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My Secret Blog Life

This post was actually inspired by a reader who e-mailed me asking for some advice last week. In short, she is a new blogger who…


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This post was actually inspired by a reader who e-mailed me asking for some advice last week.

In short, she is a new blogger who is worried about promoting her posts across Twitter and Facebook for fear of people she knows thinking her blog is a bit silly. She was wondering if there was even a point to blogging if she isn’t going to promote the posts.

Lately this topic keeps on coming up. Over and over again.

I know a couple of my blogger friends that keep their blogs private, but most of them are really open about it, sharing it across their personal Facebook.

It seems to shock people when they find out that people in my real life don’t know I blog.

Well, that’s a slight lie, there are a handful of people who know. My housemate, for example. A few of my close friends. And my work colleagues are slowly starting to reveal my secret…

Copy of -there's no elevator to sucess. you have to take the stairs.- (1)

My Secret Life.

At work, it’s become a bit of an ongoing joke. They knew I did something outside of work that is to do with the internet, but they just didn’t know what. I’m actually surprised they’ve not googled me yet. Or maybe they have, but they’re not telling me. My old manager used to call me Batman and every time I needed to request certain shifts for events, I’d say it was because I was busy Batmanning.

My decision to keep my blog private was because when I first started out, I would look at my blog compared with other blogs and feel embarrassed. I thought people would laugh at my naff blog, that people would think it’s stupid and I’m being vein for posting photos of myself across the internet – especially when my blog was mainly fashion based during the first year of it’s life.

I’ll come out when my blog is bigger.

I always told myself that if I ever became a big blogger, that I would start to share my blog with others.

When my blog was successful and something to be proud of, I’d tell all. At this point in time, my idea of a successful blogger was someone who had  1000 followers on GFC (Google Friend Connect), Bloglovin and Facebook. I remember looking aback at my follower count that sat under 100 and thinking 1000 seems like a number I could never read.

I remember thinking that when I got to 1000, it would be like I’ve made it.

As with everything in life, when you grow, so do your goals and I kept putting that bench mark higher and higher. When I got to 1000 followers, it suddenly didn’t feel like a big deal any more and I rose the bar.

The thing is, throughout your whole blog journey, you’re going to feel like you’re smaller than a lot of bloggers. Because there will always be bloggers bigger than you, just like there’s always bloggers smaller than you and there is no actual definition of a ‘big’ or ‘successful’ blogger. We all have a subjective view on this, probably heavily influenced by where we sit on the scale.

How to keep your blog private.

It’s not hard to keep your blog private if that’s what you want. Here are some things you should know if that’s what you’re leaning towards.

Twitter: You can create a new Twitter account to go with your blog. You don’t need to stick with your existing account that has people on it from real life. I have a personal account, which I NEVER use, and my blog account.

Facebook: You can start a fan page for your blog and it won’t link to your account in any way unless you invite people or share posts to your personal profile. You can also join private groups without being discovered.

Instagram: I made the mistake with Instagram that I created it before my blog – I should have started a new one with the blog but by the time I started using Instagram properly, I had too many followers to start again. I link my Instagram account from my blog, but not my blog from my Instagram account. REGRET but it keeps me a secret.

Prepare to Be Found Out

If you Google my real name, I come up as a guest poster on various sites and a speaker at a web festival which links to my speaker profile – this has my blog link in it.

I always knew that one day, I would be found. For example, last month I was on a few websites that I worked with, including The Body Shop, Asda and House of Fraser.

For the past few months, I’ve been really focusing on only publishing things I’m really proud of. This means that if anyone every discovered me, I wouldn’t feel embarrassed by my blog.

I always stand by the rule of if I would be ashamed if my Mum and Boss read a something, I wouldn’t write it.

Will I Ever Come Out?

I think I will. I’m kind of being forced out.

You see, at the time of starting this post, I was safe, although I knew it wouldn’t last for long.

Something happen on Facebook on boxing day. My personal profile was, for some reason, sharing stuff on my blog fan page – this meant that anyone who has me on Facebook would see ‘Corinne shared BLAH to skinnedcartree’.

I’m pretty sure most people didn’t even notice or click. But someone did.

That person was a work colleague. For the purpose of this blog post, let’s name her Leanne. Actually, that’s her real name.

Well, she saw my post and that was it. She outed me to the rest of the managers at work. And Leanne, if you’re reading this, THANKS FOR OUTING ME YOU DICK. I’M GONNA PUNCH YOU THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU AT WORK. :/

It was only my Facebook page she shared with them, so it is unclear to me right now if they know about my actual blog (or all three blogs) or if they think I just run a Facebook page. She briefly spoke to me about it on Monday and I DONT KNOW.

Either way, I’m trying not to freak out too much, because when I think about it – I work really hard on my blog. I put in a lot of hours. I write good content. I take good photos. I have a decent following. I get pretty good page views. I make some money. I get to go to bar openings and have free meals. I get to try new products and I’ve met so many great people who I’m glad to call my friends.

If I look back at what my blog was like when I first started blogging and could go back 3 years, I probably would have expected to have come out to the people in real life months ago.

Maybe at the point when I was invited to London to do a talk about blogging, maybe the point I was short listed for an award, maybe the point when Microsoft prompted my post almost crashing my server.. there’s so many things I should be proud of and share with people in my life. But I just don’t.

I don’t know why I keep it a secret. I guess I shouldn’t. And neither should you.


One of my very good blogging friends, Saloca, is open about her blog to her family, friends and work colleagues. She’s wrote a post about her view on it which will be live today, too. You can find her blog post at Saloca In Wonderland.

Do people in your life know you blog?

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  1. I think it’s crap that you’re being forced to come out about your blog BUT in the long run, it does make everything easier. And you’re right, if I wouldn’t talk about something with friends and family then I wouldn’t put it on my blog (I’d just hide it in a Whats App conversation 😉 ) so I know that I’m not publishing anything embarassing.

    Your blog is amazing, and every post is something to be proud of and I promise I’m not just saying that! You’ve built something amazing here and you should be able to talk openly about it, you never know who it might inspire or help!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. So many times when I read your blog I find myself nodding along like an idiot and today was one of those times haha! I have only told a select few people about my blog for the same reasons as you, what if people think it’s silly, what if they don’t like it, it’s not good enough, it’s not big enough, when I get more followers I’ll tell people etc. It’s so strange that we worry so much when we’re so happy to share our lives with strangers via the internet haha!
    I worked with a company recently who published my recipe in their book so I put a picture up on my personal Facebook and mentioned my blog url then, but that was it. A few people had a look and now I feel like I can relax- I shared it once and that’s all it needs really!

    1. Haha! That’s great! I wish I shared a few of my successes at the time, but it’s gone now. Maybe next time 😉

  3. I felt that this post really tocuhed a huge aspect of my blogging life. I share the same thoughts and ideas when it comes to sharing about my blog. I have never told anyone about it since i have started and i don’t really think that i will one day do so. Simply because i am afraid that people will not appreciate what i do because they don’t really know what blog is, so i would lose the good feeling i have from all i do.

    JULIE |

    1. I’m wondering if one day blogs we become more of a common thing, especially now people are starting to know more about YouTubers and accepting it as a career!

  4. I am exactly the same so I’m glad it’s not just me! I also told myself I would tell people ‘when my blog got good’ and I’m still waiting a year and a half on! I did the same with Instagram too which is really annoying as I definitely feel that holds me back! I really should just tell people because there’s no reason we should be embarrassed but I probably still won’t!
    Amy X
    Call Me Amy

  5. I’ve kept my blog a secret or semi-private for quite some time – only my virtual friends and some real-life friends knew. My family didn’t even know. But when my sister found out, she invited my entire family to like my blog FB page and everything was history. That’s when I started to share my blog posts publicly. I think keeping your blog public or private would largely depend on your goal as a blogger. If you want to share, then by all means, it’s best to make it public. If you just want a personal journal of your thoughts you don’t want to share, then keep it private. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

  6. It’s a shame your colleague couldn’t keep the info to herself or at least talk to you before telling others about your blog.
    This is an interesting topic. I might write a post about it. For me it was the other way around. I started my blog as a way to interact with friends and family after I moved here. But now, after I started promoting the blog, I want to keep it private, not from friends and family, but from my work. This is one of the reasons I don’t talk openly about my work. I don’t want my clients too my blog, even though I don’t write anything controversial. I just want it to be private 😀

    1. Yeah, I don’t really want work people knowing about it, esp as I’m in management. I don’t talk about work ever on my blog as they have a policy around social media and I wouldn’t want to get into trouble!

  7. Now I don’t know what to think Corinne. At first, I was relieved that a blogger like you feels the same about all this, but then I thought, if someone with a blog like yours (it’s amazing!) feels that it isn’t good enough to be shared with everyone in their personal life, my blog certainly won’t EVER be good enough!

    In my case it’s the following: I forced myself to post my blog link to my personal facebook profile after a few months of blogging because I thought it would only get more awkward if my friends discover it later. Some people saw it, had a look at my blog and either loved or ignored it. But many people haven’t seen it, so they don’t know. However, my backup plan is that, if they discover it, I can just be like “Oh you didn’t know? But I posted it on Facbook!” (silly idea, I know).
    Anyway Corinne, you certainly don’t need to be ashamed of your blog. But I understand if you still fill weird about telling people. Let’s see what 2016 might bring.

    Happy new year!
    XX Carina

    1. Thanks for the comment and the compliment! I guess we’re all in a different head space around it, although maybe now I can use your backup plan seeing as I’ve posted something on my Facebook by accident now! 😉

  8. Instagram has outed me quite a few times. For starters it gives a notification to EVERYONE you’re friends with on Facebook that you’ve created a new account even though you don’t use the same e-mail. SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Secondly some of my IRL “friends” started to like and follow my blog Instagram, I of course panicked, made my account private and blocked every single person I know. Problem solved. So I thought… About a month ago I was at a friend’s birthday party, and I was chatting to my ex who I’m still quite good friends with. He suddenly says: “oh yeah you have that blog thingy”. If I wasn’t half drunk and in a room full of people I would probably have either cried or run out the day in full on panic.

    I still have no idea how he knows about it, I’m guessing through Instagram cause that’s one big mother fucker when it comes to outing people. Truth be told, I haven’t blogged pretty much since that day. If HE knows about it without me knowing it, who else knows about it as well?

    So what I’m trying to say, I get how you feel, Corinne. Outing bloody sucks.

    Tess x

    1. Oh wow, I had no idea that Instagram did that! I wonder if others know, too! I often see notifications saying ‘your facebook friend has joined insta!’ oops!

  9. Only a very few people know I blog aka my closest friends, cousins but not my colleagues or former classmates. I don’t know, I guess it’s becuase my blog is a personal one and I would feel vulnerable knowing people read my thoughts. I have a lot of friends online who blogs though and they’re my loyal readers. I don’t know where I will be ready but if I will be, I’m sure my readers would increase. And that’s a bit scary too. lol

    1. Yeah it can be quite vulnerable to have people read it. I have some personal posts on my blog but nothing too bad thankfully!

  10. I was the same with my blog! I didn’t want people to know about it because of embarrassment! I have told my family now and they are so proud which is lovely! I don’t put it on my Facebook, the people on that are not understanding and very judging so I stick to my twitter and Instagram which is just full of bloggers!
    Fix Me In Forty Five – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin’ // Instagram

  11. I have been worrying about this for so long. I have always told myself when I finished High School I will start my YT and reveal my blog to all of the people I know in real life. I finished High School… Have I done it yet? No. I am worried of people laughing about it and taking the piss. I know I shouldn’t but for some reason it worries me! I think in the new year I will come out. Thank You for this post, it really helped me make my decision.

  12. My family does not know my blog exist only the worker who recommend me to do it, none of my friends know I blog either I just did not think is relevant to bring up in a conversation. I also wanted to see if my blog will get readers and followers on its own but without big expectation of number to my surprise it did. I have other blogger friends and visitors who I interact and to me is a new world of friendship and hope I continue making new friends and keeping my blogger friends I already have. You are doing amazing and your topics are awesome.

  13. My blog and Twitter have nothing that link back to me on my everyday life and this was deliberate. A few people know about my blog but I am very selective with who knows. We have a bad culture in the UK which is to ridicule someone’s talent. I have quite a few friends/colleagues who have been disparaging that blogging is easy and a great way to get freebies. If only they new the amount of time and effort that goes into it and the things sacrificed to do it Lucy x

  14. I’m open about my blog with everyone, family, friends, college fellows and even teachers. It sometimes bring awfully unwanted attention and makes me the girl who “wastes” her life online or the girl that gets free stuff in her mail. But it’s fine, people are usually supportive. I don’t think you should force yourself to come out as a blogger, you can totally remain silent about it irl. But to be very honest, it’s fun to tell people about your blog.

    1. I can imagine that a lot of people would really talking to me about it. When I do tell people, they’re always interested.

  15. When I was reading this post I was agreeing with loads of points, I said to myself I would only tell people in my personal life about my blog when I had more followers, like you. But then I got entered into a competition and my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to send it to his friends to vote and so forth so I kind of got outed this Christmas! lol but I have had good comments back about my blog which is always nice to hear. Its an odd situation but I think if you are ready to tell people then let the world know, but for me Facebook is the scary one – not sure I am ready to set up a follower page just yet! really enjoy reading your post, you are always so open and honest 🙂 x

    1. Oh that’s fantastic! I’ve just been on your blog now and it’s lovely – you should be proud. I guess being forced out is scary at first but works well in the end!

  16. My boyfriend knows I have a blog and so do my parents but that’s it. I have the same thought in my head too about not telling people I know about my blog unless I gain a bigger following because it would look lame but you’re right, there is no need to keep your hard work a secret.

  17. I’ve had questions like this in the past too from other prospective bloggers, I think the stigma of wanting to keep it a secret comes from an initial prejudice about what blogging is and why people do it. Just because a blog isn’t financially successful or has a big readership, doesn’t mean it’s an embarrassment, and even though many people know that at a certain level, it still feels odd for people to talk about. I guess it’s something people can feel vulnerable about, which is understandable, since blogs are often reflections of their writers.

    For me, I never kept it a secret. I actually was planning for my blog three months before I ever launched it and I talked about my ideas openly about it. Everyone has always known, so it’s hard for me to imagine now that people could have not known.

    Thanks for sharing your insights! I wonder if Leanne is reading this now! What a funny idea.

  18. You are a very successful blogger in my eyes, Corinne but I totally understand your feelings in this post. My husband kept telling me that I have nothing to hide and should be proud of my hard work with blogging but I am still so hesitant to tell others that I am a blogger. It’s hard and I’m so afraid that others will laugh my hard work off.

    1000 followers on any platform is still far say for me….maybe one day I will reach there and feel like I’ve made it.

    1. It’s probably more likely that you’ll reach 1000 and just feel the same, I did haha! I’m sure you’ll get there soon though, Shireen!

  19. Your blog is so super successful so there’s nothing to be embarrassed of!! The things you write are worth reading and that’s why you have followers and the people you really know should be able to see this too. On the other hand though, I hated it when I was outed, mainly because it was a bit of a scandal in my school, like the latest gossip or something. All I can say is that you’re right about having to be ready to be outed when you create a blog. If you’re really into it, it’ll happen eventually.

    The Life of Little Me

  20. Wow I never would have imagined yours was a secret! I’ve always had mine public, but I do get really embarrassed when people mention it in real life. It’s so odd—if someone leaves me a nice comment on the blog or on Twitter etc then I feel really pleased, but if I’m at a party and someone’s like “Ooh I always read your blogs”, then I feel so caught off-guard and usually find myself saying “Aah that’s so embarrassing!”

  21. People in my life do not know I blog. It sounds kind of silly when I say it out loud. Plus I’m still at the point where I pretty much think I’m poo and still have so much to learn. Hope it doesn’t sound creepy to say I’m learning a lot from you! If I had your skills I’d be taking out billboards with my face all over them 🙂

  22. OMG, Corinne, I think of you as a big blogger. Look at all the comments you get! But I do understand – it’s hard to talk about blogging to people who don’t blog. They don’t understand how much work is involved and how addictive it is — there’s a whole universe of people in cyberspace to meet and connect with. Luckily, I have one friend who has an online business so I feel like someone understands me — we’ve been friends for about 10 years in real life. You can check her out here (she is a real person — LOL)

  23. I kept my blog secret for two years as I was a teacher – now, I’m not and I’m just starting to think about how I could promote my blog a bit more.

    Lizzie Dripping

  24. Pretty much everyone IRL knows I blog, thanks to Twitter getting so much bigger in the last couple of years. I try and just own it and not care too much. I find that most people will look through a few posts when they first discover it but then most casual acquaintances won’t bother stalking me- as far as I know anyway! You should be really proud of what you’ve created.

    Liz x

  25. I’m surprised you don’t tell people about your blog – it’s fab, you should be super proud! I bet everyone else will think it’s pretty cool, yeah you’ll get some who’ll take the mick but I bet even they would be supportive. Although I can’t talk, the only reason people IRL know I blog is because my grandad(!!!) of all people found it haha! I feel too scared to let most people know though x

    Josie |

  26. No one knows I do, with the exception of friends I have made through blogging, and I fully intend to keep it that way! I had to laugh at your beginning paragraph though because I have the exact same thing. People know I do SOMETHING on the internet as they know we’re ocasionally getting meals for free or that I’ve vaguely referenced an event invite I had, but they don’t really know what. I’m sure someone has found me and not told me but I find the idea so embarassing. I think because my blog is quite personal. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it, but it’s a very personal thing. You can find out a lot about my personal thoughts on it! I also like keeping it separate as I like to reference real life events and people and situations on it.

    Nicola //

  27. Such a great topic! I’ve only recently started telling people I blog. When I first started blogging in 2009, nobody I knew understood blogging, so I stopped talking about it.

  28. It must suck having your blog shared around with a circle of people you weren’t ready to tell yet! 🙁

    I find the thing with blogging is that more people probably know about it than you think. With work, people figured out quickly if I hadn’t already told them due to the number of parcels I was receiving, ha! Then I became that girl with a blog in the office, and I’ve had to field a few questions about blogging, sometimes from people I was surprised would know about it, but I guess word travels fast in an office. I have a relative who works in a school and as a result my blog has been used as a case study for online presence/internet use, which is both cool and daunting at the same time, haha!

    It’s just a hobby for me, a fun one, and I don’t have a problem sharing it because I’m just sharing what I wear, and people who know me and see me already know all that stuff 🙂 I guess it depends what you blog about and how much you usually share to feel comfortable letting word get out there. Definitely best when the decision is made to the blogger though, so they can share what they want and when.

    I know for me there’s no issue with breaking employee agreements as long as I don’t identify where I work, but for others having a blog may breach their contracts so it’s always best left up to the individual how much or how little they share – both online or off!

  29. Honestly, my blog life is like my sexual orientation. I don’t hide it, but I don’t exactly promote it either. I know two of my sisters know about it, one because I told her and the other because she saw my post on Pinterest and read it. I share my posts to my blog facebook page and my Instagram sometimes too. I link to my blog in insta and even on my personal facebook page. I don’t hide it, but I also don’t share blog posts on my personal page. Some co-workers know I have a blog, but they don’t know the URL or what it’s about. But, I’m a fairly private person. My personal facebook is completely private to the point where you can’t see anything except my name and profile picture, and I only have about 60 friends.

    I don’t think I’m so private because I’m ashamed, I just think I’m not yet ready to be completely out there with my blog.


  30. Ugh i’m exactly the same! I don’t know why i’m so embarrassed about it but I really am. Only a couple of my friends know about it (not even the name of it) and I hate when they bring it up. I have the same regret with Instagram too. I so want to be able to post links from instagram and advertise blog posts on it but I can’t because I already have people I know following me

  31. I am in the exact same boat. I used to be so proud of my writing until I started my own blog. It was just too hard explaining to everyone what I spend my time doing instead of going out, so in a sense I started to keep it all a secret because I felt like no one understood all the time and effort I would put into the posts they never bothered to read in support. 2016 is the year I want to regain my blogging confidence and make my personal blog as popular as my former writing was, which is hard when you start with an audience of zero. I’m so sorry you were outed though, it can be hard to let everyone know there’s a space on the internet that basically has every detail of your life (depending on how personal you let posts be sometimes)

  32. I kept mine secret for a while, but once I got to university I received a couple of big things to review and I just told my flatmates then. My mum has known for a while as I had her read through a few things right at the beginning. All my family know now though, and they’re always saying “are you really taking a photo of that” with me replying “yep, it’s for my blog!” As for friends, most of them know about my blog now because I post a lot on my twitter (i’m not sure they actually read it though?), but I’ve never posted it on my Facebook. I don’t want those who went to my school knowing… or the people I work with.

    I don’t think you should ever be embarrassed about blogging and sharing it, and would always say that to people but I do hide it myself sometimes!

  33. Really interesting post. Only a few people know I have a blog. I have separate Twitter and Facebook accounts for my blog. At first, I was worried that people may not enjoy reading it or that it would flop so kept my blogging life largely to myself. As the number of readers grew, my confidence grew but I still keep my blogging life separate as I feel I can write more freely. I also want to keep my blog world and work separate. Maybe one day that will change, but for now I quite like having something that’s just for me. Hx

  34. Wow, I can’t believe you have managed to keep it a secret for so long when you have so many followers…people I know finding out made me pretty reluctant to start blogging. I will definitely be keeping mine semi-secret (my boyfriend and a close friend both know) I wish I could be more confident about it, my friends often ask me what products I recommend and I’m happy to blab on and on about different products to them and drag them to make up counters, but when it comes to them reading a blog written by me? I just feel really embarrassed! To the point that I deleted my old blog for fear people would find it as it was linked back to my gmail address that all my family had as well as my instagram and thanks to Facebook all my friends follow my instagram! It put me off posting anything blog related on there at all. For my new one I have created a new twitter to use, none of my friends or family use twitter so I’m not too worried about them finding it this time around, but after reading your post I think I’m going to try and not worry if people find out! After all we are all just writing about things we love, why should we be embarrassed??

  35. I was forced to come out as blogger to my parents last September but only because I needed their permission to attend a blogger meet because it was getting difficult trying to explain them what “blogger meet” is (I’m 20 and sadly, I still need their approval, yes). I’m glad they’ve forgotten the fact. So my blog is back to being a secret to my parents. I suppose the biggets reason why I’ve kept it a secret for so long is because they have no idea what a “blog” is and who a “blogger” is. They have this opinion that internet is a bad place and “sharing my thoughts” would bring me hatred and err threats (*cough* cyber-bullying *cough*) and basically it’s a trash idea. Like why would anyone go online to share their thoughts. But mostly because it’s unsafe. And I really don’t wish to face them about it and defend my choice about why I’m blogging. But they seemed pretty nonchalant back when I told them about, so I’m guessing they’ve forgotten the fact that I have a blog. Plus only 2 of my friends know that I blog (but I’m glad they steer clear of it). It’s not that I’m embarrassed about my blog. I just don’t want them snooping around and then making a fun of it. Because let’s be honest, they’ll never get what we do.

    – Somdyuti | One Tiny Wish

  36. While I do not believe is fair for someone to just force you out, that also comes with becoming more and more famous I guess. It is impossible for people not to know who you are if you collaborate with others and attend events. I do believe that coming out should be a choice though. Personally, I told people about my blog or I mention it casually here and there, but I don’t tell anyone the name or give them the link. Yes I am a blogger, but let’s leave it at that. In the beginning I used to want more people to know about it to maybe increase my readership, but now I just want people outside of my circle of friends to know about it and I started restricting the amount of personal info on my page.

  37. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels like this. I do post my posts on my personal Facebook, but I try to pretend no one reads it, then when someone asks me how blogging is going when they see me I massively freak out and am all like ‘erm it’s okay, I don’t really want to talk about it’ and they look at me like I’ve got two heads haha. xx

  38. I wasn’t sure whether or not to ‘come out’ with my blog but in the end decided to and I have received nothing but positive support from all my peers!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  39. I’m exactly the same, I’m glad it’s not just me! The only person that knows about my blog is my house mate. I let her borrow my laptop but forgot to close my tabs before I gave it to her and up popped my blog! I even tried to lie my way out of it that it wasn’t mine, didn’t work though haha.
    I’ve always said I’ll only ever tell people when my blog is successful, but like you said, how can you really know when your blog is successful. There’s always bigger bloggers!
    I know if I had a blog like yours I’d be telling everyone! Haha. I love your blog 🙂
    Jessica | x

  40. I am terrified to come out with it. My Mum and boyfriend remain the only people who know… I don’t know how to go about sharing with my friends and family x

  41. Ha, I empathise with this loads except you’re cool and have a cool blog and I suck! I’ve been blogging almost 11 years now and most of my friends and family don’t know about it- I’m rather embarassed. The only person I’ve ever told is my sister OH and my husband. My father-in-law found me by googling and he told my inlaws, my Mum found me by googling. A school friend found me too. They’re all very supportive but I could never tell my Dad, Stepmum and Stepsister- I’d be too scared the latter two would totally bitch about what an idiot I am!x

  42. When I just made my blog (just four months ago), I was sharing my posts on my personal facebook page. I got a few traffic. Not much people gave much attention to it – just my closest friends and my parents (lol). I don’t know how exactly I feel about it. Sometimes I feel embarassed without actually knowing why but everyone has been supportive. They don’t leave comments on my blog but only on my FB posts. A few weeks back, I stopped sharing my posts on Facebook and I feel… better, actually. My family and closest friends already know I have a blog so I thought they can just visit it if they want to. Right now, I’m just sharing it on my twitter which is mostly comprised of my online friends. I’m okay with them knowing about it but I no longer have the need to share it on my wall. I’m like, if they discovered it when I was sharing it on my FB, then that’s alright. If they don’t, that’s okay too, I don’t feel the need for them to know anymore, anyway. Am I making sense or am I just babbling now? Haha. Happy 2016, Corinne!

  43. I actually tried to keep my blog under wraps. The fact that friends know about it now wasn’t actually my choice. Facebook, unfortunately, snaked me out when I created a Facebook page for my blog. Apparently, it shared it to my personal page or something. I didn’t even realise until one of my friends in our group chat said ‘omg, I didn’t know you were blogging again’. I think I wanted to keep GirlNotLivingTheDream a secret because it was fairly embarrassing to be the only one, out of almost everyone who went to uni, to hate it. Especially seeing as I was the most excited and optimistic about this new chapter. I made it a public blog, just in case there was another fresher out there who felt the same way as I did. I guess now it’s out I have to make the most of it.


  44. I have a very similar attitude. It’s not linked to my Facebook page or my main Twitter account but most of the people I have on Facebook and Twitter are just not going to be interested and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    I’m not sure that I’m really hiding and a handful of friends do know I blog, but I’m not advertising the fact that I blog to my work colleagues or to most of my friends. If they find out that’s kind of fine but I’m not going to start linking them to it because it’s not really for them.

  45. No one knows about my blog yet other than my roommate and one of my classmates that has a blog of her own. I didn’t intentionally tell them either, we we’re just twitter friends long before I started blogging. I’m surprised no one’s really discovered mine yet, I think I’d be embarrassed but then relieved. All they’d have to do was type my name into google and my blog would probably pop up on the first page. I think if my friends did find out I wouldn’t really speak about it in our conversations, I think they’d just accept it and not really care or say something snarky and move on. I’m just keeping it a secret for as long as possible!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  46. I feel as if I can relate so closely with what you write. I am also blogging in secret. My husband, our parents and sister knows. From our friends my husband sent the link to one so she can convince me to continue (I was very afraid to start this journey), and I told three colleagues because I know they are too busy to search for it. 🙂

    When I blog I have time to put the correct words together and people see the “nice, friendly”-me. In real life I might react too quickly or roll my eyes 😎 and I am afraid the people who know me might not put the two “me’s” together. It sounds silly but I feel safe being in secret. Maybe with experience and blogging-confidence it will change?

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