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Childhood Memories // Holidays in Devon and Cornwall

When I was younger, we never used to go abroad. In fact, I don’t actually know ANY of my friend that did. Most of my…


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When I was younger, we never used to go abroad. In fact, I don’t actually know ANY of my friend that did.

Most of my friends went to Skegness, Blackpool or Scarborough. These seaside destinations were always popular for us northerners, but now they’re kind of seen as a bit of a joke. They’re good for nights out, hen do’s and day trips, but they have a reputation for dirty beaches, cheesy amusement arcades and rain.

Thankfully we didn’t holiday often in the north of England, we used to always go down south to Devon and Cornwall.

Holidays in Devon and Cornwall

My memories include being woken up at around 4am to make the 6 hour journey down. I remember endless car rides, I remember stopping off at service stations where we all had to share a warm bottle of dilute pop and eat pre-made sandwiches from the cooler bag. I remember doing cross word puzzles, fighting over who gets the salt and vinegar crisps, listening to my portable CD player and looking at the clock thinking hours had passed, when in fact, only 5 minutes had.

It’s funny how when you’re a child, time passes so slow. Remember how summer holidays seemed to last years and the days went on forever?

I remember this beach we used to always go to, and there was a little steam that ran all the way though the holiday park we were staying in right down to the beach and into the sea. We used to sit by it on the beach and play in it.

I also remember a not so nice memory when my best friend came with us one year for a week. She was sick in the car on the way home! Remember those Cupcake Dolls you could get? Where they looked like a cupcake but you could take the lid off and pull the ‘wrapper’ down so it made a dress for a doll? Well, they all had a scent to them and mine was a yellow lemon one – I had that thing to my nose all the way home because of the sick smell!

Anyway, I’m losing the point again, aren’t I? STANDARD CORINNE.

When people ask me about my childhood memories, I always think back to our holidays in Devon and occasionally Cornwall! We actually went back a couple of years ago, my parents, my brothers and their families. It was fun to stay in a caravan like we used to!


Here are some of my favourite things about holidaying in Devon and Cornwall, and why I am DYING to go again:

  • The scenery in Cornwall and Devon is stunning. Google Woolacombe, Bude, Combe Martin, or Ilfracombe (just to name a few) and try to argue with me these places aren’t stunning. It’s hard to believe this is the UK.
  • Staying in a caravan park is SO much fun. Yes, the beds are tiny, but it’s like your own little house and they always have that smell that reminds me of a childhood holiday!
  • Cornwall Cottages are just so adorable and cottagecore asthetic to the max!
  • You can take your own tent or caravan if you wish!
  • UK holiday parks usually have their own bar and entertainment that’s full of nostalgia. Bingo, magic shows, Jake the Peg, a kids disco that plays the hocky cokey..
  • Fish and chips are 100% better by the seaside.
  • The weather can be surprisingly hot!
  • You can drive, meaning you have your car with you so you can explore.
  • There’s loads to do and see, small fishing villages, local cheese and wine to try and it’s a cyclists dream.
  • There are many theme parks and amusement parks – I remember my personal favourites being the Milky Way in Bideford and Once Upon A Time in Woolacombe.
  • The water sports!
  • There are loads of zoos and petting farms.
  • You don’t have to worry about checking your passport is in date, changing your money or travel insurance!

Now you’ve listen to me ramble on, let’s look at some photos of my time in Devon and Cornwall as a kid!

Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall Holidays in Devon and Cornwall PicMonkey Collage

So if you’re looking for a holiday this year, then do try out Devon or Cornwall – John Fowler holidays is a family run business that has holiday parks across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Now tell me about your childhood holiday destinations!

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  1. I’d never been to Cornwall until a couple of years ago cause it’s so far away for me but I’ve been camping there the past two years and it’s so worth the drive it’s absolutely beautiful and so hot it’s like you’re abroad!
    Amy xx

  2. Cornwall! I must have spent about 5 or 6 years going here every summer, and before that we went to Wales for about 10 years. I loved those holiday, I loved the drive down, this amazing little side of the road cart we found called Athenas Cafe with what was the best breakfast sandwiches in the world. Hale, St Ives, Flambards theme park AND mine (what a combination!), Lands End, I could stare out at the sea for hours in Lands End, I’d never left England before then and couldn’t even imagine what was just across the sea.

    I would love to go back.

    Also – baby Corinne! You cutie! That ballerina picture is by far my fave!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. I’ve actually stayed in Killigarth Manor which is a John Fowler park, though it wasn’t when www were there. It’s situated just above Polperro and we spend many happy holidays there. Polperro and Looe are gorgeous fishing villages. Thinking of Looe and I always think of really strong salt and vinegar chips, crab fishing and arcade! You’re right in thr weather too, I remember one October half-term there and it was roasting!!
    Other places we went on holiday were Wales and Malta. Really enjoyed this post, brought back memories of warmer times! Xx

  4. Lovely to read about your childhood holidays! My family lives in the Czech Republic so we spend many holidays there. I can remember the long journeys and the many service stations as well 🙂

  5. Ooh this is very similar to my childhood memories, Devon was the destination, fish and chips, ice cream on the menu and making sandcastle on the beach Lucy x

  6. You have wonderful memories, the pictures are so cute. I never went on a holiday with the caravan, but I really want to try it (I want to buy one). x

  7. I have so many happy memories down in Cornwall too, playing with my cousins when I was younger. I able to visit them for sixteen years until last year when I finally went back. Still such a beautiful place filled with Cornish Pasties!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  8. Ah, we enjoyed many a family holiday in Devon and Cornwall too! Woolacombe, Hale, and St Ives were all popular destinations. I used to love the car journeys down there – although my parents used to be such bad planners we’d only ever bring two CD’s (or maybe even tapes it was that long ago!) – once we had ABBA on a loop for the whole way! Love that you shared all these pictures, they’re so lovely!

  9. Aww so adorable ahhh remember the good old cd player days walking around with that thing everywhere

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  10. I’ve gone to Cornwall for a holiday every year for the past 23 years! I love it there and it’s just so scenic and relaxing! Tania xx

  11. Aww I loved this post because it reminds me of my childhood! We always stayed in the UK for holidays and I never felt hard done by – I had so much fun and most of my favourite memories are of childhood holidays. Plus my parents are divorced so I always got at least 2 hols a year – one with my mum’s family and one with my dad’s!

  12. Are you flipping the bird in the last picture? LOL! All jokes aside, I remember the two hours drive from home to visit my grandparents and being sick in the car all the way. I get really bad motion sickness and believe it or not, I still do until today.

  13. It’s weird to see you posting about my home! I grew up and lived in Barnstaple for 23 years. The Milky Way was my fav birthday destination.

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun!! Love the picture that looks as though your showing the middle finger to someone 😉 We didn’t vacation a lot when we were younger. My uncle occasionally took us to Florida and other places sometimes, but Michigan was quite hot in the summers, so trips to the lake or amusement parks were sometimes what we did in the summer :)) Going abroad now that I live in the UK is sometimes needed as the weather isn’t always hot enough 🙂 xx

  15. Cornwall looks amazing. I really want to visit sometime. When I was a child we always used to go to Luxembourg or Zeeland, which is the Cornwall of the Netherlands haha. I remember it was always so much fun and I have such fond memories. I love reading about other peoples childhoods and thinking back to my own. Talking about memories is fun.

    Love, Eline

  16. My OH and I went to Woolacombe and then Ilfracombe for a long weekend in 2012, which is ages ago now. When I was young, my family and I used to rent a caravan in a little place called Sidmouth. Have you been there? It’s like my favourite place! I love it there, and I dream of going back there soon. The town is lovely, the seaside is lovely. I remember the caravan park we stayed on had baths in the toilets/shower block. You had to pay a pound for some amount of time. My grandma would run me a nice hot bubble bath and let me play in the bath. I remember feeling anxious we’d get locked in though, I can’t remember why I thought that! Kids! Haha. This post made me feel so nostalgic! I miss my childhood! Haha. Great post 🙂 xo

  17. We always did caravan holidays as kids too (in fact I still do with my young ‘uns!) but stayed a little closer – usually Yorkshire coast,.. couldn’t have handled that long drive all the way to Devon/Cornwall I reckon!

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