How I tripled my traffic from Twitter in just a week.

When I wrote my blog post, How I Gained 100 Bloglovin’ Followers in 10 days to Reach my 2k goal, it was originally a post…


When I wrote my blog post, How I Gained 100 Bloglovin’ Followers in 10 days to Reach my 2k goal, it was originally a post about how I started getting more traffic on Twitter as well as more followers on Bloglovin’.

Turns out I had a whole lot more to say about the two, so I decided to split them into separate posts.

It wasn’t only my Bloglovin’ follower number that has been stagnant over the past few months, but also my Twitter numbers.

You know what it’s like on Twitter, you can gain 5 new followers, but lose 10. You finally a mile stone, then people unfollow!

I decided to change how I use Twitter and in just a few days, I started to see a MASSIVE difference, not only in followers, but in the amount of traffic I’m getting to my blog.

When I do this, I find I get 20-50 Twitter followers a day – which is mental considering I was only increasing Twitter followers a couple per week. My traffic from Twitter has also TRIPLED. So if you’re wondering how to get traffic from twitter, this post is for you.

You you ready? This might be a long one..

how to get traffic from twitterLet’s talk about priorities for a bit.

I’m a busy girl, so my time is precious and I’m very careful about how I spend it. One thing that I didn’t prioritise enough was social media. As I have previously explained – I blog every single day on this blog and have done for almost two years, I also run two other blogs so I write, edit and publish 10 blog posts every week.

I also comment on everyones blogs who leaves me a comment.

* points up* Those are my priorities, along with managing my e-mails.

Social media was just a nice to do, and the first thing I ditched when I was busy. As I was getting busier and busier, my time on there was getting less and less.

I’ve added a few extra priorities to my list now – these aren’t ALL things I do daily, but try to do a few times as week and it’s really helped me!

how to get traffic from twitterHow to get traffic from twitter.

Interacting more.

While I was scheduling posts to Twitter, and replying to most Tweets directed at me, I wasn’t really interacting with people on my feed.

Now, when I’m having a blog day – I’ll take 5 minutes every hour or so to jump into conversations, or reply to some Tweets on my timeline – I find this sparks a conversation and can lead to new followers if they’re in the conversation I’m gate crashing in. I love to speak to people I’ve never interacted with before!

This has to be when I see the biggest increase in followers – when I have days where I’m not being an active Tweeter, I can really tell the difference.

Have a clear out. 

I also had a bit of a clear out. I went on Crowdfire and unfollowed every Twitter account that hadn’t posted in 3 months (unless they were a blogger I knew well and had interacted with). After doing this, I started following a few new accounts, mainly from the #girlgang hashtag but also other bloggers I saw around Twitter.

how to get traffic from twitterI also did something similar with those accounts that didn’t follow me – but again, only if I didn’t know of them or enjoy their Tweets. The aim here isn’t to unfollow loads of accounts to look popular, but to unfollow accounts that don’t serve a purpose to you. So if it’s not a blog I’m going to read, not a person I’m going to interact with or not an account that inspires me or makes me laugh, it’s got to go. I binned about 100 accounts all together which isn’t a lot to say I follow over 1000! I will do this once a month or so.

Doing this meant that I had new content in my feed to reply to, as well as new blog posts being Tweeted to me to comment on. I’ve actually spoken to loads of new people since doing this! I love it.

Some followed me back, others didn’t – but either way, my feed was left fresh with new content and new people to talk to.

Scheduling Tweets.

I use Buffer to schedule my tweets and was scheduling about 8 posts a day. I bought the premium version of Buffer as on the standard version, you can only schedule 10 posts at once and I wanted to increase that to 100. I know you can get free websites that will schedule more, but I just love the analytics and iPhone app so much. This meant I was able to get more organised with my scheduling.

I’ve now been posting about 24 Tweets a day at various times.

That might sound like a lot, but there are no rules about how many times you should be Tweeting your content every day.

How often your Tweet will be seen depends on how many accounts someone follows – if someone only follows 100, they might see your Tweets a lot, but if someone follows thousands, they might not even see them at all. The balance is impossible to find.

To be honest, I felt quite uncomfortable Tweeting so much at first, but when I saw the increase in traffic, and the amount of people coming to my blog just after I Tweeted, I soon changed my mind.

The graph below is the amount of traffic I get from Twitter – you can see I made the change early December.

how to get traffic from twitter

Scheduling Old Content

Another thing I started doing was Tweeting out links to my older posts, especially ones that had done well in the past. What I found is that some blog posts were getting more page views in a day than the post that was published on that day!

I use the Buffer analytics to re-buffer any post that has had more than 6 clicks – my view is that if it isn’t getting the traffic anymore, it’s probably best to drop the post and maybe try it again in a few months when I have some new followers.

how to get traffic from twitter

I’d chuck in a new post every few days to keep my feed fresh and see what posts seemed to get most attention. I also used this as an opportunity to have a quick audit of the post and in some cases, I updated the images if I wasn’t happy with them.
how to get traffic from twitter

Since I’ve been doing this at the start of December, I’ve increased my follower count by about 400, more than tripled the amount of traffic I’m getting from Twitter and made some great friends along the way.

Interacting on Twitter is definitely the thing that has helped most.

What are your Twitter tips?

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  1. I’m really enjoying all of your tips posts, they’re so helpful! I normally tweet about 10-15 times a day and I always worry that’s too much but maybe I’ll try upping them. I sometimes find that if I’m busy, my timeline looks too spammy and I really hate that! I need to be more active on Twitter definitely!

  2. I’m always reluctant to tweet too much to my own content, but since following you I find that I often follow your links to your old content as it’s really interesting and I don’t find the amount you tweet offputting at all (which is part of the reason why I’d held off). I only tweet out a new post twice and then leave it, so I think I do need to consider upping this!

  3. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my posts a lot on twitter, but I will give it a try in January, to see if I get more out of twitter. I will try to get from 4-5 to 10-12 a day to see how it goes. Very good tips.

  4. Wow what a great post!! I am going to have to try to do some of these! Do get worried about plugging lots on Twitter! Rosie

  5. I really love this post. I’ve been searching for a post like this for a while and when I search for ‘how to grow blog traffic/followers’ I get things like ‘create great content’ – well duh! This makes so much more sense, I concentrate so much on creating content that I forget about the importance of interacting. Thanks for the tip! Hope you have a lovely Christmas! x

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

  6. I haven’t been retweeting older content, just new posts but have been meaning to get round to it. Will definitely start retweeting the evergreen posts in the New Year – plus it’s a great way to keep active on Twitter when you’re on holiday

  7. I need to up my twitter game haha, some days I’m so on it and others I’m just like mehhh. I think I need to get a scheduling app as I notice the biggest difference when I’m at work. xxx

  8. I actually think your Blog Tips posts are changing the way I blog completely. Such amazing advice! My blog has been so stagnant for ages and I couldn’t understand why, but now I feel completely renewed and like I have a solid plan on going forward! I actually can’t thank you enough for these tips! I’m definately going to be brave and promote my blog more on twitter. I’m always afraid it looks spammy but you’re right it does depend on how many people you follow!
    Emily x

  9. Oooh, this is just what I needed! I used to use Twitter as a fan and most of my followers are fans of bands I like, but I’ve wanted to move away from that since I started my blog. This is excellent advice, and I will for sure be taking it!

    Thanks for the advice!


  10. I agree with Emily up there. These posts are changing a lot for me. As a newish blogger who has read a lot… A LOT… of how-to posts, yours make the most sense to me.

  11. this was such a helpful post, thanks! I’ll definitely up my tweet scheduling, I’ve only really been posting out links about 3/4 times a day which seems like nothing now!

    thanks xx

  12. I think in the new year I’m gonna take some time to sit and go through your blog advice posts and get my arse in gear with my blog. These posts are so helpful xx

  13. this is so useful! i always get something resourceful out of your “blawg”… i love the way you spell it. always makes me giggle! haha! πŸ˜€

    β™₯ | xoxo

  14. Such a useful blog post! I have totally been neglecting Twitter of late, seems I can’t focus on more than one type of social media at a time. I do get the most traffic from it though!

    Ash | Liakada

  15. Wow, this was super duper interesting and impressive! I don’t have as much time as I used to to tweet and I miss it so much, definitely need to get planning my time like this – Merry Christmas btw lovely! πŸ™‚


  16. All great tips, there are not enough hours in the day so being targeted is definitely the way to use time wisely. Crowdfire is a great tool. I don’t really post old posts but this definitely makes me think I should Lucy x

  17. This was such a useful read! Thanks for sharing with us πŸ™‚ loving the #girlgang as well, such a lovely community of people.

    Carrie xx /

  18. I had a little unfollowing spree a while ago, but I don’t think I unfollowed enough. I’m going to try Crowdfire and see if that helps. Thanks for the tips!
    Zoe xx

  19. I schedule my tweets, mostly on weekdays, every hour for about 8-12 hours. I tried to tweet older posts but I stopped because I didn’t feel like I had the time. I would usually tweet a new post for a whole week until it gets buried and I have new posts to tweet.

    I’ll try to join conversations, but usually my feed is full of self-promotion and not much actual conversations. I also miss joining twitter chats, but with a full time job and living in America, the time zone just doesn’t allow me to attend the chats.

  20. this is a great post hun! so points I will definitley be looking to put in place when it comes to the new year! I do find it really hard gaining followers on things like instagram & twitter. Like you said as soon as one followers 10 unfollow, it is disheartening but you look at it as a way to change and makes things better! Thank you for the helpful tips! Paige xx

  21. Great tips thanks! I’ve recently started tweeting more blog related links lately and do notice the difference with it. Haven’t fully utilised twitter yet though, so I’ll be looking into this!

  22. These are great tips! I would only tweet like 3 times a day and, only when I take the time to use Buffer which means, almost never! I also liked your tips for Bloglovin’!

  23. Fab advice! I need to make more time to interact more on twitter because I do spend a lot of time just reading tweets but not getting involved. Enjoying your blog πŸ™‚

    Emma xx

  24. It’s funny I’ve just come across this post because yesterday I started using my twitter to interact with other bloggers and I’ve seen an increase in followers already and that was less that 24 hours ago!
    Eilidh |

  25. I’m definitely looking to start scheduling tweets this year as it’s something I didn’t do previously at all and I think it will make my twitter just that little bit more interactive and help me to share old content. Thanks for the tips, they’re very helpful πŸ™‚ x

  26. This is an actual science. Can’t wait to sit down and properly plan it all out.
    I lvoed the bloglovin tips so these were super helpful as well <3


  27. I haven’t really used Twitter to promote my blog yet. I only follow about 40+ people since I’m not that.. loud on that social media site yet. I will take note of your tips for future reference and congrats on your tripled traffic from Twitter!

  28. Hello! Corinne. Thanks for those awesome advice.
    I’ve never thought about those things. Hmm got to put them into action now.
    okay I’ve got a question, since I’ve got a twitter handle, is there need to have another for my personal blog? I read a post months ago where the author was like having multiple twitter accounts is good but I don’t think it is. What’s your advice on this? thanks.
    Much love,

  29. Thank you for sharing these tips love, I’ve recently download Hootsuite for the scheduling of a few tweets but I’m just getting the hang of it. I feel like I’m just growing as I go but I’m very happy about it. I noticed a small increase in keeping in touch with people as well. Then again like you said, you get 5, you loose 10. I’ve just reached my goal of 300 but I’m not getting too excited about it because I know the number might go down. But it’s okay, I’m still happy.

    Thank you for your amazing posts as per usual. I know I still have a lot to learn but I’m looking forward to it.

  30. Thanks for the tips. I’m truly struggling with Twitter, and I just can’t figure out why it is not working for me :S My tweets creating engagement on twitter itself but bare minimum click throughs to my blog, so sometimes I feel its just a waste of time πŸ™ I recently started to do this method that you mentioned with crowdfire, and I seen some changes, but still not something WOW. I’ll try your suggestions and hopefully it will be effective for me as well! πŸ™‚

  31. This is a great post! I have been blogging on and off but only just started using twitter as a platform for my writing. I’m pleased with my results so far and hope to be as successful as this in the future. I hate promoting my posts to those that have no interest so I use hashtags to find people who are actively looking for posts or tweeting about a subject I have a post on. For example, when I publish a book related post I twitter search ‘book recommendations’ and tweet my link to those accounts or start a conversation with them. Makes me feel less guilty about promotion! Thank you for the follow as well, means a lot since I’m just back in the blogosphere <3

  32. This isgreat. I’ve not been blogging for long so I found these tips really helpful. I think I’m going to make a few a few tweeks to my blog now after reading this x

  33. Hi Corinne!

    I recently followed you on twitter & I’ve been enjoying reading your blog posts. I was inspired by your recent post about how to gain more followers on Bloglovin. I’ve been blogging since 2014 but didn’t really take it seriously until July of 2015 when I decided I was going to fully commit to making my blog be what I wanted it to be. It’s been a difficult journey (sort of love/hate relationship) with my blog but this year I’ve decided to really push myself out of my comfort zone. This meant posting my blogs on a schedule and interacting with other bloggers on twitter, bloglovin etc. I’ve seen a difference in the past two weeks & I am happy to see how my blog can grow!

    Reading your tips and tricks on how to increase traffic has really motivated me and I am excited to try this out. Thank you for inspiring me! It’s just what I needed πŸ™‚


  34. I’m glad you posted this. In the early stages of my Twitter use I was trained by a marketing person to schedule tweets (4 inspiring/informational/supportive things for every self-promotion!) and use tweepi to quick follow and quick dump. I know it was just a way to get in and get some followers quickly, but it felt more like something to check off my to-do list and I wasn’t loving it.

    I decided to stop caring about how many followers I had and just follow people who tweeted things I cared about. And then I actually started engaging with people and Twitter became much more fun (and useful!). I’ve made lots of lists so I can engage with the kind of people I am in the mood for: geek girls, environmentalists, librarians, visual artists, etc. Lo and behold, I started getting more followers, and not only that, my followers got more interesting. πŸ™‚

  35. These are amazing tips, thank you so much for sharing! I have started to use Twitter a lot more recently, so these tips are so useful for me! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

  36. I have been interacting more on Twitter and joining in on Twitter chats – I definitely see a different in my stats! I need to get on the scheduling bandwagon though, I only ever do a couple which is lame!

  37. Ever since I started paying more attention to Twitter, my views, comments and just general interactions have gone up so much! Not to mention the amount of friends I’ve made through it! If you only use one form of social media, it’s definitely gotta be Twitter, amirite?
    Anth |

  38. Really helpful post! I find buffer quite tricky to use but maybe the premium version is easier? I am off to read your post on Bloglovin I am currently doing a revamp on my blog so may be time for a clear out on Crowd Fire.

  39. This was really helpful. I feel like a grandma sometimes with Twitter because I’m still sort of trying to find my footing. I find it difficult sometimes because everyone seems to be in a different timezone as me, but I think finding people through hashtags might be a great idea in terms of finding like-minded people!

    1. That tool Corinne mentioned, Buffer? It has a handy tool that find the optimal times for you to send out tweets and schedules them for you. I also struggle with time zone issues (I’m American, and so are half my followers, but I’m in the UK and the other half are here). Buffer helps me figure out when my followers are most active and tweets at those times – I just have to load the content in there!

      I just (today) increased my scheduled tweets per day from 3 to 5, and that feels like a lot. I am trying to “organically” tweet a few more times throughout the day so I’ll maybe be at 10 a day? Twitter moves so fast though, and if you follow 1000+ accounts, if your tweet wasn’t in the last 20 minutes, it’s probably lost! Great post, lots to think about for my own newbie blog!

  40. Really enjoyed this post and found it incredibly interesting and helpful. I tend to find that on the days I really focus on blogging which i sometimes find hard to do as I work full time. But when I do, my Twitter traffic definitely increase as I am tweeting out links more. Will definitely need to start interacting on Twitter more also.

    Thanks for the insight.


  41. I love this! I’m a big fan of Twitter as this is my biggest traffic souce and all of these tips are spot on seriously! I schedule a lot of post out during the day and night more than 24 lol and I’m so glad I haven’t gotten any complaints! Engagement is the key! Great post!

    Jasmine πŸ™‚

  42. Really helpful, thank you. I have been a certified twitter nerd for a few years ago and my magic bullet has been the fact that I love the medium and love the conversations I am finding. Yet now that I have more followers I am finding that even when I tweet stuff that is more promotional at what I feel is an aggressive level, I am having followers say they never see me sharing that stuff and would like to support me. Welp. I’ve been thinking I need to learn about scheduling tweets for a while and your post confirmed the value of this for me. Thanks.

  43. Thanks for this blog post, it’s extremely insightful. I’ve decided I need to knuckle down and use social media to my advantage recently too, plus my other half is a aspiring photographer and he wants me to help get him more active online. Which is a tad daunting haha
    You’re post has really lift my spirit and given me some goals to work towards. Thanks again

  44. Really interesting post. I try and unfollow the accounts that either don’t follow me back to don’t tweet content very often and look to follow accounts that I find interesting and would like to learn more about. Thanks for sharing this. You certainly have some fab tips to share.

  45. That is such a fabulous post! I can’t wait to take some of these tips and put them into practice! I always feel better about blogging after reading your tips to enhance and improve!

  46. I try to motivate myself every day to schedule my tweets, but I feel like I’m just writing the same tweets all the time and things get repetitive so then I don’t have the desire to sit there and schedule any more. I really should sit myself down and come up with some sort of plan. I’ll be bookmarking your post though so I can come back to it, you have some great tips.

  47. This is wonderful advice! Thank you so much for putting this up. I have been slowly building my blog and your posts have been very helpful in checking for do’s and don’ts of the blog world. Thank you again!

  48. Love this series, such great advice. πŸ™‚
    I’ve recently downloaded and started using CrowdFire and Buffer.


  49. I love Buffer! it’s an absolute must-have for every blogger I think. it’s so useful! I definitely think that I should be more active on Twitter though. hopefully then I could see some results like your AMAZING increase in traffic

  50. This is so so helpful, I’ve just recently started scheduling more tweets a day and noticed so much more difference! I love Buffer but reallllly don’t want to pay for it so I’ve switched to Tweetdeck.. Now I’m neglecting my Facebook/Google.. urgh. Your posts are always so helpful xx

    Tamz |

  51. Such a helpful post. I need to be more interactive on Twitter, I schedule 7 tweets a day but only promoting blog posts. Can’t wait to read your bloglovin post!

  52. Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been wondering whether to use Buffer for a while, I was worried it was just going to be another thing to deal with but I think it really will make life easier!

  53. These are all great tips, iv been doing most of them myself, I use hoot suite and yesterday decided to get back to doing more tweets and did 24, one every hour as my numbers had barely increased at all last week and I got a fair few today but iv also been adding more people and unfollowing others myself and interacting and your right the combination of all of it helps its jaunt quite time consuming so difficult to keep up daily

  54. These are all such good tips! I’m new-ish to Twitter and am still building up my list of people to follow. Because my feed is somewhat limited I always feel nervous to post too much at risk of being annoying, but you are totally right – most people follow TONS of accounts and more than likely they aren’t seeing me unless I post more frequently. Great to see how you were able to use Twitter to really drive traffic. Thanks for the tips!

  55. Hi Corinne,
    I stumbled across you blog about a week back and I have really been enjoying your content, this post is fantastic! You give sensible tips, such as rehashing old content but only content that had certain view initially. I find a lot a blog that talk about getting more traffic seem to miss the point about being relatable to their viewer. Your tips are business orientated but you keep a personal touch to it, I know I will benefiting from your recommendations.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

  56. This is such great and helpful post x and I can’t wait to try a few of these tips. I have been on Twitter for a while but just recently made a Twitter account to share my blog posts and to chat with other bloggers. But I’m still looking for new people to follow to build up my feed so I will defiantly be using this tips and tricks

  57. I’m definitely going to put some of these tips into practice! I have met some amazing people through various twitter chats, and I always end up inspired by the amazing things people are doing.
    xo, Rowan |

  58. This is really interesting! I’ve just started out blogging (about theatre) and these are some really cool tips which I’ll definitely try for increasing traffic and interacting! πŸ™‚

  59. I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now. It’s so simplistic and easy to follow compared to other tips posts that ramble on and repeat themselves a thousand times. They’re really helpful for a beginner too πŸ™‚ thanks

  60. Hey,
    Thank you for the those tips. They’re very helpful! I’ll try to apply them but I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up with a schedule thanks to my studies. I’ll do my best!
    It’s funny though that I’ve only just found your blog because you followed me on Twitter and of course I followed back because I like your blog. Great blog, by the way! πŸ™‚


  61. Hey,

    Thank you for the those tips. They’re very helpful for a beginner! I’ll try to apply them but I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up with a schedule thanks to my studies. I’ll do my best!
    It’s funny though that I’ve only just found your blog because you followed me on Twitter and of course I followed back because I like your blog. Great blog, by the way! πŸ™‚

    Nour |

  62. Thank you for this post and tips. It’s really good to read about how it worked for you and then do my best to do it myself too. I’ve seen a small increase in followers as soon as I started joining Twitter chats and interacting more, so this is super helpful when it comes to thinking about other strategies.
    Maya |

  63. My twitter followers have been stuck in the same place for so long and it’s frustrating because it makes me feel like I’m not getting anywhere. So I will definitely be taking your advice here and putting it to good use, thank you! x

  64. These are awesome ideas! I haven’t tried Buffer or anything similar yet, but I think I will now. I always pop in and interact personally with at least a few people on twitter every day; my professional website got over 600 hits in its first three weeks! That is a HUGE number to me considering how I’ve performed before.

  65. Thank you for the tips. Usually posts like this just tell you to interact with people and join blog chats but you truly have made me see how these tips could actually help in gaining followers x

  66. Wooaaaa this post has so many comments too! Really interesting as Twitter was new to me with blogging and although I’ve got to grips with it, it still isn’t my go-to and I do find when I get busy it drops off. Just shows what you can drive if you’re savvy with it! Alice xxx

  67. 24 tweets a day is kind of crazy amazing to me, but I’ll definitely take the message to heart! Going to have to tweet a lot more if I want more followers on my Twitter!

  68. I really must schedule more. Interaction is so important isn’t it. I hate when it is just a stream of read this and noone ever chats anymore.

  69. thank you so much for this, being fairly new to all this I found it very helpful and will be making time to sit and do this on a regular basis

  70. This is such a helpful post! I’m definitely going to start tweeting more! And Promoting older blog posts is a very good idea too!

    Thank you!
    Holly xx

  71. Thanks for all the fab tips! Definitely going to be implementing them into how I go about using twitter!

  72. Great post. Well done on the incredible increase in traffic and I must take a look and see what I can do on my blog. I had 21k pageviews per month this time last year and now I’m back down to 9k. Still trimming to figure out why. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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