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My blog photo set up

Last week, I posted about my desk set-up  and wanted to follow it up with the setup I currently use to take my photos. I’ve…


blog photo setup

Last week, I posted about my desk set-up  and wanted to follow it up with the setup I currently use to take my photos.

I’ve not always had a set up like this – in my old house, I would take photos on my living room floor. In this house, I flicker between using my white desk and my bedroom floor. But then I started using wallpaper samples to display products on. At first, I started using my floor but was getting fed up of having to arrange it and then tidy up every time I wanted to take photos, especially when I started using it on my Instagram account too.

I decided to dedicate my desk of draws in my room to bit of a photo station.

blog photo setup

I have it laid out all the time now, with the props I use around it.

I keep various note pads, jewellery and things I can use as blog props to the left, and I keep my camera on the right alongside the things I need to review and any information that gets sent with PR samples to help the write up.

I also have my box light which I keep set up almost all the time, though I sometimes move it to the corner as it does do my head in! I love the box light, though, because it means I’m not restricted to taking photos at a certain time only.

blog photo setup blog photo setup

blog photo setup

blog photo setup


blog photo setup


blog photo setup

blog photo setup

This whole setup just makes it to much easier to take photos and cuts out almost all the time it takes to prepare for a shoot. It’s definitely part of my work smarter not harder philosophy!

I guess this is one of the perks of being single, I have my own room and I can use the space as I wish!

Do you have a blogging space like this? How do you take your photos?

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  1. Where is the flooring paper/sample thingy from?

    You have such a lovely set up, mines somewhat similar except on my dressing table and I have to push everything aside for a blog photography session!

  2. Amazing post, thanks for the idea! I need to up my photo game.. Where do you get the wallpaper samples from?
    Katy Xx

  3. I’ve got a few wrapping paper backdrops that I can use and a light box too which I’ve mainly been using in restaurants up to now

  4. I would love to have a dedicated space sadly I don’t have enough room. Your right though about it being more efficient and a time saver . Great tips Lucy x

  5. This is such a good idea! I wish I had the space/work station to be able to have mine constantly set up. At the minute i’m having to clear my table every time I want to take some photos.

  6. This is one of the most helpful posts I could read at the moment as I have a lot of problems taking good pictures of anything non outfit related. I can never get it to look good and have discarded many intended posts as a result. I am impressed with your set up and this gives me lots of ideas.

  7. I have the same piece of wallpaper for my food blog. I have lots of pieces, for different settings, but that one is one of my favourites. I am thinking of getting some wood-design vinyl flooring to make a couple of more realistic wooden backgrounds.

  8. A couple of weeks ago I started using wallpaper as well and also wrapping paper or self adhesive paper. I am really happy with the results as my pictures look much better. So far I only posted them on Instagram and I have seen good reactions, now I am preparing my first blog post and I curious to see what my readers will think.

  9. I love the idea of using wall paper, it’s easy to switch out. I currently use different tiles I bought for super cheap at a local hardware store. This is a great idea, love it! XO -Kim

  10. I don’t have a blogging space like that, and I definitely need a box light. In winter I can only takes photos at the weekends, and if the weather is bad, photos won’t be good. I need to try different backgrounds, and come up with some photo ideas 🙂

  11. Now I’ve moved I really need to find and set up a good space for photographs- the light in our flat isn’t brilliant though, sad times! xx

  12. The dining table is my work desk and the floor is my photography place while I store everything else in the storeroom and only get things out when needed. I am looking to invest in lighting but I have no idea what would be good, price range and it needs a huge space for storage. Do you think you could dedicate a post about lighting?

  13. It’s so refreshing to see somone with great photography actually share behind the scenes, so many people keep it so secrative!

  14. I really love your photo set. It’s always so clean and chic, to be honest. And clever – especially clever!

    Cristina, xo // My Cup of Tea

  15. This is great! I recently started using wallpaper samples as well and it’s changed my life hah. Wish I had room on my desk for a permanent set up though…I tend to throw the wallpaper down on the floor, grab the box light, aim and snap! Then get too lazy to put it all away again…

  16. I really needed this post! I feel frustrated with my photos at the moment, I feel I can’t get them to the quality I want them to be. I’m considering investing in a similar box light, for future YouTube shindigs too.

    Kirstie |

  17. Wow! You take effort in these things. I love the wooden one for your flatlays. I just use natural light and it’s a bit tricky when there’s not enough of it.

  18. I need to do this. Well, I need to figure out how I can do this. I don’t have a dresser, and my chest is much too tall. I might be able to make it work with my desk, because it’s so big. Hmmm, and I think I need to invest in a box light too!


  19. Using wall paper is such a great way to mix up your backgrounds and make your photos more interesting! Can ask I where you got your light? This winter has been so frustrating when it comes to taking pictures, and I am trying to figure out what kind of light I should buy 🙂
    – Anne | annesmiles

  20. Thanks for sharing your setup, I currently use a table and a plain white background for all my photos but I do like the idea of using wallpaper samples if I can find some. that is a great idea and you are lucky to have a dedicated space for your photography as I currently have to set mine up and take it down every time I shoot.

  21. I’m so jealous. There’s no way I could have this kind of set up. My cat has free run of the house and no matter where I put a set-up like this, he’d just jump all over it, knock everything off, and generally be a dick! Haha. I have rolls of wallpaper sample, some marble card and a tub of props. I use the kitchen (best lighting in the house) floor by the french doors and set up when I need to. Probably part of the reason I don’t use backgrounds etc for my IG. Far too much time! Haha. x x

  22. This is so helpful! I’ve been struggling with backgrounds for a while so this definitely helps. I usually just take mine on a white table!

  23. I’ve actually been looking into making one of my own for a while now, but I first want to remodel my whole room as it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for ages. And I think wall paper is such a brilliant idea, especially have different ones as I believe it makes things much more easier.

    I’ve also been looking into investing in a light thingy (I forgot the name) – is it really worth it? I think it’s so smart of you to always keep the things you use on the side. I can only imagine you do things faster than I ever could ahahaha.

    Love it!

  24. I really need a set up like this! My bed is right under my window, so currently I use a board (with backgrounds stuck on) on my bed with me often standing on my bed to get above… Not ideal :’)
    This post definitely makes me think about how I can utilise the space in my room a little better…

  25. How did I miss this blog post? I always wondered what you used as your background – I always imaged you had this big old, wooden chest on the floor. Thanks for allowing us a sneak peak into your world. So smart of you to have all your photo stuff all in one place!

  26. So jealous of this set up, I tried to do one like this although it wasn’t anything near as good! – my boyfriend is a nightmare for tidying, if it’s not all hidden in a draw or cupboard he will sulk until it is, it’s hell for me as I’m disabled so can’t do as much for myself, I spend more than half of my life looking for things he has ‘put away,’ oh well it beats having a boyfriend that never changes his pants or something like that I guess lol

  27. This is such a good idea! If only I had the space and didn’t have a toddler that thinks that everything is his to play with!
    It is a pain having to get everything out.. I do try to take as many pics as I can in one sitting.
    Love the paper, I have something similar. I got a big ‘ole roll from eBay. 🙂


  28. I was wondering how to light a setup, can you link to where you got your box light from? Many thanks

  29. Ahh this looks lovely, I wish I had space for a setup like this! I take my photos on my bed haha 🙂

    Jess xo

  30. I have used paper samples for a while now and it is just great as it is portable too! If I can’t be bothered with getting out my soft box light I just roll it up and stick it by the nearest window. I recently got a piece of mdf for a better base support and loving it! Great post hun 🙂 x

  31. This is great, I have the same problem and seem to spend more time setting up/tidying away than actually taking photos! Box light is brilliant, gotta get me one of those.

  32. I so need a space like this! I also need good lighting… the lighting in this house is awful and due to living in a bowl-like Welsh valley, the sunlight doesn’t get in much either.

  33. Love this! I currently have changed from the bedroom floor to the kitchen worktop, but am considering wallpaper when I find the right one! I do need to get a proper set up though to life easy!

  34. Such a good idea to have a dedicated blogging station! When I take pictures it takes me ages to set everything up, so I might try your way of doing it instead!

  35. Aha I was wondering if you used paper as a backing for photos, you’ve just cleared it up for me, thanks for sharing your tips and tricks Xx

  36. I don’t have a dedicated area but I do use either my floor as I like how the tiles look, or my old wooden table. If it’s dark I’ll use my soft boxes. Just don’t have the space here for a dedicated area. Plus a 4 year old who likes to touch everything spells disaster for having any camera stuff out. I really love the wallpaper idea.. I may well head out this weekend for some block colours 🙂

    Tamsin xx

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