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#socialbloggers 87 // Bloggers Goals for 2016

I’ve spoken about my blogging goals in a previous post, we’ve also had previous  #socialbloggers chats about our goals for 2016 and about what we…



I’ve spoken about my blogging goals in a previous post, we’ve also had previous  #socialbloggers chats about our goals for 2016 and about what we achieved in 2015. So I honestly don’t blame you for looking at this thinking GAH NOT MORE POSTS ABOUT GOALS.

The thing is, I find this topic inspiring and motivational, and I hope you do too.

It’s cliche as hell to set goals for the new year, but I give zero shits. I could consume content that inspires me like this daily, which means I can sit and read 100 blog posts about peoples goals every day and not get bored.

Reading about how another blogger wants to double their page views, or move to WordPress, or get to 2k Instagram followers inspires me to want to reach my goals too.

I really like question 3 in this latest #socialbloggers chat, which asks people to share their own posts about their goals, I’d love it if you lot could do two things for me:

  1. Go visit a couple of the posts from question 3 and leave some encouragement.
  2. Leave your links to your own posts in the comment section below.

Let’s make 2016 our best year yet.

2016 blog goals

Q1: What are you going to change/work on, for your blog, in this first month of 2016?

Q2: Have you set a “word of the year” for your blog + life? Share yours & see what others have set for themselves

Q3: Have you written your life & blog goals? Share them (you can share your posts, too)

Q4: new year marks new beginnings. What are some “big things” you’re looking forward to doing in 2016?

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  1. I have not decide if I want to keep 5 days posting of less I had made changes on my blog keeping signature top I guess that is a start great topic,

  2. I’m with you here! Seeing other people setting themselves goals and working towards them is a huge inspiration for me and you’ve definitely given me some great ideas.

  3. I love reading everyone else’s posts about goals but I’m way too chicken to write my own. Like I’m afraid everyone will be judging me if I fail. And yes I know no one cares about me that much but blogging pressure is real 😉

  4. I know I am alone in this but seeing others goals put me in a very difficult position, in one way it drives me forward and want to bring my blog to a whole new level but on the other hand, I am tempted to call quits because I know in doing so, I will need to dedicate more time to the blog and I am very hesitant in doing so. My main reason is my little one is almost two and I really want to give my best attention to him…I guess I am on a crossroad and will just have to take things one day at a time.

  5. I know what you mean about reading other people’s goals, it can be really inspiring, a big “yes, let’s all do this!”. It was also a really fun chat to be in, I’m really enjoying them 🙂

  6. I wish I’d caught the chat, it looked great! I haven’t really set any real blogging goals this year apart from 1) stop neglecting my poor blog and 2) be brave enough to finally share my writing with people I know in real life.. That last one terrifies me!

  7. Every week I tell myself I will join the twitter chats and I always forget about it, next time I will for sure set an alarm 🙂 I will try to post regularly, I hope I will manage to achieve that and I will try to improve my photography 🙂 Beside these things, I prefer not to set number goals and get disappointed! xx

  8. It was so interesting to read all the replies as tomorrow I’m publishing my blogging goals for this year. :))

  9. So sad to have missed this chat! I love the questions.

    I’ll be visiting everyones blog to read their goals posts and pop them a comment as you’ve suggested…and wordpress isn’t working so I can’t blog! 😛

    Victoria xx

  10. I think I’ll put more effort into joining socialbloggers chat more, because it’s so informative and really inspires me to think! 🙂

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