Glossybox January 2016 // The One That Was Smashed

The love story between Glossybox and I isn’t going well, is it? Last month, I set my Glossybox on fire. This month, well, one of…



The love story between Glossybox and I isn’t going well, is it?

Last month, I set my Glossybox on fire. This month, well, one of the products was smashed to the point of not being able to even try it. How sad does this look? WOEEEE.

glossybox january 2016

Luckily, my housemate is also subscribed the Glossybox, so the first item here is what was in my housemates box, not mine. She got everything the same as me, apart from these two items.


glossybox january 2016 Angele Paris Red Nail Lacquer

Angele Paris Red Nail Lacquer 

My housemate was like ‘what a shit thing to put in a box‘. I was kind of glad this was hers and not mine to be honest, because I feel like I’ve had a million red nail varnishes from Glossybox.

It could be worse, I guess – it could be some hand cream. Or the first chapter of a book. Yes, I’m looking at you, Birchbox.


glossybox january 2016 Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask

This is a herbal-based mask will care for your skin and to keep it protected. It’s a great way to keep your skin soft and nourished over winter.


glossybox january 2016

Glossybox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve

I’m never sure what I think about the Glossybox products in the boxes. I know I’m being a bit harsh this month – maybe because ONE OF MY PRODUCTS WAS SMASHED – but I see Glossybox as a way to find new brands, so I’m never to chuffed to see a Glossybox product which they’ve stuck a random RRP to.

Ah well, at least they didn’t send out tattoos with their logo on. Oh wait, they did.


glossybox january 2016 Teez Cosmetics Coasis Gem Lipstick

glossybox january 2016 Teez Cosmetics Coasis Gem Lipstick

glossybox january 2016 Teez Cosmetics Coasis Gem Lipstick

Teeez Cosmetics Coasis Gem Lipstick

This is my favourite item in the box. A lovely coral lippy and we were able to pick the colour ourselves πŸ™‚

The leaflet thing says this is on trend for winter TREND ALERT. But to be honest, I see coral as more of a spring colour?

I retract the TREND ALERT.


glossybox january 2016 Madara Cellular Repair Serum

Madara Cellular Repair Serum

YES this is exciting to me. I have proper wank skin. LIKE PROPER WANK. I know you know this already so I’ll try not get too ragy about it.

I’m hoping this will help heal the scars left by the spots that I AM STILL GETTING AS A 29 YEAR OLD.

Yes please!


glossybox january 2016

Another box full of 5 full size products, which is wonderful. But one is a lie because it’s a Glossybox branded product. And another is a lie because it was broken.

I leave this post feeling a bit MEH about this. This box is a  lie.

But at least I have a murder mystery dinner to attend this afternoon!

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I love how you describe your skin as “wank” – I completely understand! At 30 – yes the spots are still coming 😐 So much for growing out of it huh?! Damn!

  2. This was a great post! I’m glad you were honest about the products, so don’t worry about that (if you ever were to begin with) πŸ™‚

  3. Poor little product… maybe you can manage to put it in pan again and add some liquid to make it one piece. I like the look of the lipstick, it is a really pretty shade. I have nothing planned for the weekend, so I will probably be lazy! x

  4. I have seen a few Glossybox reviews yesterday and they received really great products! This doesn’t look good at all and can’t your friend get a replacement?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. “But one is a lie because it’s a Glossybox branded product. And another is a lie because it was broken” — ha ha ha. I’ve never subscribed to these goody boxes as my likes are so specific — and I too still get a bit of acne from time to time and I am in my late 30s. I don’t think I need another red nail polish either. What I’ve been doing is watching Sephora for their big sets of minis — I’ve tried everything from Glamglow to Ole Henriksen to Josie Maran by purchasing those. And they typically are a good value. However, with that said, you don’t get some of the smaller brands that the subscription boxes promote.

  6. Agree with you the lipstick is definitely the best thing. I do think that some subscription boxes are not evolving and becoming boring glossy box is one of those subscriptions sad to say. Shame about the broken product hopefully they will replace it Lucy x

  7. How could it even get smashed? That’s so annoying. I got the blush rather than the polish which I’m quite pleased about but I’m not quite sure about the colour of the eye shadow… time will tell. I definitely like the mask, though πŸ™‚

    Also, this being my first Glossybox and my first subscription box it was definitely just super exciting and a massive novelty to be getting this kind of thing through the post.

  8. Such a shame one of the products was smashed so you can’t use it! πŸ™ Doesn’t seem like the rest of the box made up for the disappointment either.

    I’ve only ever tried the subscription box thing once before, as it came with a magazine, and it was TERRIBLE. Tiny little useless to me products. So I’ve never tried any other boxes. I’m not much of a beauty person anyway really!

  9. Hmm you’re right. These products weren’t all that great. Just read your december glossybox review and am so amused that you set it on fire!!! xx
    June Wants It All – Indian fashion and lifestyle blog

  10. How frustrating that it arrived all smashed…. did you let them know?
    I’ve heard mixed reviews on Glossybox – I’m not sold on the product!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  11. I was so unimpressed by the January Glossybox too. The January Birchbox was even worse!
    Seriously considering un-subscribing from Glossybox as I don’t feel like their boxes differ from month to month.

    Sophie x

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