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Whiskey Cocktails at Hedonist Project, Leeds

In February 2013, I decided to go vegan. I went to the supermarket and loaded up my trolly full of fruit, chai tea and whisky….


 Hedonist Project Leeds

In February 2013, I decided to go vegan. I went to the supermarket and loaded up my trolly full of fruit, chai tea and whisky. There’s even a blog post to prove it. But don’t look, I’m embarrassed. It was when I had only been blogging 3 months and centralised all my text. I also took photos of myself in my bathroom. With my iPhone.

Wait – the point of this story isn’t to look back at how terrible my blogging was three years go, but to talk about whisky.

So after eating a ‘vegan’ diet for a couple of days, in which I basically ate just fruit, I decided to drink half a bottle of whisky.

I drank it on the rocks* because I LOVE IT when you those old men in movies with deep voices that sit and drink whisky on the rocks. It’s just cool, isn’t it? That’s what I want to be when I grow up.

So that’s what I did. And boy, did I pay for it the next day. There’s only been a few times in my life where I’ve been THAT ill from alcohol. Jeez.

Since then, I’ve been a tad off whisky. Because it reminded me of that morning, when I felt like the whisky was trying to burn itself out of my gut and I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out or throw up. Not nice.

Thing is, I do like whisky – so when I got invited to an evening at the brand new pop-up whisky bar in Leeds, I thought it’s time to see I’m over this PTSD I have over that whisky fuelled night.

So off I went.

 Hedonist Project, Leeds

The Hedonist Project is quite an interesting bar, every three months it changes concept – it totally changes it’s decor and re-invents itself. Prior to being a whisky bar, it was called Rum Shack, before that, it was a gin joint.

We split into two groups and our group was to try whisky cocktails to start with.

There are loads of different cocktails to pick from, I wish I could remember the names of them and go into more detail, but there were so many different ones to try and there were so many different flavours going around in my mouth!

I really liked the one with the salted fudge on the side – the fudge worked perfectly with the whisky – who would have thought?

 Hedonist Project whisky Leeds  Hedonist Project whisky Leeds  Hedonist Project Leeds

There was also a magical cocktail which is served with a glass of smoke! It’s basically dry ice and is such a fun drink. It looks like something out of Harry Potter!

 Hedonist Project whisky Leeds

After cocktail tasting, we went on to Whisky tasting.

We tried 4 different types of whisky – some were really smokey which isn’t a type of whisky I’ve tried before but it was strangely delicious.

To compliment some of the whisky, we were brought out bits of food to try alongside it – unfortunately my vegetarian self (yeah, I ditched the vegan thing when I realised how much I need CHEESE when hungover) wasn’t able to try most of it – but there were a couple of cheese based bites that were delicious!

 Hedonist Project Leeds

After the whisky tasting, I was feeling pretty happy about life. Hayley and I did what we usually do after an event like this – we drank more! We also recruited another member of our DRINK MORE* group, Deimante – or should I say two members, as she brought her boyfriend along too. I think I spent most of the night calling her by her Twitter name, BLA MOUTH, which I think is a wonderful name. Heee.

 Hedonist Project whisky Leeds  Hedonist Project whisky Leeds

We had a great time at the Hedonist Project, and if you want to visit yourself at 156 Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6LY.

I wonder what it will turn into next! Wine bar please?

*Disclaimer: I’d just like to say that no livers were harmed in the making of this review. An although I sound like I’m a raging alcoholic in this blog post, I’m just a single women approaching 30. This is just what we do. 



  1. Going vegan with whisky sounds like a good plan :)) It seems like you had a great time. The bar looks fab, I love that dry ice.

  2. I guess the nail polish you were wearing in 2013 was my favourite last month…:) I’ve never thought about going vegan and I don’t think I’d go without cheese! I am not a fan of Whisky, the last time I drank it, it didn’t end well (I shouldn’t have listened to others, they made me drank it as shots… never ever again). Sounds like you enjoyed the drinks and cold ice is such a great idea. x

  3. Your story of being sick from whiskey is similar with mine and gin. I was sick for two days after I went a little too happy with half a bottle of gin and I still feel sick if I think of it today. Needless to say, no more gin for me, ever.

  4. I like the fact that the bar changes concept every three months and I’m glad you’re OK with whisky again, it’s great in cocktails!

  5. And did you have a hangover this time? !!
    The place sounds interesting although my Eco friendly self raged at the thought of the wasted resources that come from redecorating every 3montgs-seems v wasteful.x

  6. I live such a sheltered life, drinks that smoke and look like from HP? That is seriously cool. Though I did once go to a Tiki/Hula bar in Manchester that did drinks out of coconuts and set fire to the drinks! I can’t stand Whisky though but maybe it’ll change into a vodka bar soon, i’d be there in a shot! 😀 xx

  7. I have never been a whiskey fan BUT I do love cocktails and I am always up for trying something new at least once in a while. Mr loves whiskey and I wish I could enjoy it more with him, but it just burns, even the stuff he says is all expensive and fancy pants, all tastes the same to me! I need lessons, I need to be shown the whiskey ways!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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