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Degustabox January 2016

Degustabox January 2016


This is the OTHER January Degustabox. Hope you’re cool with that.

Degustabox January 2016 Crobar Peanut Crunch

Crobar Peanut Crunch

Ok, let’s get this over with.

This is made with cricket flour.

Yes, dead crickets.

It seems that the whole drinking dead fish thing has taught me a lesson, because I checked the ingredients!

But to be honest, I don’t think I’d be eating this even if I wasn’t a vegetarian. I don’t think I’m ever going to be eating insects. Sorry.


Degustabox January 2016

Slim Noodles 

I love slim Noodles! I actually had some today. They’re low calorie noodles and I love to eat them with soya mince and chilli con carne sauce. I have a more detailed post about them on my fitness blog here.


Degustabox January 2016

Clarks Carob Fruit Syrup

This is a naturally sweet syrup that’s low in GI and it can be used to sweeten tea, coffee and baking.

It’s also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics. So wa-hoo!


Degustabox January 2016 Degustabox January 2016

Amoy taste of Asia range.

I’m so excited to try this, I’ll be making some vegetable curries with slim noodles on the side for sure.

Thai green is one of my favourites, too.


Degustabox January 2016


This is a well known brand, it’s the finest beer in China but I’ve never tried this easy to drink pilsner, but it’s 100% the type of beer I would go for.


Degustabox January 2016

Jordans Country Crisp

This brand is known for it’s healthy cereals full of fruit and nuts and this is one of the flavours of the popular Country Crisp range. It’s packed full of light and crunchy oat clusters.


Degustabox January 2016

Conscious Chocolate 

Organic, vegan and gluten free – this chocolate is much better for you than your basically bar of Dairy Milk.

They come in free flavours – Plain Jane, which is the original bar. Intense, which is a dark chocolate and Chili Hot flavour, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Degustabox January 2016


This apple juice is made from golden delicious apples. It is high in vitamin C and other nutrients and antioxidants.


Degustabox January 2016


These have ruined my life. I love them. I want to eat them all. I opened them and couldn’t put them down. I love salty goodness and THIS IS SO MUCH SALTY GOODNESS.

They are a baked rice snack made using green beans and have only 99 calories a service. If you can control yourself to just have one serving..

Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They’re also nut and diary free.


Degustabox January 2016

Finn Crisp

These have been in the Degustabox before, a great alternative to bread. You can read my post about Crisp bread toppings here.


Degustabox January 2016

If you want your own, you can get a massive £6 off the box using the discount code: BLDEG15

So pop over to Degustabox and get yourself one.

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