to, ha!

  4. I really hope I get to meet you one day. But if I do, please know we’ll both be a mess of nervousness. I’m shy at first, because like you I’m always scared people have a certain idea of me and I don’t like thinking I won’t meet their expectations.

    But I do believe meeting bloggers must be so exciting. You know – to be with people that actually understand what you go through in terms of blogging, and that know your work, and know the things you love, and just know what you do. And to have them turn out to be some of your bestfriends must be life changing. So so lovely!

    I loved this chat, and I’ll always be joining in as I love you just as much!

    Ella x

  5. I was invited to events a couple of times but I had to turned it down because I live far away and to attend is just bloody pricey. The last I turned down was from Make Up For Ever, my heart weeped a little. 🙁

  6. I’ve never been to a blogging even, probably because I live all the way down under in Australia. I’d really want to go and meet people but like you I’m terrified of that first impressions and the feeling that you’re a disappointment. Even around my friend, it takes me a good few years to completely warm up to them and be my crazy self. I prefer hanging out with just one or two people rather than an entire group.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  7. I’ve literally sat at a table at a blogger event with someone I’ve spoken to a bunch on twitter before – they presumably didn’t know it was me and I was too much of a softie to introduce myself!
    haha I don’t think I’m really cut out for social interaction!

  8. I’d be too scared to attend a Blogger event (plus, doubtful I’d be invited!) but I’ve met some blogging friends and I did worry they’d think I was an idiot in real life! I remember meeting some blogging friends last year and one commented that she was surprised by how much I swear in real life (esp as I am a teacher blah, blah…) – I tend to try to be funny when I am nervous and hence a bit of swearing!!x

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