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Butterflies from Magic Accessories

Magic Accessories review

I’ve worked with Magic Accessories before when they sent me some products from their poppy range. They’ve been in contact again and asked to send across more things for me too try out.

Magic Accessories reviewThey sent across some things from their butterfly range – I’m a typical girly girl so I naturally love butterflies and always have.

What’s unique about their products is that they’re all handmade, vibrant colours. While I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing this necklace any time soon – it screams spring for me so it’s going to be saved for a few months!

I also love the boxes the come in – it’s a wonderful colour and really goes with the brand!

Magic Accessories review Magic Accessories review  Magic Accessories review

If you look through the rest of the butterfly range, you’ll get a feel for how stunning some of the pieces actually are. The detail on some of the designs is amazing – look at the details on theres:

Magic Accessories review

Are you a butterfly person?


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