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Degustabox November // The Christmas Box

In most Degustabox’s, there’s usually one or two items that REALLY excite me and stand out, but this one is just filled with loads of…



In most Degustabox’s, there’s usually one or two items that REALLY excite me and stand out, but this one is just filled with loads of amazing things! I think we can safely class this as my favourite box so far – and I’ve been getting these boxes for nearly two years, so that’s a bold statement.

I think what I liked most about this box is the variety of products compared with previous boxes – there seems to be a lot of similar products or brands repeated in the boxes, but this one had some products that are totally different from products previously featured.

degustabox november Bourne & Wallis Beetroot

Bourne & Wallis Beetroot // £1.40

Let’s get the worst product out of the way first, shall we? I’ve never liked beetroot – so I’ll probably take this home to my parents as they love the stuff!

Bourne & Wallis has a range of pickles that uses only naturally grown vegetables, herbs and spices. They’re produced in Cambridgeshire using vegetables mainly from the East Anglia region.

    degustabox november ryvita thins

Ryvita Thins // £1.89

A few months ago, Ryvita sent me a hamper full of yummy Ryvita products that I featured over on my fitness blog and mentioned that these thins were one my favourites out of everything they sent!

I just love dunking them in humous after a long day at work, this is a good snack while vegging out in front of the TV!

Cheese and black pepper are two of my favourite things and these are definitely something I would 100% recommend you pop in your basket – they’re perfect for Christmas, too.

Degustabox November Rekordelig Dry Apple Cider

Rekordelig Dry Apple Cider // £1.49

The only thing better than getting a box of food delivered to me every month, is getting alcohol sent along with it. Degustabox doesn’t always feature alcohol but when it does, it’s usually things I’ve never tried before – Degustabox was actually the reason I started liking fruity cider and ginger beer as I’d never tried it before!

november degustabox jim jams hazelnut chocolate spread

JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread // £2.79

Ahhhh! I don’t want to open this as it will be the death of me.

JimJams does a range of healthier spreads that has no added sugar and gluten free – they’re better for your heath, diabetic friendly and have nearly half the calories of sugar less than regular spreads.

degustabox november branston

Branston Orchad Fruit Chutney // £1.49

I love the chutney. CHUTNEY AND CHEESE! And this is a great flavour for Christmas, with blended Bramley apples with sultanas, orange zest and spices, it’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!

degustabox november Teissere Vanilla and Caramel Coffee Syrupdegustabox november Teissere Vanilla and Caramel Coffee Syrup

Teissere Vanilla and Caramel Coffee Syrup // £2.79

YES PLEASE. These are one of those DING DING DING products. There’s nothing like adding a shot of syrup to your coffee to give it that coffee shop taste. They come in handy packs so you can even pop them in your bag to add to take out coffee yourself!

november degustabox hartleys glitter jelly

november deugstabox hartleys

Hartley’s Jelly // £1.29 

Although I can’t eat the black cherry of this, as it has pork gelatine, I CAN EAT THE GLITTER ONE.

This means I am making sparkly vodka shots for New Years Eve.

I cannot wait!


november degustabox ryvita crackers

Ryvita Green & Black Olive Crackers // £1.29

Help. I am obsessed with olives. I’m not a fan of black ones but green olives are heaven!

This is a new Ryvita range and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

novemver degustabox nims fruit crisps

Nim’s Fruit Crisps // 99p 

Dried fruit snacks like this seem to be coming more and more popular! I’ve found that I’m not a fan of every fruit dried like this, but I do love mango and pinapple so I’m happy I got this one!

degustabox november butterkist sweet salteddegustabox novermber salted caramel

Butterkist // £2.05

I love popcorn and Butterkist is a brand I’ve grown up with. My parents would often get a packet of toffee Butterkist for a Friday or Saturday night!

The salted caramel version is delicious.

The sweet and salted version is a healthier alternative with less calories and fat.

degustabox november divine dark chocolate raspberries degustabox november divine

Devine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries // £1.00

Oops, I ate all this at at once. It was worth it though.

It’s a rich dark chocolate from Devine that has a range of chocolates – all Fairtrade, natural and suitable for vegetarians.

degustabox november holy lama degustabox november baileys

degustabox november korma curry paste

I had a few extra treats in my box, including this ever so exciting Holy Lama mulled wine spice that is used to turn a red wine into a Christmas flavoured mulled – and I LOVE mulled wine so I can’t wait to get over this illness and try it!

I was also sent a mini bottle of Bailey’s – which is probably one of the ultimate Christmas drinks, alongside Bucks Fizz, Mulled Wine and Sherry – so I can’t wait to stick this in some coffee to make it magic coffee!

There was also some Korma Curry Paste which will come in handy at some point to flavour up some of my soya mince!


So that’s the November Degustabox for you!

To get your own box, you can get your own for only £12.99 a month.

You can also use the following discount code to get a massive £6 off: BLDEG15

This means you can get your box for only £6.99 with free shipping. If you’re stuck for a gift idea for a foodie this month, give them a Degustabox, or just treat yourself!

What would you like to try the most?



  1. All of this looks incredibly yummy! A hard choice but I think I like the look of the chutney best (because like you said, chutney and cheese <3) washed down with the Bailey's! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. I like the Indian Paste. I used it when I didn’t have time to cook a more elaborate dish. It was tasty. The box is again filled with goodies, very nice indeed.

  3. This is an awesome box! I love the look of the Ryvita bits, I like the normal ones so thins to dip in things like salsa and guac is just ideal! x

  4. Ooh I agree what a great box, the hazel nut spread and squash drinks look lovely. My favourite sandwich is ham, beetroot and salad cream so the jar would find a good home in my house Lucy x

  5. Whilst that looks an excellent box for the majority of folk, i’m a bit of an oddling and don’t like most of that. I’d only got for the jelly and popcorn! Can’t wait to see the vodka shots for the glitter jelly, that’s seriously cool. If you wanna bring some my way I won’t complain 😉 xx

  6. I think I might have to make it a New Years resolution to subscribe to Degusta and have it sent to my parents house – I just can’t tell them it’s a box full of food or they’ll open it before I have a chance haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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