5 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Twitter

  Hi friends, Seeing as my pervious two posts: 5 things that make me leave your blog and never return 5 MORE things that make…



mistakes on twitter

Hi friends,

Seeing as my pervious two posts:

Did so well, I wanted to make the 5 things posts a bit of a series.

I have recently mentioned in a previous post, Do we take ourselves too seriously as bloggers?, that I’ve ben holding back from writing posts about blogging. Just because everyone seemed to be doing it and I felt like I had nothing to add that would stand out amongst the crowd. But I love writing them and get good feedback on them, so I’m going to make them a regular thing again – even if other people may have covered similar topics – I hoping I can skinnedcartree it up for y’all.

Get ready, this could get messy!

On one of the previous posts like this, I actually got a bit of abuse on twitter! So I’d just like to say that this post is meant to be taken light hearted – and that I’ve probably been guilty of many of these in the past and.

Espcially when I was a new blogger – if that’s where you are now, just remember that before you get the hang of whats what, you’re going to make mistakes. I just hope to help you make less of them on your way!

What is classed as a blogging mistake also subjective, so just because I see something as wrong, doesn’t mean everyone will see it as wrong – I’m more than happy to listen to anyones opinions if you want to leave a comment!

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Twitter

Twitter is a great way to build an audience, get engagement and drive traffic to your blog or YouTube channel. If you’re wanting to make friends in the blogging world, these mistakes on twitter might be things you’ll want to avoid!

Auto DMs on Twitter.

Please, does anyone know who invented the automated DM, because I would seriously like to Tweet them my rage at creating one of them most frustrating things about social media.

I really love getting direct messages on Twitter, but when it’s an auto message because I’ve followed you, asking me to check out your blog and YouTube channel.. the urge to unfollow you is strong.

Please, please don’t do it! If I’ve followed you, I’ll probably pick up your blog from your profile or any promotional tweets you send back. I follow people with the intention to engage with you!

I feel like this seems to have increased a lot lately and it’s so off putting. The only type of automated DM that doesn’t bother me is when it just says ‘thanks for following!’.

I actually had a blogger I followed send me a real message the other day and it was so refreshing! We had a quick convo over DM and she keeps responding to my Tweets – now THATS the right way to do it! Now I always notice her in my feed and will be more likely to read, respond and engage in her Tweets in the future! Hi Neetzy! πŸ™‚

Sending me your Bloglovin link. 

I hate Bloglovin, I really, really do.

When I’m bored, or at the end of Twitter chats, I sometimes ask people for their blog links so I can check them out. I find nothing more frustrating than when I get sent a link to Bloglovin.

Thing is, I’m quite easy when it comes to following people on Bloglovin, so if I like your blog enough to leave you a comment I’ll probably give you a follow too.. unless I feel like you’re forcing me.

If I wanted your Bloglovin’ link, I’ll ask for it! Please just URL me unless I ask specifically for your Bloglovin’ link!


I don’t mind RTs, but if my feed is suddenly full of loads of ReTweets by the same tweeter, I’ll UNFOLLOW YOU, I SWEAR! I’M FOR SERIOUS REALS HERE!

Well, actually I probably won’t, because I was a bit late to the party when it came to learning about how you can mute Retweets by certain accounts. So I’ll probably just do that instead.

Be warned. Rawr.

mistakes on twitter

Follow, unfollow, follow again. 

I understand the need to grow your Twitter account, and that by unfollowing people that don’t follow back or interact with you is a very common way to grow your account. It’s cool, I get it. I’m not offended. I have clear outs myself and I’ve followed unfollowers before if I’ve never engaged in a conversation with them or don’t read their blog – there’s no beef here.

What I have beef with, is what I like to call aggressive follow and unfollowing.

This is when I’ve started to notice your name pop-up as a new follower time and time again. It’s just a bit awkward, isn’t it?

Only promoting your blog posts. 

I was guilty of this up until recently. I would schedule blog posts but never actually read through my feed and engage. I’m not sure if it’s an annoying mistake, but more of a bit of a waste.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to talk to people more on Twitter, I’ve been following new people so my feed is fresh and scrolling through a few times a day. I’ll reply to any Tweets that I have something to say about and you know what? The results have been amazing.

I’ve gotten to know more bloggers, I’ve found some cool blogs, I’ve gained followers and my traffic from Twitter has doubled. I’m assuming this is because followers that have spoken to me are probably more likely to want to read my blog posts.

I feel like I’ve had a lightbulb moment with this one!

What mistakes do you see people doing on Twitter? 



  1. Such a great post!! The thing that really pisses me off the most abouyt Twitter is the follow no follow ahhh just make up your damn mind lol

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Amazing tips! My favorite was the automated DM issue. I find they are very impersonal, and turn you off about the person you just followed. I also interact less with their content the most after that! Great post. πŸ™‚


  2. Ahhh the auto-dm’s drive me crazy, like you if I’m following someone km likely to check on their blog on my own accord. Also, I’ve never got the point in following then unfollowing again, that isn’t going to make you follow me and it’s just plain annoying. Great post.

    Kristy | http://www.thevioletblonde.com

  3. I picked up the link from the UK Bloggers post and am happy I did – been cackling like a mad woman for minutes, well said, well written. I’m off to read the rest of your site!

  4. I loved this post! I can’t stand Auto DM’s either, they drive me mad and I normally DO unfollow people who send them. Can’t be dealing with it, soz.
    I have a blogger who constantly follows, unfollows and follows me. I think it’s because I’m not following back so she must think I obviously haven’t seen her because otherwise I would have followed back straight away right?!
    I always enjoy your blog tips posts, so I’m looking forward to reading more of them!

    1. I would guess more she doesn’t realise she is following and unfollowing the same people. It’s awkward. I’ve actually tweeted people before who do this, it’s usually companies though for me!

  5. It anoys me when accouts retweet like 20 things for free stuff in2 minutes. Tweeting you joined a giveaway fine, but 20 retweets about products no one actually wants – unfollow!


  6. I would agree with all of these. In particular Auto DMs. It seems that all US bloggers seem to do them (generalisation there but 90% of those I follow have auto DMs), and there’s a lot of newbies doing it because they think it’s the norm. The latter I tend to reply and tell them it pissed me off, and lots of others, and that I’m likely to unfollow. US people I either just unfollow or stick with them and then unfollow later if their whole feed is ads which a lot are.

    I do need to have a good clear out of brands, people I don’t converse with etc.

    The one I’d add as an addition to the feed being all their posts, is when it’s the same tweet/post over and over again all day every day. Drives me mad. Either mix it up, or write normal tweets/chats in between.

    1. It’s interesting you say this about US bloggers. I’m a US blogger myself and maybe I’ve never noticed the DM issue because a lot of the bloggers I come in contact with are from the UK. I am also unaware of US blogger communities (which a lot of UK bloggers seem to have–I am jealous!), so like you said, perhaps US bloggers think it’s the norm and the best way to let their new followers know they appreciate the interest. That being said, I do follow some US bloggers and haven’t had that issue at all–could be because they’re already well-respected bloggers.
      -Celeste ::

      1. I can’t say I’ve noticed the difference, but I tend to interact with most UK bloggers on Twitter! If there aren’t many communities in the US you should totally make one! The UK blogging community is great and there are so many different ones to be apart on based on where you live and your niche!

  7. I agree with the DM and the aggressive follow and unfollow is so fustrating I never post my blog bloglovin I interact with my fellow bloggers friends who respond.

  8. lol I’m guilty of posting my blog/youtube and minimal interaction…well only for the last month as I’ve been flat out. I spend my lunches scrolling through and reading blogs or watching videos & then my evenings are all about editing or training….so looking forward to Jan! Seriously.

    Automated DMs winds me up. I just send them a note saying, oh dear, I don’t have an automated DM but here’s my links! K thanks! Well it makes me chuckle πŸ˜€

    1. Haha yeah I used to only promote. It was such a waste as not many people clicked and my account just looked spammy! It’s important to make time for Twitter because it’s where a lot of bloggers hang out πŸ™‚ Great for networking!

  9. I’m one of those people who links Bloglovin links I’M SORRY! Personally I quite like this, I get an overview of the person’s blog and if I do want to follow, I can do it right away. Also, when I tweet a Bloglovin link, it is far more likely to turn into Bloglovin follows than if I tweet a direct URL to my blog – so it works both ways.

    I agree with you about Auto-DMs though. They are the devil.

    1. Oh Jess, we can no longer be friends πŸ˜‰

      Lots of people do it, so there must be people who do like it but it’s not for me. It’s also frustrating when you’re on your mobile and want to read, because Bloglovin’ always logs you out and it’s impossible to use on mobile!

      1. IT IS. When people share the Bloglovin link to a POST especially, I find that so immensely frustrating because I CAN’T READ IT ON MY PHONE. At all. Bloglovin not only logs you out but makes it virtually impossible to actually click on the link with the freaking pop-ups. It’s a surefire way to get me to NOT read your post.

        Sorry, I just. Bloglovin frustrates me so much. I don’t mind the straight link to a blog as much, esp during chats, because if I ask for links I’m probably on my laptop. In fact, if I’m doing a chat I’m probably on my laptop, I’m crap at typing on my phone. But the single posts drive me nuts.

  10. These are all the reasons I unfollow someone too. I hate autoDMs and everything else too. I think it should be a balance.

  11. So true!!! I’m new to twitter so I’m really learning how to use it to interact with people more and it has helped! Nice post!

  12. What about people who schedule blog-post tweets for when blogger chats are taking place? Those people should be SHOT. I never do that. Never….

    1. Haha I’m pretty sure I’m SO guilty of this. Because because I use hashtags but don’t check to see if it’s scheduled during a chat!

  13. Love this! It’s funny, but it’s true, there’s a lot of bad habits out there and they are all too easy to fall into sometimes. This is tongue and cheek but a nice reminder that we need to all be a little more human and actually interact with each other. x

  14. I just hate it when people follow you for a few days or a day and then unfollow you, but the thing that i hate the most is when someone follows you and you can clearly see she/he are not part of the same niche and then unfollows you the next day.

  15. I am a newbie on Twitter, which I can hardly catch up with thing. I guess I’ve had it some a few weeks now and all I did was tweeting my posts, which I guess I should stop doing. During the day, I hardly have any time for checking social media (engineering sucks) so in the evening trying to catch up with blogs then I have zero time left. I will make sure to interact with people. Follow to unfollow is one of the thing I really hate, sometimes I go through my list to remove them, I seriously don’t understand why people do that! x


  16. I’m so glad you wrote this. Totally with you on the Auto DM’s. I find people who only share their blog posts boring and even annoying. It’s even worse when they keep re-sharing old posts over and over and then send their Bloglovin link. There’s no value there. I try to share links/stories that I find interesting or fun.

  17. Omg yes. The automated DM is the one that annoys me the most. If I’ve followed, I’ve likely checked the blogs/instagram etc out. I don’t appreciate being told to do it haha. And the follow/unfollow malarky really gets me too. If I notice someone doing that to me, they’ll instantly get unfollowed too. It’s just annoying.
    The only thing I’m different on is the Bloglovin. I actually prefer to get a bloglovin link (when in a chat at least!) because it gives me an easy way to glance of the type of posts. Then I’ll know if it’s similar to my interests. or not.

  18. Yes! I hate auto DMs! They are so annoying, and aren’t real interaction at all. Also, along the lines of “follow unfollow follow” I also hate it when people will follow you and then immediately unfollow you as soon as you follow them. Not cool. Great post, and I myself have been a bit guilty lately of just posting my blog posts on twitter…oops!

  19. You are so right!! Auto DMs are so incredibly annoying! Also the follow unfollow brigade is driving me insane at the moment (mainly on insta though actually). Really enjoyed your post and I’m now probably going to stalk a bit (apologies in advance for a comment spree) x

  20. Awwwww, thanks for mentioning me! I honestly try my best to get to know the peeps who follow me. We are human beings — not Twitter accounts. I want to meet people from around the world, not just have a big number of followers. People are real, not robots!

  21. Wow, just reading the comments above — glad to see I’m not the only one who hates auto DMs. I feel like a bit of a stalker because I actually read peoples’ Twitter feeds and try to read a few pages of their blog, see where they are from — find our their name! LOL. I was actually starting to feel a bit like a weirdo because I leave comments on Tweets!

  22. Likewise, I love a good blogging post, and this is a very good list too! I’ll tell you another thing which really annoys me: people who tweet a link to their latest post without any indication of what it’s about!

    ‘Make sure you read my latest blog post (link, seemingly followed by every hash tag ever invented)

    Why would I? The only person who can put something out online without the need to promote it properly and still be successful is Beyonce. Are you Beyonce?? Didn’t think so.

    Rant over πŸ™‚

  23. It’s a little hilarious to me how many people hate auto DMs, but how many auto DMs I get! Am I just that unlucky that I seem to “find” these auto DMers?? lol
    I really don’t hate them with a hatey-hate, but I feel like I might not pay as much attention to them as I would to the person who just took ten seconds to send me a simple “thanks for the follow” or such.
    I also am guilty of not engaging as much as I should, but I’m new and learning… and also work a full time job on top of blogging so not as much time to spend on Twitter as I’d like!

  24. Quilty! On the using Twitter to promote blog posts and I have noticed that I do this which I’m trying to sort out and tweet more but don’t want to tweet boring things like ‘I love chocolate or omg it’s so cold’ you know

    Leanne |

  25. I absolutely hate direct messages, my other pet hate is a self serving message that is nothing to do with being collaborative but all about themeselves Lucy x

  26. I really enjoyed this post, it’s gave me some great inspiration and ideas on what not to do on Twitter haha!
    The automated DMs expecially grind my gears so much, it just feels so lazy and impersonal!


  27. I haven’t actually got Twitter, but I think that’s something to do in the New Year. Having read your post on how it helped your blog, I think it would really help me too.

    Jemima x

  28. Totally agree about the automated DM’s. I thought I was the only one who felt this way since almost everyone does it so I never bothered to address the issue. I feel the same way, it makes me want to unfollow someone straight away.

  29. Sorry in advance for the long comment – way over 140 characters.
    Those auto DMs are indeed annoying! Many of them seem to be spam. DMs can serve a legitimate purpose but there are many times I wondered why the sender said something in private that would have seemed fine to Tweet out publicly. There have been very rare times when I’ve initiated a DM – when a celebrity I knew personally was following me and the conversation would definitely not be other peoples’s business, and other times when the brief DMs are fun.

    As for Retweeting everything, before I follow someone I check their feed to make sure they’re real people and not automated Retweet programs. I wish I got more Retweet-worthy mentions from Tweeps I like. The follow, unfollow, follow thing. I’ve noticed one Tweep doing that. I had made the mistake of following back. Then they unfollowed. I eventually unfollowed and then they started doing that follow unfollow follow etc stuff. It won’t work, I have their number.

    I follow so many diverse groups of Tweeps that I’d be surprised if some didn’t like others. Twitter has made changes and I’m not always on top of them – I’m hoping following you will make it more likely that I know what’s going on. #SocialBloggers πŸ˜€ xoxox

    1. It’s so frustrating when people keep following and unfollowing. I don’t mind it once or twice but when it’s constantly the same people, it is awkward!

  30. Found your point about the bloglovin link interesting! If I send a link I would normally always put my bloglovin its interesting to see a different point of view about it. Will defintly try and change things up a bit! Fab post.

    Sophie xo

  31. I actually recently add an auto-DM to my Twitter but I just deleted it because of this! I always had mixed feelings about them but I thought it might help me. I’m sure I’ll get support in other ways! I also love that you said to not just promote blog posts! I like to read about everyone’s lives in their tweets, too!

    xo, Kimberly

  32. I haven’t yet experience 1 and 2 but 3-5, I experienced plenty. I’m most annoyed when people just retweet 20 tweets in a row and are essentially flooding up my feed. I end up just unfollowing them.

    I love posts like these so I’ll probably be lurking in your posts for a while, lol. Happy 2016!

  33. Auto DM”s are just the worst!! I’m a little bit guilty of the not interacting one but it’s definitely something I want to work on for the new year!!

  34. I like your style. Idk why I had the need to write thiis. But seriously I wholeheartedly agree with your post even though I’m a newbie on the blogging scene. It’s so dissapointing when you get an auto DM and you just know that there’s no one on the other side to talk to you. Like c’mon, if you want me to check something at least let me talk to you about what you wrote 😐
    Also I once unfollowerd 10 people because they all tweeted and retweeted the same thing, I think that was the most annoying thing I experienced on Twitter so far….

    Anyway I’ll stop rambling now… Thank you for writing this, it’s amazing to know that some people find the same things annoying as you do xP

  35. I like your style. Idk why I had the need to write thiis. But seriously I wholeheartedly agree with your post even though I’m a newbie on the blogging scene. It’s so dissapointing when you get an auto DM and you just know that there’s no one on the other side to talk to you. Like c’mon, if you want me to check something at least let me talk to you about what you wrote 😐
    Also I once unfollowerd 10 people because they all tweeted and retweeted the same thing, I think that was the most annoying thing I experienced on Twitter so far….

    Anyway I’ll stop rambling now… Thank you for writing this, it’s amazing to know that some people find the same things annoying as I do xP

  36. Thank you so much for this post! My #1 pet hate on Twitter is auto-DMs, I literally just unfollow people. Don’t they realise how spammy and annoying it is!? Gah!!

    Jess xo

  37. This is a great post and I’ve loved reading though your tips on blogging and twitter. I’ve only been blogging for 3 months and I’m getting there, slowly bit surely x

  38. I hate auto DMs. I received one recently where I was told if I “proved” to them I followed them on another SM account, they’d follow me back! Mate, I’m not 12 and desperate for friends any more!
    I also dislike people who haven’t been part of chats leaving their blog links at the end. I’ve occasionally jumped into a Twitter chat convo by accident but I apologise and leave it at that! I wouldn’t dream of dropping my links into a chat I hadn’t participated in! X

    1. I wonder if ANYONE follows people through those DMs? They must work if people keep doing it, but they seem so spammy, I just can’t imagine it.

  39. Oh man, I could have written this post! I don’t care if you follow/unfollow me, but after 10 or 11 times, I feel like sending you a message saying, “Just FYI, I don’t think this is going to work out between us.”

    I know a lot of people schedule tweets and never actually engage with others on Twitter, and that’s fine–you can’t do EVERY social media platform–but they aren’t the people I want to follow, either. If I like your blog, I’ll keep up with it without Twitter links to remind me!

  40. The auto DM’s kill me too. I hate those so much. I personally don’t use BlogLovin’ because I don’t understand it. I think I do suck at the whole “self-promotion” thing because I pre-write all of my posts so they kind of automatically post on Twitter as well. So, I will totally try to get better at this.

  41. Omg YES Corinne!
    Those auto messages are driving me crazy and I seriously do not follow people who only promote their blogs.. as I feel like it should sat interesting meaning people shouldn’t get tired of seeing blogpost tweets…
    Love your posts lovely!
    Jade x

  42. I was guilty of never engaging on Twitter. It’s actually quite refreshing to talk to people on there and discover new things

  43. I really really hate auto DM’s, and I hate follow/unfollow even more! It just puts me right off! I’ve been blogging for a while but only just started a Twitter account about my blog, meaning I’ve followed a couple of new accounts and been inundated with with auto DM’s. I also agree with bloglovin’, I’ve been trying to share mind because everyone does and it seemed a good way to promote my blog, but really I prefer URL’s.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  44. I didn’t even know you could direct message someone a auto message! That’s mad! Haha This is a really great post. I don’t get why people feel the need to follow/unfollow/follow. Like you said if I want to follow a blog I defiantly will follow.. Unless of course you start being a knob like this. Haha thanks for the great read. X

  45. I find myself not wanting to post too much on Twitter, so that’s why mostly it’s me sharing blog posts or replying to tweets. I’m not sure how to go about utilizing it .. x

  46. Didn’t even realise those types of messages were automated! Duh silly me.. Learn something new everyday! X

  47. Didn’t even realise those types of messages were automated! Duh silly me.. Learn something new everyday! X

  48. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your older posts on blogging over the last day or so. I’ve just decided to start blogging again and hope to maintain it so your tips are really useful, thanks!

    Amber – ambambe.blogspot.co.uk

  49. I was reading this and felt like I was doing everything right until the last one your right I do need to engage more.Promblem is finding the time.I’ve been struggling to keep up with twitter chats which I’m a fan goals for the year.

  50. I’m totally guilty of the last mistake.
    Honestly I would love to do better on Twitter. But I just don’t have the time to build a community and chat there. Blogging takes me already a lot of time, and social media is there to back up my blogging game. I mean, It is practical to let my followers know I have a new post up. That’s it. Then I’m more active in other social media, Google + where I belong to several communities, I participate and interact with loads of people. How many social media can you be this active?? Honestly, at one point you have to choose.
    Then there is question: is it because you are not that active that you should shut down your twitter account? I believe it is good to still use it as a mere channel to promote. It would be great to deepen relations with all your followers, but there are only so many hours in a day.

  51. I’m probably guilty of making half of these mistakes but that’s pretty much because I still haven’t really figured out how I want to use it yet. It moves so fast – I always feel like I’m missing things. Don’t even get me started on Twitter chats, which just totally pass me by!

    I’m definitely not guilty of the DM one though, but probably just because I was too lazy to set up a DM!

    Thanks for the great post – I’m pretty sure I found your blog via Twitter – so you’re obviously doing something right!

  52. Just read this with trepidation after hammering Twitter all day (not for blog views as I’m still getting my content right, but because I was bored and fancied a chat ). I’m pleased to say haven’t done any of these today and I completely agree with them. Auto DMs make me think of spammy network marketeers and follow/unfollow/follow gets on my nerves soooo much. Just embrace the unbalanced follow to follower ratio. Just makes you look like you’ve hit a lot of interests! It’s not a popularity contest!

  53. Auto DMs are the bain of my life on twitter! It’s definitely one of my pet hates on it. And those who follow you and then unfollow annoy me too, I find that happens a lot on instagram too.


  54. The follow/unfollow game is so awkward! In addition to my blog, I manage my wonderful french bulldog Carl’s Instagram account (yes, I’m one of “those” people) and there is one account that follows/unfollows us several times per week! I know it’s a ploy to try to get followers back, but hello…I do see you and I’m super put off by your method. Great list and all good tips to keep in mind. Twitter is a new beast for me and for years I have had a hard time really getting into it – there’s just so much content! But slowly I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Thanks!

  55. I’m totally with you on the Auto DMs, If I receive one I almost never click on the link. I try to RT other bloggers a couple of times a day, I feel you when it comes to the same person RT things like they’re going out of fashion. I do have to admit I’m a little crap with twitter, I need to interact more with bloggers on twitter. I loved this post and it’s great to read what others think are and aren’t good and bad ideas. ♥ HWY29

  56. So glad I found your blog through someone tweeting you about this post! Such an interesting read, in fact after I’ve written this comment, I’ll be heading to previous posts (“,)
    I agree, I hate auto DM’s although I’m pretty sure I have spoken to a “Bot” thinking it was a genuine response! Talk about #Awkward
    I do follow people randomly but If they don’t engage or I don’t find their content/blog of interest then I tend to unfollow. I can’t say I’m a Bloglovin culprit although I do have it, I’d much prefer to just give my URL anyway. Anyway, great post and I can’t wait to read more. x

  57. I love how informative your blog is! Being new to Twitter, I’ve noticed some people who would follow you so you would follow them and once you follow them, they unfollow you. Not cool. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog post and hope you make more of them.

  58. Great post! Wow people actually follow to unfollow?! I wish these people would tell me how they even have time for that lol.

  59. OMG auto DMs and follow unfollow refollow – this drives me mad !!! I know bloggers that block repeat offenders !!!

  60. Please don’t ever stop writing posts on blogging and social media. I love reading them and while I understand there are many out there, I really enjoy your style and clarity. The continuous follow – unfollow annoys me no end. If you like what I do, please follow, if you only do it for a follow, just don’t. Argh!

    Maya | londondamsel.co.uk

    1. I’m not a fan of the auto DM on Twitter either. I understand the hustle to promoting your sites but the auto doesn’t feel very genuine. I too appreciate the effort to connect through personal messages. I’m working on tweeting more personal tweets and not those that just promote my blog. Great and insightful posts, I appreciate the tips

      Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

  61. So relieved that I don’t do any of the previous. *phew* I love your blogging tips so never stop writing them; although I do get your point that everyone writes the same tips. Keep it up! x


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  63. I’m glad to say I don’t think I do any of this. I’m still pretty new to blogging myself so not brilliant on promoting, but I do retweet blog posts hoping it helps

  64. I’m still new to using Twitter to promote my blog. And I’m trying to find the best way to balance promoting my own stuff with sharing other people’s content. Thank you for sharing this!

  65. I’m happy that I don’t do any of these things of this list. One of the biggest issues I’ve been dealing with is people playing the follow/unfollow game. I’ve had some people get so bad about this that I’ve blocked them because they keep following/unfollowing me every other day.

    Jordan | Myflourishingretrospect.blogspot.com

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