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Corinstagram // Look, I made an instagram theme

Hi, it’s February tomorrow. How fast has this month gone? I think I say this every month? I’m such a cliche. Anyway, I love my…


instagram theme

Hi, it’s February tomorrow. How fast has this month gone? I think I say this every month? I’m such a cliche.

Anyway, I love my Instagram this month! I somehow managed to start a theme.

and it made me feel like I was trapped forever. 

It happened by accident. I started posting my breakfast, workout and dinner and at first it was wonderful because it was a great way of keeping me accountable fitness wise to achieve my fitness goals.

Then I realised I had a theme. Oh, it looked so nice and colourful and I loved it. I was so proud of my theme and all LOOK WORLD, LOOK AT MY THEME. Even at work, I was like LOOK AT THIS. IT’S MY THEME. TELL ME IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

But  then I felt restricted.

Like I was drowning in synergy. I kept thinking about breaking it but something was stopping me.

I thought about it a lot. I tried to think of ways I could keep it, but still post things that weren’t breakfastworkoutdinner – like, what if I broke it by posting 3 other photos, then I can go back to my theme and it won’t be too destroyed.

Then on Saturday, I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I was going to go home after work and break my theme the only way I know how.

Wine selfie in a giraffe onsie.

Which is the photo you see enough.

And you know what? I didn’t regret it.

I don’t think themes are for me, but I’m glad I tried it for a month because it was fun. Until the OCD extremist in me started to take over.

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My favourite posts from this month:

What are your January highlights?



  1. I never manage to keep a theme going for more than three photos on Instagram! It looks amazing but I find it too restricting!
    Amy xx

  2. I can’t keep a theme going for long either, I prefer just to show what randomly takes my fancy!

  3. I agree with themes feeling restricting! I keep the same kind of feel and editing to my photos but they are basically just whatever I want to post at the time. What ever I want to go back and look at!

    Rai |

  4. Themes look lovely but I couldn’t keep it up, I just post whatever I like ha ha, hopefully people like it 🙂 you did a great job though, looks great xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  5. Recently I’ve hop on board the white background theme and like you, I’m bored of it already. I’m going to break it soon when I am in Malaysia, can’t wait! Haha!

  6. I can relate to the joy at seeing your instagram flowing into a theme, though it’s easily broken as soon as something off-colour comes along that’s too good not to share haha. I’m all for the wine selfie in a giraffe onesie look Corinne haha! 😉

  7. My idea of an Instagram theme is basically using a similar filter, and that’s about it! I just like to share such diverse things, I guess, and don’t have the time to carefully consider my Instagram that much as some do! Your photos are lovely though 🙂


  8. Themes look good but I don’t think I would be able to keep a theme. I mostly share photos with white background. however getting a theme like you did would be hard 🙂

  9. Themes looks so beautiful at first and I don’t know how they do it! But it’s so restricting indeed! I tried the white border theme for a little while, but it restricted me to only using square photo’s. So after 8 pictures I decided to go back to normal again… 😉 Btw. Your food pics are looking incredibly yummy!

    Love, Layla Rosita

  10. Yes a theme can be cool but I can can also see how it would feel really restrictive. I just acn’t do and I’ve tried. Anyhow kudos to you on all the healthy eating 🙂

  11. I unintentionally had a blue theme going on… Only because I went on a little holiday to Melbourne and you know aeroplane window shot, aquarium shot, sky/building shot and it was summer and the it was blue and then it got so annoying hahah and so I’ve don’t have a blue theme anymore! However someone did comment (and later deleted) that they were unfollowing because they liked my blue theme and I’m like byeeeeeee! Themes are cool but sometimes it’s just not worth it! Em xx

  12. i couldn’t stick to a theme, haha! your looked nice, though:-) but i imagine it really would start to feel too restricting! xx

  13. I’m too lazy to have an Instagram theme haha. But I must say it does look rather pretty! The pictures are making me want to go rummage my fruit bowl and eat all the fruit! xo

  14. That star bowl/plate is amazing! :O And your instagram theme was super colourful! But I’m in the same mind as you; I’ve never bothered with a theme because I know I’d find it too restrictive. I like to just put what I fancy on there. I don’t want to be restricted! x x

  15. I don’t have a themed instagram, mostly because it’s sort of a personal instagram with alot of random photos. I mean, I always end up using the same filter on vsco, so I guess there’s a sort of theme going on, but it’s really not on purpose at all. Especially because I’m far too lazy for that.

    THOSE PHOTOS OF FOOD THOUGH. I request a recipe for every single one of them. And your instagram looks hella pretty. Why am I not following you yet though?

    Ella x

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