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For the past week or so, I’ve been Pinterest obsessed. I wrote in last weeks #socialbloggers chat, 2015 throwback, that I wanted to start using…



For the past week or so, I’ve been Pinterest obsessed. I wrote in last weeks #socialbloggers chat, 2015 throwback, that I wanted to start using Pinterest more and seeing if I can drive a bit of traffic to my blog from it. This is what I’ve been working on mostly for the past week – I’ll talk more about what I’ve been doing and the results I’ve had in tomorrows post.

But look, I’ve even been creating pinable graphics and I’m going to add them to some posts – that way if you want to pin it, you can just hit the ‘Pin it‘ button at the bottom of the post and pick the image.

That’s a hint, by the way 😉

 Copy of -there's no elevator to sucess. you have to take the stairs.- (2)

So yes, this weeks chat was all about Pinterest and I’d love for you lot to get involved by answering some of the questions in the comment section below.

Also if you have any posts about Pinterest, please share them and put your Pinterest link in the comments so I can follow you! I DARE YOU.

You can follow me here 🙂


Q1: Are you a regular user of Pinterest? Why/why not?

Q2: What makes you re-pin a Pin or follow a board?

Q3: What are your best tips for growing your Pinterest?

Q4: Does Pinterest drive a lot of traffic to your blog?

Q5: Do you have any Pinterest related goals?




  1. It was comforting to read that not a lot of bloggers get traffic from Pinterest and it’s not just me. I thought I was the only one that missed how it works. I will make it my goal for next year to get the grips with Pinterest.

  2. I love Pinterest is one of the first social media I join before doing a blog collecting what I like is so much fun. I enjoy doing my board I never put mind who pin my items but I have to say cute furry animals is very popular.

  3. I saw a pop up message on Pinterest this weekend that they now have a way to link your site to them, which should increase traffic. We placed the code on my site and it promptly caused my site to go down completely! So I’ve given up on that for now, if anyone knows how to do it without creating havoc, I’d be keen to hear! I like the new analytics that they provide anyway

  4. Nope, I never got the whole hype about Pinterest but it’s solely my fault because I never took the time to explore. Actually I just never had the time to do it but a good friend of mine loves it and she spent hours surfing everyday. LOL!

  5. Thanks to you I actually Pinned a post on Pinterest tonight! I use Pinterest alot but more in a time killing ‘I should be working but oh look, a cute quote – let’s re-pin it!’ kinda way! I should probably do something a little more productive with my Pinning time haha! I will be trying to pin more blog posts though and looking to join some group boards, I’ve heard they are good for driving traffic!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. Your pinable graphic looks good! I’ve been using Pinterest for years now and I just like to pin what looks appealing to me (beauty, decor and so on). I am still trying to figure about business Pinterest so I haven’t got any traffic from there yet. Like 1-2 years ago one of the things I pinned got around 2-3k pins and I don’t know how it happened.

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