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How I gained 100 Bloglovin’ followers in 10 days to reach my 2K goal

A few weeks ago, I posted about how I’ve not reached my blogging goals in 2015 and how that made me feel preeeeeeetty terrible. My growth…


A few weeks ago, I posted about how I’ve not reached my blogging goals in 2015 and how that made me feel preeeeeeetty terrible.

My growth has been pants over the past year! My following has barely budged and I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall with my page views – they’ve been flat for the past few months!

A lot of it was my own fault. You see, I didn’t care for a bit.

I had an amazing summer, I saw my friends loads, went to many events and went on holiday to Cyprus for two weeks. I put blogging on the back burner and just focused on creating content. This isn’t something I regret – because I’ve had so much fun! Truth is, the blogging monster was getting me down and I had been putting too much pressure on myself, I needed a bit of time to have fun rather than spending ALL of my free time blogging.

I played video games. I watched TV. I caught up with YouTube. I read books.

how to get more bloglovin followers

Since then, I’ve had a massive boost in motivation and I’ve been working my ass of to try and grow my following across a few platforms, but mainly Twitter and Bloglovin’ (I’ve also been dabbling in Pinterest, but that’s all new to me!).

I must admit that I do put most importance on Twitter, because I often find Tweeting posts a fantastic way to get more views. Since I’ve started changing the way I use Twitter, 50% of my traffic is coming from it! I’ll be writing a post about how I basically quadrupled my traffic from Twitter next week.

I don’t find Bloglovin’ great for traffic, but because I was so close to 2000 followers (only 50 away), I wanted to hit that number before the end of the year – mainly for vanity reasons! It’s nice to have a decent amount of followers on there, but I’ve faced the fact that Bloglovin’ is never going to translate into page views for me!

Here’s some of the things I’ve been doing different which have seen an increase in Bloglovin followers for me over the past couple of weeks.

When I do this, I find I get around 5-10 new Bloglovin followers a day, which is amazing seeing as my Bloglovin growth had pretty much halted!

What I did differently.

When I was writing my post about not hitting my blog goals – it made me realise some of the mistakes I had been making. It all comes down to priorities, really.

When you’re a blogger, you have A MILLION things you could be doing to work on your blog. Be it writing blog posts, editing photos, managing emails, creating spreadsheets for your stats, commenting on blogs, optimising images for Pinterest, social media…

how to get more bloglovin followers

A bloggers work is never really done and we have to learn to prioritise our daily tasks so we are keeping our blogs going alongside real life.

I’ve switched up my priorities a little, making sure I do a few tasks each day or week that bring me results.

Not everything works for everyone and I encourage you to experiment with different ways to grow your blog until you find something that brings you the results you want.

How I got more Followers on Bloglovin.

I seriously have invested zero time in Bloglovin’ this year. I would log on every so often to see if anyone have saved any posts, but apart from that, zilch.

As you can see from the graph, I wasn’t growing my followers AT ALL until I started making these changes at the start of December.

how to get more bloglovin followersI think the most frustrating thing about Bloglovin for me is how even though I had almost 2ooo followers, I was only getting about 10 referrals from Bloglovin’ a day.

I’ve been blogging three years, so I understand that I probably have a lot of followers with inactive accounts, some have just followed for competitions, some have just followed because they want me to follow back – which is why I’ve not put much importance in Bloglovin’. Until now.

Growing my Bloglovin’ number was actually simple and I’m kind of frustrated I didn’t think of it before. Doing these things only took around 15-30 minutes a day, depending on which blogs I visited and how long their posts were.

How to get more followers on Bloglovin

Tip Number 1:

This is something I do daily:

I look through the followers of blogs I love, pick out 10 that seem like blogs I would like to read and then follow them.

Next, I scroll through my feed – which is now full of new blogs – and click 5 blog posts that catch me attention from their title or photo. I read the post and leave a good comment.

While it might seem spammy to follow 10 blogs a day, the purpose of it is to keep my Bloglovin feed fresh, so now when I select my 5 posts to comment on, there’s always loads of choice to ensure I’m picking posts that interest me.

Tip Number 2:

Something I do when I have time, maybe once a week for an hour.

I would find new blogs I’d never heard of before that I seemed interesting – either from Twitter or through the comment section of the blogs I love. I would then read their blog, leave them a comment and follow them on Bloglovin.

Again – following them on Bloglovin’ means my Bloglovin’ feed now has new content in, and even though I don’t use my Bloglovin’ feed on a daily basis, I will scroll through from time to time and click on blog posts that seem interesting.

The Result:

I also found that I was getting two results from this – 1) bloggers were following me back, or even better,  2) they were visiting me and leaving me comments. I’ve also seen an increase in traffic from Bloglovin, nothing to shout home about, but an extra 5-10 click throughs a day.

It’s the commenting here that’s key – if you’re just following loads of blogs but not engaging, you might get some followers back, but they’re unlikely to engage with you or even read your blog.

If you’re a regular commenter on my blog, you’ll know that if you leave me a comment, I will visit you and leave you a comment too. This basically means I start to have a thing with these new bloggers. A THING WITH BLOGGERS IS GOOD.

This means I’m getting new bloggers coming back to commenting and I’m building relationships with them along the way. Which is pretty much the way I’ve built relationships with a lot of the bloggers I now class as friends – some who I even speak to daily and have met up with in real life, some who I speak to privately about what’s going on in our lives. It’s nice.


how to get more bloglovin followers

Challenge Yourself.

So, I challenge you to set yourself daily tasks, just like I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks:

  • Follow 10 new blogs a day.
  • Comment on 5-10 new blogs a day.

I would love to hear what results you get from this!

Do you have any tips for Bloglovin?



  1. You’ve got me so doing this now! I’ve had about a year out of blogging and started up fresh and I forgot how hard it is when you’re just starting out – it can get a little disheartening and sort of put me off for a bit.

    1. I agree – I also have been blogging for a year but not so actively…it truly is hard and makes you really appreciate bloggers! I just recently found this blog and it’s so helpful… so thank you Corrine!

  2. Hi Corrine,
    I’ve only just found your blog in the last couple of days and it’s making me smile no end. I’m going to try the Bloglovin thing you’ve suggested and will let you know how I got on. I wrote a blog a few years ago that got lots of followers through doing just as you’ve said, by interacting with folks and now here I am once again at the start of my latest project, new home, new lifestyle and new blog.
    Thanks for the ideas about Bloglovin,

  3. I was the same this year. I set a goal to really build my blog following and put zero effort into it. Blogging is hard work but since factoring in time to schedule posts and write down ideas constantly – I’m more on top of my blogging ‘routine’. My goal in 2016 is to really build my blog to the best it can be. Great post and fabulous tips! x

  4. Love this post…really helpful. I have a blog in spanish so I think that maybe write in two language could help.
    xx Carli

  5. These tips were so helpful Corinne! I never know what to be doing with my BL profile and I always neglect it. I’ll definitely be putting these tips into action 🙂

  6. Congrats!! I do that from time to time on different channels and I see a grow in my numbers. I can’t say I’m very found of bloglovin as it shows me the same blogs I already saw or even followed last year.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips ! I’ve been wanting to get my Bloglovin followers up too – these will definitely help ☺

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  8. Girlie, guess how I found you – from Twitter! 🙂
    I read this post on my phone and thought I MUST get to your blog and leave a proper comment. Not for a comment back or a follow. But just to stay you gave good solid tips and not a generic blah blah which is labelled as “tips” that we all sometimes read. Back to positivity, you got yourself a new follower/friend and yay to that! I also, just like you, had my Bloglovin’ game not on the top level but really want to step it up. I LOVE discovering new blogs to read. While good ol’ faves are still super awesome, I learnt that a few of my latest Twitter discoveries (seriously, how awesome is Twitter) are now like my new besties 🙂
    And now I finish my essay of a comment lol.
    Will go and follow right now & catch up with more posts of yours I opened in a few tabs here 😉
    xox Nadia

  9. I am one of those few people that reads your blog directly from Bloglovin lol! I really want to increase my following but I also don’t want to follow loads of people. I limited the people I follow there to only blogs I regularly read because before that, I found myself just scrolling past hundreds of posts that just didn’t interest me

  10. First of all, congratulations in hitting your goal, Corinne! To be honest, I almost never follow blogs on Bloglovin, I think the last time I followed any blogs was a veryyyyy long time ago but your points in this post make lots of sense and I’ll accept your challenge. Will report back on how it goes for me.

  11. I haven’t done much on Bloglovin this year, I do follow quite a lot of blogs there but I haven’t been immediately commenting. I tend to comment once Bloglovin sends me its weekly update so should probably make more immediate comments after I’ve followed someone and found one of their blog posts interesting

  12. How veeeeeeery interesting! I thought Bloglovin was THE ONE, as it was the main platform that I used myself. It’s only since I’ve recently got into twitter that I can see how much better Twitter is for engagement, all the twitter chats and mentions! I may have to try this out so I can try and keep up both, thank you!

  13. I’ve never thought of using Bloglovin as anything other than blog feed. I really like it for finding new blogs and building a long list of blog posts about blogging that I can tap into when I want to work on something specific.

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I use Bloglovin to keep up-to-date with the blogs I want to read regularly, but stopped trying to grow my followers ages ago as it wasn’t very fruitful – will give it another go now! 😀

  15. I know I don’t use Bloglovin properly, I can’t remember the last time I followed a new blog on there. I used to use it to keep track of new posts from my favourite bloggers but now I know their urls by heart I go straight to them instead of through Bloglovin. I’m going to give your an idea and see how it goes!

    And yes BLOG FRIENDS!! <3

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  16. You’re blog is fast becoming my blogging bible! These “Blog Tips” posts are so useful! I’ve been blogging for 2 and a half years but my Bloglovin’ is still only just under 200 followers which can be quite disheartening. Although I’m sure it’s because I have been super lazy with blog promo!
    Definitely going to take your advice and try to be more proactive! I’m excited to see if these ideas help to grow my blog!
    Thank you!
    Emily x

  17. My bloglovin is pretty pants, I dont find that I get many followers at all on there but I am pretty new to blogging! I think I will definately start trying to follow more blogs although at the moment I am not sure that I will be following 10 a day! I am trying to comment on blogs I read though, I tend to read my bloglovin on the bus and then screenshot any posts I want to comment on and do it in bed each night 🙂

  18. I try to keep a similar pace to that recommend although not every day have the time, I must admit that my channel Bloglovin this a little left!

  19. I’m going to be putting your tips into action over the next few days, but they both make so much sense! When I comment on new blogs I do tend to get more followers but my favourite thing is when people comment on my blog! Thank you for this!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  20. This is a challenge I will be taking in New Year and see if it makes any difference. I hardly have time to check Bloglovin and most of the time I forgot about it, until I receive an email from them. Thanks for the tips, and I hope they will also work for me too 🙂

  21. Thanks for this article – I’m hoping it will really help me as I don’t get very much from Bloglovin, in terms of numbers or clicks. I want to up my blogging game next year so I’ll be doing the challenges you set here to try and help with that. 🙂 xx

  22. Hi Corinne – such helpful tips for people just starting out with blogs, like myself, and a real showcase for the time and effort bloggers must put into gain a following. Thanks!

  23. Great post. I think a lot of us can get stuck in our ways, reading the blogs we like, but not actually open ourselves up to looking for new content! Definitely going to be taking these tips on board, and I’ve actually opened a ton more of your posts, so expect a lot more comments from me 🙂

    Helen xx

  24. Great tips Corinne! Thank you for sharing what worked for you, and I’m pleased it helped you hit your goals!

    I definitely find my page views increase if I can get out and visit other blogs, but that’s not always possible with a toddler! I tend to just focus on the blogs I follow most days, as I enjoy reading them. Unfortunately it means it’s rare for me to follow new blogs in bloglovin a smy feed is already full with great posts I read as much as I can 🙂

  25. This is really interesting! I comment on a lot of blogs but don’t tend to follow as many, as I usually click through and have a way of finding them through my favourites. I definitely need to add more to the Bloglovin feed! x

  26. Because 2015 was a horrible HORRIBLE blogging year for me (which also means I stopped reading other blogs too or commenting on their post) I’ll defo try this in 2016. XD

  27. This was really interesting! I’ve struggled a lot to gain Bloglovin’ followers and I think a big part of that is because a lot of people are getting fed up with it- but also because I’m not putting in enough effort! I’m definitely going to try out these tips, fingers crossed they’ll help me as much as they’ve helped you! Thank you!

  28. This such a good and useful post! I struggle to get my following up to. I will deffo try this technique and see if it works for me and if i can keep it up! Thank you 🙂 x

  29. Such good ideas Corinne – y0u literally have so many great ways to improve followers etc. I hope mine grow from strength to strength in the New Year. I noticed that when I wasn’t putting too much pressure on myself that my insta followers went up a lot quicker than when I was aiming for my end of year goal. I just want to get to 800 followers, but as you’ve said it’s hard to grow on BL so I’ll be following your handy tips!
    Bee |

  30. Thanks so much for this post Corinna, I just started looking for new blogs to follow and comment on! For me Bloglovin is quite an okay source of traffic so I’m really interested in growing my following over there, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it… Anyway I can’t wait for your post about Twitter!! Or is it online already? 😉 I couldn’t find it but maybe it’s the “5 things you’re doing wrong on Twitter”? Thanks for letting me know 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  31. You’re a clever and determined lady! I’m very good at the commenting thing but I don’t see the return you do on it- probably because my blog is just not as professional as yours. x

  32. Really interesting post! Given me some food for thought and some tips I’ll definitely be following.
    Amelia |ameliamaryx

  33. Thanks for sharing this – 3 months into starting my blog and I find Bloglovin a real slog to gain followers on. I do use it a lot though for my own reading, so these tips are really helpful for considering a different approach to how I use it that might see more of a return in traffic.

  34. I *think* you’ve just given me the kick up the bum to do something about my own Bloglovin shenanigans which have been a bit stagnant for too long, it’s a time thing isn’t it? I guess you make time for the things that matter though eh?
    I read this one just after your brill Twitter traffic post – I’ve been trying to be more consistent with that and have definitely seen an improvement. Hurrah.
    Thanks for sharing your brain juice.
    M x

  35. For most of the past year I simply forgot I had even signed up for Bloglovin, now that I have rediscovered it I find it a great way for me to discover great content to read. If it ends up with me gaining followers that’s a benefit as well

  36. I’m going to try this! I already comment quite a bit but there’s no harm in commenting and following more!

    Jemima x

  37. Oh these are great tips! I’ve started tweeting my blog posts more now, and do notice a difference in views when I don’t tweet. I’ve been using #blogmas as a way to find new posts and comment on a few random ones, but I’ll definitely look into these tips!

  38. I love this! So simple yet effective! Thanks for the link Hun! i am definitely going to set myself this task for the new year! Xxxx

  39. Nice post. I’m getting serious about my blog in 2016 and currently trying to increase my twitter following. It’s really surprised me how important engaging in social media is. I thought the biggest part of blogging would be writing, but if you want people to read – it’s all about growing your community!

    Merry Christmas! X

  40. I used to have a goal of leaving a meaningful comment to 15-20 blogs a day… Then life got busy and all I do now is tweet every hour for about 10 hours every day. not sure if that’s obnoxious. I just tell myself that it would only get annoying if the people that follow me literally look at their timeline all day 😉

    I’ll try to comment more on blogs, but I find it a bit challenging to find new blogs simply because I feel overwhelmed of my bloglovin feed as it is.

  41. Thank you so much for sharing these great tips… I’m a new beauty blogger and this post is really helpful Jayca xoxo

  42. Thank you so much for writing this post, it really helped. It’s a tricky business allowing your blog to grow without going down the awful path of asking people to follow you. Which I personally think leads to dead ends. But you’ve given me an inspiration boost to work on my blog even more. x

  43. I’m going to definitely give this a try. I’m still kinda new to blogging, and I am hoping to build my traffic and audience in 2016. Putting more effort/work into my blog will go alongside this. Great tips!

    rose mcnamee

  44. As of today I am doing this! I have hit a total stint with my bloglovin so yay! I cannot thank you enough for writing this post!

  45. What a great tip! I really like the twitter chats for this as when I ask other bloggers to send me their links I always have a read through and comment on at least one post from each blogger that sends me a link! It’s a great way to engage with other bloggers and have them comment back on your posts too 🙂

    Toni x

  46. This is so interesting, for some reason I never thought following people would make a difference. I just wish Bloglovin was a little more social, I would love to find new blogs on there but they don’t exactly make it easy! I’m going to give this a go! I’ve been in a blog slump for months about noone following me.. last attempt hahah 🙂 x

    Tamz |

  47. Congrats on reaching 2000 your blog is brilliant and you really deserve the followers. I think this post is a great idea to help other bloggers out, by sharing your knowledge and experience. I often thought bloglovin’ was a little useless at first, as i too didn’t receive much traffic from there. I am going to try out your tips because they sound very useful. Thank-you for sharing!

  48. Bloglovin is a platform that I’ve found hard to build up a following on. I’m gradually increasing my readership, but it’s often only by a couple of followers a week. I’ll definitely be trying your tips out as I can see how they would build all important relationships with other bloggers. Thank you so much for sharing! Xx

  49. I started doing this at the beginning of the year. I would wake up. Do my daily IG/FBk/Twitter read through and then make sure I was commenting on at least 5 blogs. Set myself up for the day. And then slowly I let I fade and this just reminded me how amazingly responsive it was. So thank you definitely putting that in my NY resolutions.

  50. I feel like no one has been posting about how to get Bloglovin followers, its mainly how to get twitter and instagram followers. This post is a life saver and I am defiantly going to try out these tips, there simple but effective!xx


  51. These are great tips! I’ve recently been trying to go to other blogs and comment on at least one post per blog each day and just do this randomly to blogger I see on Twitter and through other blogs I follow. I don’t use Bloglovin’ as much but I would love to utilize it more! I’ll have to try this and see where it goes. I have followed a few blogs on there recently where I loved their blogs I discovered through Twitter.

    xo, Kimberly

  52. Great article! I will try these tip as well. Even though you are only getting 5-10 extra referrals, that’s a chance to lead to anything including a friendship or a customer. Good luck and I will also follow you on Bloglovin. PS: I found you on my twitter feed.

  53. This is a really great technique, I’ve been stuck on 1770 followers for about six months now – I’m going to give it a go!

    Lyndsay x x

  54. I love this. I feel like engaging in the blogging community is such an important step in building your blog. One that really gets underestimated. Technical skills help, but if you don’t engage in the blogging community, than it is so hard to move up in it. Plus there is always the chance that you will make a new friend (which in my opinion is even better than gaining followers). I am definitely going to make more of an effort to actively participate in the blogging community.


  55. Inspiring information, and thanks for sharing. I’m a little befuddled by Bloglovin’ I get likes, but its almost like what’s the point. I have more people than ever following my three blogs, but it doesn’t show on the analytics of my sites, so not understanding the hoopla. But I will definitely make use of the tips you’ve provided. Putting a cap on daily posts seems a excellent idea and makes the task less over-whelming.

  56. I always forget about Bloglovin and when I do use it I sometimes feel that it doesn’t benefit my blog any… I find Twitter so much more useful than Bloglovin but it’s maybe because I’m not sure on how to really use Bloglovin! It is something I want to get to grips with this year!!

  57. Thanks for sharing this- I’m hoping to increase my following and will definitely be trying your tips! X

  58. I’ve only just started blogging and never really cared about traffic/Bloglovin’ followers until I noticed that I only have this specific set of circle that reads/replies to my post. I’ve only just started following your tips the last 3-4 days but I have seen the improvement on my blog traffic and comments. Thanks so much, Corinne!

  59. Thank you so much for yet another really helpful post! It’s so refreshing that your tips are so specific and easy to follow.

    I can’t for the life of me get my WordPress blog to auto post to Bloglovin – as a result I have nothing on there and 5 followers! Lol. I’m hoping my programmer hubby can help me figure it out 🙂

  60. A really helpful post, thank you! I’m an amateur blogger and only use Bloglovin to draw traffic to my blog, and when people actually do come across my blog, it’s usually just pure luck. You’ve said such great things about Twitter – I’ll have to give that a go! Thanks again for the help x

  61. Thanks for the tips!! I guess it makes sense that interacting with other blogs would mean that other bloggers interact with your blog!

  62. Some great tips. My current blog is fairly new (6 months) and I’ve hardly used Bloglovin at all. Going to try to start using it more this year.

  63. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so helpful and I will definitely try this out as I have been trying to engage with other bloggers a bit more recently! Great post.x


  64. This advice is great. I only just started but seeing the results! Can’t wait to see how this gets on, thanks for sharing your advice! Zahra xx

  65. Hi Corinne. Thank you for a great post. I am a complete blog-inner with Beyondourcomfortzones (not on bloglovin’ though) so I am going to try out you tips. Right now I am primarily focusing on my post content and not so much pictures as I haven’t got a great camera. I hope it wont stand in the way.
    All the best, Jane

  66. What an excellent and useful post. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m on Bloglovin but haven’t spent much time on there, so I’m now going to take some time to do these things and see what results I get.

  67. This is so handy! I’ve been feeling that my blog has been on a stand still for the past two years, and what did I do about it? Kept on posting! It makes me feel better not thinking about the follower count but at the same time I can’t help but think what I’m doing wrong…
    I’m so glad to find this post because the one thing I didn’t do was find new blogs. Sure I posted comments on the regular blogs I follow but I didn’t really explore. But now I’ll work hard finding new blogs 😀 thank you!

  68. To be honest, I have got no idea at all. Bloglovin or not 🙂

    Back in 2015 when I started my blog, all I care about was : Are there audience reading? Hits of the day? Followers? and so on. But since letting those go and focus on creating good contents, I’ve stopped checking hits and I feels so much happier and contend about the writing passion I’m pursuing x

    Real Life Nerd //

  69. Thankyou for the advice, it’s helped me a lot, I love reading blogs and doing something I enjoy to get more views is great! Viewing other people’s blogs can also help you improve yours as you can realise what your doing wrong and how they set there’s out, and gain a few tips whilst your there! Great post thanks

  70. This is so interesting! I find Bloglovin’ (along with Facebook) is a hard platform to gain followers on. I too, probably don’t spend as much time on there as I should. Thanks so much for sharing these tips, definitely going to give them a go!

  71. These are great tips. Thanks for taking the time to share with the blogging community. I think it’s really great advise for bloggers like myself!

    Heba xx ||

  72. Your post is very interesting and you give such nice tips, thank you! I find that Bloglovin is a platform where it’s difficult to make yourself known, there are so many others blogs that have similar contents…
    I’ll follow your advice right now! Thank you again x

    Camy xx

  73. Thanks for the tips! I enjoy reading blogs- leaving a comment of substance surely does help.. I can’t stand when people leave generic comments sometimes not even related to the post lol

    I will goal myself to start following more blogs that interest me- you’ve inspired me! xx

    Rhenicia | Beauty By Rhenicia

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  75. Hi corinne, I’ve been reading your blogs for about a month now. I found you when looking for tips on how to start a blog. I’ve found your blog invaluable. I never really understood to importance of Twitter until I read this post, so I joined and for the first time saw people coming to read my blog. I have a long way to go and will be definitely trying the other tips you mentioned 🙂

  76. Such a great post! Actually, all your posts I’ve read so far have been fab. Thank you for the tips – going to try them out myself. xx

  77. I have to agree with this commenting advice! The other night I went on a commenting sesh – simply because I was feeling it, and I noticed my page views and commenting on my blog went up more than it ever normally did over a night!


  78. Thank-you for this post. Really interesting to see your stats growing and how you did it! All the best with your blog!

  79. These are REALLY good tips! Actionable and specific! Thanks for this post, Imma bout to get my comment on! Blogging karma makes the world go ’round!

  80. Congrats on hitting your goal! I’m with you – my bloglovin followers have definitely stalled lately, so I’m really excited about your tips! Will definitely add this to my blogging schedule!

    Chow Down USA

  81. This is great information! 🙂 I’m new to blogging and Bloglovin and I’m having problems “claiming” my blog on Bloglovin. Did you experience any problems with that? I also have terrible luck with technology so it might be that haha.

  82. I have just started using my Bloglovin account more. I have been doing the tips you mention in the post, but I need to be more consistent. I only do this about 1-2 times a week. I will look for blogs to follow and also comment on as many post in my feed. I usually read the last couple of post on the blog and make comment, or the ones that interest me. Great Tips! I also love to find new blog through twitter chats as well.


  83. I’ve really been ignoring my bloglovin, thanks for the tips. I find bloggers like to stick together so it’s a great community!

  84. Thanks for this!
    I seriously neglect my bloglovin account.
    I will devote some more time to it now and see if I can grow it.

    Thanks for the tips. At this point I’ll try anything lol


  85. I love that you are interested in growing your blog, but that you aren’t doing it at the expense of building relationships with bloggers. Too often I get a follow on social media or a “cool” comment on my blog never to hear from the blogger again. I love blogging for the friendships I’ve built here so I’m not about that life. 😉 Anyway, neat idea and I’m so glad it worked for you!! 🙂

  86. Took me so long to scroll down to the bottom of the sea of comments you have 😉 Corinne I genuinely want to say thanks for all of your content! All of your posts are super helpful and have been a massive part of why I’ve been so inspired lately to create more content for my blog. So much so, I have featured you in my blog post scheduled to go out tomorrow. Keep doing what your doing I know I will keep coming back to your blog 🙂 Imogen (@imrose1 ) | miniature milk xx

  87. Great post! I try to comment on all blogs that generally interest me and I enjoyed reading – mostly because that’s what I would like on my blog!

    Really enjoyed this post through!

  88. This blogpost is so interesting! Going to read the one about Twitter now 🙂 So glad I found your blog!
    – K

  89. I had completely written off Bloglovin. I am but annoyed with them. They only seem to promoter big bloggers and reading a blog on Bloglovin does not contribute to the blog pageviews as I understand it. But you have given me some hope and motivation to try it out – I guess I should try it out for myself before I diss it!

  90. I just signed up to Bloglovin yesterday! I didn’t know what it was for the longest, but I like that I don’t have to do things the old fashioned way anymore. I had created a Blogs I Love bookmarks folder and I would visit sites individually. Thanks for the tips too! I didn’t know how I would use Bloglovin, but now this should be really cool!

  91. I love this! I find that commenting is a great way to build both a following and relationships. I try to comment and follow other blogs as much as possible – particularly if I have more time on my hands!

    Jemima x

  92. This post is SO useful!!! I have followed you on Bloglovin now in order to keep up to date with your new posts 🙂 I’m definitely going to give this a go! xx

  93. This is GREAT advice. I have also been at a bit of a loss with Bloglovin’ and it almost seems superfluous at times. But I’m going to take on board what you’ve said and give it a try! I LOVE the interaction between bloggers and I wish there was more of it. Let’s grow this community!

  94. Great blog post – so glad I cam across it! I haven’t utilised Bloglovin at all, and hadn’t really thought of it as a tool I could use (bit silly really!). x

  95. Great advice!! Im trying to this also and it works a lot. I stopped blogging for a good while and i started again between January and February and I fix my twitter, blog and did a bloglovin account. I also started commenting, adding blogs that was interesting and it worked. In total I have more then 30 new subscriber on my three accounts. Thanks for the tips and thank you by following me on twiter. Just followed you in bloglovin!!

  96. I am from Cyprus and it’s the first time that I see someone mentioning that she visited my country for summer holidays! Did you like it here? I am so excited for the warm weather, cannot wait to go to the beach! Great post btw love, you have a great blog! 🙂


  97. Really interesting and helpful.
    I’ve read a few of your posts on this kind of subject and they are fab. 🙂
    I’m a bit of a (loser) with SEO etc, so I need all the help I can get!


  98. I will give this a try! I’ve been blogging for 7 years and hardly have any followers on bloglovin so I tend not to use it loads but I do have some favourites I follow. I just find it so disheartening – so will give the commenting a go X thanks – I always enjoy your blog and often see updates in Twitter so you’re doing it all right 🙂

  99. Hi Corinne,

    This is very interesting. I’m starting my blog and I seem to miss out the hack on how to get visitors to view my site. Now, I might be doing these steps! *sigh* Hope I’ll be on the right track. Thanks for this!

  100. You are far more organised than me! I keep meaning to do stuff like this, but never get round to it. I need to organise a cheat sheet of things to do on a daily basis to keep on top of things!

  101. This is great thank you! I definitely need to try this because I only have 22 followers on bloglovin and never spend anytime focusing on trying to increase it. I have spent more time on bloglovin though recently so it would also be nice to see some new posts on my feed! I’m heading over now to follow you 😀 Thanks for the tips!

  102. Thanks so much for the tips. I’ve never really concentrated on Bloglovin’ but I can see that it is important to have decent numbers for engagements and for appearances, so I’m going to try and work on that! In terms of commenting on posts is there an etiquette as I don’t want to be an annoying commenter either. For example is it ok to leave your link with your comment or is that frowned upon? x

  103. I have also experienced a halt in my bloglovin’ followers. I am definitely going to use these tips, and make an effort to make sure I am commenting more and more. Great post.

    Ashlee Liz

  104. Hi! Bit late to the conversation seeing as this post is fairly old, but loved reading this and makes me realise I need to actually focus more on following and commenting on other peoples blogs! Thank you for the great tips! 🙂 x

  105. Awesome! I was looking for a post like this one to boost my Bloglovin’ followers and I onestly haven’t think about following others to gain their follow back. I will give this a try, it will be interesting to see new interesting content and gain even more engagement from that!

  106. This is a great post! Thank you for sharing, I am now going to follow you (and nine other blogs!) on bloglovin’ 🙂

  107. This is such a good idea! I’d have never thought of doing this until seeing your tips! Thanks for sharing this 🙂


  108. Hey! Sometimes it’s so easy to forget the simple things like networking. It’s not all about fancy web design or whatever, it’s about getting involved in your industry!

    Loved this. It was really helpful – thank you!

    Holly x

  109. We only just started blogging a few months ago and haven’t used bloglovin as much as we should have! These tips will definitely come in handy, I can’t wait to put them into action! This is a great post, thank you so much!

    Allure of a Girl x

  110. Really good tips!

    I’m a new blogger and am looking to grow and expand my brand. I guess the easiest thing is sometimes the thing that people overlook. Being an introvert I guess I gotta step outside my bubble and branch out! Great post and great site!

  111. I’ve been in a bit of a blog rut recently, not that I’ve no content to publish just that I’ve been too caught up in real life that I’ve had no time to work on my own posts. When I try to blog I end up reading them instead of actually writing, it’s like I can’t get back into the swing of things. Great post, I really agree with your tips, I’ve been doing this and it definitely increases views and interaction. Talking to other bloggers is the best part of blogging so finding new blogs to read is always good! x

  112. This is a great idea and I can definitely do this! I have been trying to get my blog off the ground (I’m new at this!) and i’ve been having some trouble getting traffic. Thanks for the help!!

  113. Thank you so much for your great honest tips! I love how you are so genuine about the result of being dominant in Bloglovin contribute to your traffic lead or not. I set up my bloglovin almost a year now too, but did not engage at all there. I will try and see it for myself by following ur tips! 🙂 Ill follow u first then! So much love, thanks for the tips xx

  114. Thank you so much for your great honest tips! I love how you are so genuine about the result of being dominant in Bloglovin contribute to your traffic lead or not. I set up my bloglovin almost a year now too, but did not engage at all there. I will try and see it for myself by following ur tips! 🙂 Ill follow u first then! So much love, thanks for the tips xx

  115. I stopped blogging for a while, and now that I’m back I really want to concentrate on getting more bloglovin followers. The one thing I changed his time around is to allow those who follow me via bloglovin or my email read my content in full. I know I’m going to lose a few page views, but at this point of the game I think it’s a sacrifice I need to take.

  116. I love this post I’ve been wanting to boost my following for a while now, I am cirtainly going to be using these tips! x

  117. What a great idea! I am new to blogging and love finding new blogs to read and comment on so will definitely be doing this even more often :)and – you gained yourself a follower! x

    Liv |

  118. I find on Bloglovin so hard to make a break through. I have few followers there. For small micro-bloggers as myself it is hard. But I will try your advices, hope they will work! Big hello from Croatia! 

  119. I’m still new within blogging (I’ve only been at it a couple of months) but I recently read this post and followed the tips and proceeded to comment on peoples posts and I have found it has helped with my page views and followers more than I could imagine, plus it’s lovely getting to interact with fellow bloggers.

    Alicia x

  120. It’s great your sharing your knowledge about blog loving.I have just joined and felt like a fish out of water didn’t know how it worked. Thanks for sharing

  121. You just hit it right on spot! Gosh, the most important thing. I literally haven’t been doing this. So thankful you’re sharing.

  122. Hi!
    I am new to the world of online publications, and recently started an online magazine. This article was very helpful in understanding social media, and I hope you post more about it!

  123. This was really helpful, I so struggle with Bloglovin, I love it as a reading tool for blogs I really like but I just can’t build followers, I’ll try your tips 🙂

  124. This really makes sense. I know that in order to get followers only any platform you need to participate- but I saw that the few comments I make didn’t get much feedback. Thank you for your tips!

  125. These are some great tips, I just wish I had time to do it! What’s really helping me to increase my Bloglovin followers is the latest giveaway I am running. To enter the giveaway people have an option to follow me on Bloglovin and I am really happy with the number of people who followed me so far.

  126. Hi Corinne,
    I’m brand spanking new to Blog Lovin’ so this post (amoung your stash of other helpful tips and tricks) is a good head start for me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  127. I had bookmarked one of your posts and was supposed to read just that. Then I found all these other helpful blog tip posts and now I just can’t get out haha! Will definitely keep you bookmarked. Awesome material.

    x Charlotta

  128. Thanks for the tips. Never seem to get much out of Bloglovin but before I give them the flick I’ll give it a go starting with yours. Thanks Corinne

  129. Such a great post. I have been slacking with reading/ commenting on other blogs and this just motivated me to do exactly this. I am excited to see it it gives my own account a boost. Thanks for sharing.
    Lea, xx

  130. Hi Corrine! Thanks so much for your tips! I’m new to blogging and finding it all so overwhelming and slightly frustrating sometimes haha but I love that these two tips are so simple yet seem effective! Starting to challenge myself right now =)

  131. These are some really great tips! I have a rule for myself: if I’m reading a blog post and I have any sort of (positive, or constructive) thought, I comment. I know from experience how lovely it feels to get comments, so I try to spread the love.

  132. Great post and thanks for the useful tips. I try to comment on every blog post I read; especially the ones I like and I follow them. I have come to find that I get inspired by other bloggers and it helps me fuel my writing as well.

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