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Do you remember your first time?

Hey you mucky devil, I didn’t mean THAT first time. I meant the good old passage into women hood. The first time Aunt Flo came…


Sanitary Owl

Hey you mucky devil, I didn’t mean THAT first time.

I meant the good old passage into women hood. The first time Aunt Flo came to visit. When Mother Nature decided it was time for the massacre at the Y – yeah, okay, that’s kinda gross

Your first period.

I remember being in year 6 at school, around 10 years old, when we had our first period talk. The class was split up into girls and boys. They spoke to the boys about sperm and condoms, and they spoke to us girls about periods and pads. We learnt about puberty and what would happen to our bodies as we grew up and it all felt very exciting but scary.

Sanitary Owl

We moved up to high school and slowly, girls started getting their periods. It was a big deal and there were many girls that told their friends in confidence and, well, we all know how kids are dicks. Like, awful dicks. This meant that a lot of the time, this confidence was broken and it became gossip. Ohh, Amy started her period, hahahahahaaha.

When we got a bit older, around 13 and 14, it wasn’t that big of a deal because almost everyone had their period by now and it was just normal.

I was in year 10, I was 14 years old and being a July baby meant I was one of the younger ones in school. Most of my friends were 15 now and had their period.

Sanitary Owl

It’s funny how a few years ago, it was so embarrassing to have your period, but now it was embarrassing to not have your period.

Honestly, I always felt so behind my friends, maturity wise. I felt chubby, awkward, my boobs were, well, just fat because I was a bit of a chubster. There was a point where I got laughed at because I didn’t wear a bra and the girls in PE knew. I was still wearing those crop top things that had my little pony on with matching knickers while my friends all were in C cups. I eventually asked my Mum to buy me a bra and she did. It was a double A, but it made me feel like an adult.

Desperate to fit in, I lied to my friends and pretended I had my period. Every so often, I’d casually mention I had stomach cramps, just so I wasn’t dubbed one of those girls that wasn’t yet a women.

Sanitary Owl

On bonfire night of the year 2000, I was at my brothers house as they were having a bonfire party. I went to the toilet and noticed a TINY bit of blood. I thought that maybe this was it, but I had imagined rivers – not this tiny spot that I could barely see.

Nothing much happened that night, but the next day, well, let’s just say I’m a heavy flow and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I knew I had to tell my Mum but it scared me a bit. She was in the kitchen and I went in and I said ‘Mum, I came on last night’ and it was such an awkward thing to say.

She told me that she had a dream the night before about me starting my period. She bought me some pads and also and told my Dad that I had ‘become a women’ and it made me die a bit inside. Ok, it made me die a lot inside.

Sanitary Owl

Right after my first period, we had another sex talk with school. This time we learnt about tampons. I remember my best friend used tampons and I was scared they would hurt. We were given a pack with some pads, panty liners and some lite and regular tampons.

Because I was quite heavy, my the time my second period had come around I was starting to wish I was still a kid and didn’t have this stuff to worry about.

Sanitary Owl

Even though pads are thin and people can’t see them on you, you can still feel them there and it bugged the hell out of me. I was sure that everyone knew I was on my period, like there was a big flashing signpost saying PERIOD and an arrow pointing right to me.

This was also the time when I was reading Shout magazine and it had an agony aunt section. It was aimed at girls around 11-15 years and there were often questions about periods. I remember one question was asking about tampons how to use them and the reply was to basically go to the bathroom with a packet of tampons and practice.

It took a while and even when thought I got it right, I hadn’t. It was awkward and I could feel it.

About 3 periods later, I had mastered the art of using tampons with an applicator and it felt so freeing to no longer feel paranoid about wearing pads.

Seriously, tampons are an absolute God send. I have no idea how some women don’t ever use them!

It wasn’t until a few years later that I learnt to use non-applicator tampons, and then I never looked back.

Sanitary Owl

So yeah, get your tamp on!

So now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about periods. Well, I was recently sent a trial from Sanitary Owl – a monthly subscription box that makes your period a bit easier.

You pick what items you want from various brands, pads, tampons and panty liners and then they send you a custom box. Prices start from £4.99 and you can get your own from here.

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  1. Haha I remember the awkward stage at school when it was embarrassing to have started your period, I was one of the early starters who desperately tried to keep it secret for ages haha xx

  2. Oh the Joy of becoming a woman… 😀 Mine came on Easter when I was like 11. Thanks Easter Bunny for the lovely present. At first, I wasn’t 100% sure if I really got it but I did and it definitely made me feel uncomfortable that day. I told my parents and it was no big deal. I can’t remember it ever being a big deal for that matter, every though I was pretty young. It was never really a topic at school or anywhere else. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, I cried and didn’t felt happy at all when I got my period. I was just 9 years old back then, so so young! My cousin and I talked about it then hours later, I feel cramping and boom, I got my period. I’m glad I knew some things about it already. We just use pads here in our country so I haven’t really used tampons haha. TMI.

  4. God I remember mine, I was on holiday and had a stumach ache. Mum told me swimming would take it off, luckily I didn’t. All day I seemed ok, but I came home and went to the bathroom and there it was! I was wearing white shorts too, I was about 13 and mortified! I shouted my mum in sheer panic and she came in and actually said ‘congratulations, your a woman’ which made me want to die. She went to buy me some pads and I remember just feeling like they were bulky and noisy and everyone knew. I didn’t tell any of my friends for years I was so embarrassed.

    I also remember when we were about 12, a guy in my form was dating some one I knew and the rumours went around that he was only dating her because she was the only one who’d starter her period. Strange!

  5. I was 13 and a half and full of cold so my Mum was persuaded to give me the day off school. I struggled with massive cramps and heavy periods all through my teen years. Tampons are amazing!

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. I was at my uncles funeral when Aunt Flo visited for the first time. Talk about awkward! And of course my grandmother was super loud and obnoxious and just HAD to tell the entire family that little Katie was finally a “woman.” Ugh, I wanted to die. Buuuuut, I have never liked tampons. Nowadays PCOS means I don’t get my period, ever, so I don’t need to worry about it. But I keep pads in the bathroom just in case.


  7. I remember my first time. I was 12 and I had to go home from school because I obviously had nothing on me. Then I remember being in the bathroom and my grndmother, who I live with, handing me the phone because my great grandmother was crying as I had “become a woman”.

    The next day I went to school with a pad, and I sneezed. Basically had to go home again. I used to have a really potent and havy period. I basically had to use those really big ones and change every hour. It was awful. At 12 I didn’t want to put on tampons. And when I did start, I didn’t put them all the way in becuse I thought they would lose themselves inside of me. Wait, TMI, right? I apologize for this ahahahah

    Anyway this box is amazing. I already know the brands and types of tampons I like to use to make y life easier, and luckily I’ve never had any pains, but we never know right?

    Ella x

  8. I really love the idea of this subscription box, there is nothing worse than getting your monthly only to find your on your last towel and it’s 5pm on a Sunday and Boots has already shut…worst feeling EVER! I also like the convenience of having it sent right through your letter box, one less thing to go out shopping for!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. Tampons didn’t exist when I was growing up, so though embarrassing to admit, I’ve never had “tampon education” to this day. To be honest, I’m just scared of it, and reading about someone being in a coma because of toxic poisoning or whatever, doesn’t really inspire me to learn about tampons.

    Anyway, as for my first period.. I was one of the REALLY EARLY ones… I got mine when I was 10. I started getting my girlies when I was 8. I was bullied a little bit for it as well. Like someone who was flat-chested would say “oh my gosh, they’re huge!” and have a disgusted tone with it. Little girls seriously could be quite stupid.

  10. I will never forget a girl in my Primary School running around the playground in Year 6 telling everyone that she had started her period haha… I was a late starter too, It was towards the end of Year 9, in my friend group there was only two of us left, but we both had our first over the same weekend! So got to share our wonderful news with each other on Monday morning in school haha.

    I had two older sisters so It wasn’t a huge deal – I remember going to the bathroom and seeing a little bit of blood, then going into my mum’s room to break the news! Her and my sisters all used tampons so she had to dig around for something I could use and I ended up using one of those big Night Time ones my eldest sister had to wear over night – it felt like a nappy!! Then she asked my sister to bring some normal pads home for me! Not long after I moved into the world of the tampon! I agree they are so much better – They feel so much cleaner.

    I’m on the depo injection at the moment and as a side effect I don’t actually get periods at the moment! Sanitary Owl sounds like a good way to try different brands though!


  11. I remember the horror of seeeing it all there- ugrh!!!! Luckily, my Mum was upstairs, heard me say, “Urrrrrrgh!” and came in to help me out with pads etc- I was 13 I think! Horrid. I have to say it’s so much better nowadays!x

  12. I remember that I thought I was having my first period when I was at school one day, and I called my friend and told her my wee had been red and I thought I was getting my period. (I clearly knew nothing about periods at this point!) She reminded me I’d had beetroot that day and, well, every day before (it was my favourite food!) and that was why my wee was red. I eventually started my period, later than everyone else, a year or so after that incident and could clearly tell the difference. Cringe. Haha. Also, I’m one of those people who does not use tampons! I hate them. I’m like, I can’t understand why people use them. I stick with a pad and I find it much more comfortable, I don’t even know they are there. Whereas when I wear a tampon? Ugh, I’m so aware of it! Great post, and this box looks really useful. I’ll have to look into it! x x

  13. Loving this post and loving reading the comments about everyones first times! I started mine on holiday, after a day out at the beach I noticed marks in my bikini bottoms. Luckily I was never heavy back then and I rarely am so it was only faint. But my mum found them and noticed and thankfully was subtle about it, but I freaked out so much worrying about what would happen when they saw these bikini bottoms and if their would be any more.

    I read and research EVERYTHING so I knew tampons could cause toxic shock and was too terrified to use them for years! Literally didn’t until I met my current boyfriend who I lived with and who persuaded me it’d be okay. Now I only use pads in emergency’s.

    Rhi x

  14. Oh my god, mine was the worst! I had cramps, but didn’t know they were cramps and I was bawling my eyes out in school because I was in so much pain and just wanted to go home! It was like my 2nd/3rd week in High School so the teacher asked me if it was my period and I told her I hadn’t started it yet and then I got home and realised this was the first one… I was mortified.

    I also can’t stand pads, I was just like you, convinced everyone knew!

  15. I remembered my first time like it was yesterday, i had terrible cramps but i have a very good mom who made sure she did everything she could to make me feel better.its nice to know others can talk about this freely 🙂

  16. I really don’t remember my first time! I think I was 14 though, and was definitely one of the later ones in my friend group. My schools never really did much education on the subject though, and definitely not in primary school! And I hate using tampons. Would always be my last resort, and I find pads way more comfortable. I’ve never been particularly heavy so maybe that changes the experience? This is a really good topic to write about though!

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