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Spa Fit from The Body Shop // #24daysofhappiness

We all know by now that I’m keen on fitness – and by the amount of products from The Body Shop that I’ve featured on…


Spa Fit from The Body Shop

We all know by now that I’m keen on fitness – and by the amount of products from The Body Shop that I’ve featured on this here blog, we can establish that I’m quite TBS fan too.

So the Spa Fit range by The Body Shop is a great match for people like me – a fan of beauty products and a fan of exercise! I’m pretty sure that’s why The Body Shop wanted me to feature these products behind their advent calendar on day 4!

The Spa Fit range is a selection of products designed to firm and tone your skin, getting you ready to jump into that bikini without having to go to the gym, if you don’t want to – though I highly recommend you do exercise because it just makes everything else better and happier, in my experience!

Spa Fit from The Body Shop

You can’t really ignore this range, in bright yellow packaging they definitely look a lot different from other Body Shop products, especially those from the Spa of The World Range!

Spa Fit from The Body Shop

First up, we have the Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil – to help your skin look smoother and more toned. It smells exactly like sherbet lemon sweets and I may have or may not have licked it (FYI, it doesn’t taste like sweets).

After rubbing this on your body, you are going to smell lovely!

Spa Fit from The Body Shop

The Spa Fit Toning Concentrate is much more useful for targeting your problem areas. It has such a strange texture, similar to that of Benefits Porefessional which is kind of silky!

It has such a zesty scent to it and uses citrus oil and caffeine.

Spa Fit from The Body Shop

My favourite of the bunch is the Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel Cream Massager. Not only does it smell nice and refreshing, but it feels nice and refreshing!

After using this, my skin feels cool and tingly, it’s a tingle similar to plumping lip balm and is such a nice sensation. It also comes with a massager to help rub it into your skin.

Spa Fit from The Body Shop

Now I just need to go on holiday so I can show off my smoother skin, anyone want to take me?



  1. You tempt me! Love this brand, especially during holidays they make the nicest and best products (and smells)! Kisses! xo

  2. Citrus oil and caffeine sounds perfect, it’s something I would like to try. I’m keeping it mind for my next shopping trip.

  3. I love Body Shop products! And now I must try the gel cream massager. It’ll be my Christmas gift to ME 🙂

  4. I love anything that smells of lemon, these have passed me by but look delicious. I would love the oil and the firming gel. I’ll have to ask Santa for these Lucy x

  5. I love the Massage Oil, it’s so moisturising! I’d love to try more from the range because like you say, the scent is gorgeous! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

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