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Bloggers you need to watch to stay inspired in 2016

  My favourite type of blogs are those that make me want to push myself to be better. Better a blogging, better at life. It’s…



blopicMy favourite type of blogs are those that make me want to push myself to be better. Better a blogging, better at life. It’s not often I come across a blog where I think WOW this is some goooooood shiz. So when I do, I like to make sure I check in regularly.

Here are some blogs that always leave me feeling inspired.


Oh So Amelia

Kerry is a blogger that I’ve known of for a while, though I’ve never really interacted with her. I’ve always loved the name of her blog and the look of it, though I’ll be honest and say I didn’t read it for the longest time because it’s a blog about children, which I don’t find relatable.

I’ve noticed recently though that Kerry posts some fantastic articles about blogging. One feature I particularly love to read is her income report. She goes through her page views and what she has earned the previous month which makes me always want to grow my own blog into something more.


Dorkface is the leader of the #thegirlgang and her blog is a colourful explosion of cute, amazing designs. She designs custom graphics, if you’re interested in a header or a picture for your blog. I like to follow her along on Instagram where she posts doodles and photos of much magical colour.

I also love her new series, Drunk Dork. She’s just funny and has very quickly become one of my best blogging buddies since I met her in OMGREALLIFE October.

And let’s face it, any girl that can start a community that gets over 1000 members less than 2 months is pretty fucking kick ass. YES?

Find her here.

Forever Amber

I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber sees me as some annoying, gobby fan girl that keeps popping up every now and again to tell her how much I adore her. Because that’s basically what I am lolz.

I can read Amber’s blog for days, it’s full of perfect outfit posts, blog tips and lifestyle posts each with a unique story behind them that will sure put a smile on your face.

This women could turn the most mundane story into a witty, funny monologue of what goes on in her life (and head).

I try not to visit her blog too much, because I often find myself getting trapped inside it, clicking through post after post for hours. Oops!

Joli House

Lily Kate kind of makes me feel a bit weird because she’s so much younger than me, but I look up to her so much. Her outfit posts are always stunning and I fell in love with her blog after seeing ballet shoot she did a year or so ago.

Lily has an absolutely stunning figure and is beautiful. And she works hard for it, too. She was one of the inspirations for me kickstarting my fitness routine when she told me about how she got up so early to get her workout done for the day.


Problogger by Darren Rowse is the blog that ignited my passion for learning about blogging, SEO and the technical side of the internets. I’ve read his book, one of his e-books and many of his posts that have taught me so much over the years. He also has a kick ass podcast which discusses many things about blogging. I was even lucky enough to guest post on the site a few years ago which was one of those moments that made me feel really proud!

Darren started out as a hobby blogger in 2002 and then become a professional blogger owning many websites. He now runs two very successful blogs, Digital Photography School and Problogger.

By Regina

Regina is one sassy (and very clever) lady who shares tips and drinks on blogging, online marketing, getting more traffic and more. She’s funny, unique and her posts are addictive.

Hello Hustle.

Hello Hustle by Monique is a new blog to me. It’s one I recently found while following and commenting on new blogs on Bloglovin’. The moment I opened the page, I was in love with the design and images.

I mean, just look at those graphics, that header, the colour scheme. Although this blog doesn’t have many posts yet, but I can tell it’s going to be a good one and I look forward to watching to develop.

Find her here.


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  1. Love posts like these as they always help me find new reads! I only read dorkface out of these so I’ll definitely be checking out the others!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  2. I know about half of these blogs already, but I do love them! Therefore I know you must have great taste and am checking out the others as we speak 😉

    Nicola //

  3. Found it! I needed to click on the post itself as opposed to reading it on your home page 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations, always looking for new blogger to follow!

    Ash | Liakada

  4. I’m totally fan girling over Amber too. I love her blog and it was actually one of the resons I started blogging again.
    Thanks for the other tips and I plan to have a look at all of them as soon as I have the time./ Ida

  5. I was already following Dorkface but the rest of these are new to me. Thanks! It’s always great to have brilliant new blogs to follow 🙂

  6. I love Dorkface! I also keep telling myself to check problogger regularly to learn stuff but I always forget. Thanks for the remnder.

  7. The only one I actively follow is ProBlogger. I will have to check out some of these other ones on your list.

  8. Thank you so much for including me in this Corinne! I really look up to you too blog wise, you seem to have it absolutely nailed and I admire your blogging work ethic so much! I already read (and love) several of these blogs and know what you mean about Amber’s being a rabbit hole, but I’m gonna chck out the others now too 🙂
    thanks again!
    lily x

  9. I must be living under the rock because I’m not familiar with any of these! Eep! Thanks for the list, Corinne, will check them out!

  10. EEEEEEEEEP <3 Well this cheered me up! Some amazing people on there I already adore, so Im SUPER FLATTERED <3 Im gonna check out the one or two I dont know right now! You're the cutest, bestest ever ever ever ever <3

  11. EEEEEEEEEP <3 Well this cheered me up! Some amazing people on there I already adore, so Im SUPER FLATTERED <3 Im gonna check out the one or two I dont know right now! You're the cutest, bestest ever ever ever ever <3

  12. That’s v nice of you to share these blogs particularly new ones like the Monica one. Sometimes you know something will be good. Some of us long term bloggers just don’t have that appeal that someone fresh can!
    Your blog is a good one for helping those who seek to be better bloggers.x

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  14. Going to have a nosey at all of these although I follow a few already. You are definitely one of my inspirations Corinne 🙂

    But I also get a lot of inspiration from Hannah Gale.

    Victoria xx

  15. Aahhh, I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this! Thank you so much for including me, and don’t worry – if you’re a fan girl, so am I, because I totally just let out a stupid little squeal of excitement when I saw my name on your list 😀

  16. I can definitely spot out a few of these names… I’ve been loving your blog recently! Can’t wait to see your next posts.

  17. Hi Corinne! I was on a short hiatus from the online world to figure out my direction and plan, and this post sure saved me from being completely forgotten about! I so appreciate you including Hello Hustle on this list, because I actually LOVE your blog, and it is so awesome to see my little ol’ blog up here. I also love to find other blogs to check out, and I already love Dorkface and ByRegina, so I trust your opinions on the others and will be checking them out now 🙂 Thank you again for your lovely comments, and I look forward to chatting and what not, in the future! xx

  18. Great post, I’ve saved a few of these links to look at later!
    Like you, I love blogs that you get lost in clicking link after link, reading post after post.

    Kirsty xo.

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