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My Blog Goals for 2016

When I realised I wasn’t going to hit the blogging goals I set myself last year, I decided that I wouldn’t set any stat related…



When I realised I wasn’t going to hit the blogging goals I set myself last year, I decided that I wouldn’t set any stat related goals for 2016.

Well, over the past few weeks I’ve had a burst of motivation which has caused my blog grow a bit faster than normal, so now that’s out the window and I’M ALL ABOUT THE STATS again. So I’m going to set myself some goals for what I want to achieve in 2016.


Twitter: Reach 7000 followers.

As I type this, I’m at 4400 followers on Twitter. I’ve recently been working hard on interacting more on Twitter and it’s been going well for me, so I’m hoping I can grow this to 7000 by the end of year 2016.

I gained 2200 followers in 2015, so it seems like an achievable goal!

Bloglovin’: Reach 3500.

That seems like a bit number! I’m at 2300 now and I’ve been gaining around 50-100 followers a week for the past few weeks, so I feel like I’ll be able to achieve this one!

E-mail Newsletter: 1 news letter a month.

BLAH I’ve been so bad at sending out news letters, but it’s something I want to get better at.

In 2016, I’m going to send out on news letter a month – it will basically be a selection of my favourite blog posts across all 3 of my blogs and a bit of a life update and will go hand in hand with the Instagram update I do each month, where I tend to recap my previous month and highlight certain posts.

Create a blog course.


In January, I’m going to be doing a blog course on this here blog.

It’s going to be aimed around helping bloggers improve their blogs and will include actionable next steps for bloggers to go away in the week and do.

My goal is to then extend this course into an eBook.

Experiment with social media.

This isn’t a goal I can measure, but I want to try out new ways of using social media that doesn’t usually work for me! I have started using Pinterest lately to see if I can drive traffic to my blog. I want to try using new ones every few months to see what can work for me. I’m going to give Facebook a shot, and maybe Google+ if anyone can give me an actual answer on if it’s being discontinued or not!


What are your 2016 blog goals?

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  1. Awww great goals here lovely .. I am so sure you will achieve them! Also I would LOVE to read your e-course when it eventually comes out .. I am sure it will be amazing!! By the way where is your diary from its adorable !
    I actually put up my blog goals too on my blog if you want to have a look!

  2. To summarize my blog goals for 2016, I want to get closer to discovering “my voice” – I haven’t been blogging regularly for that long, and I’m still trying to find my place in the blogosphere.
    I’ve also set a goal to post 3 times a week. It used to take me so long to write post because I kept comparing myself to experience bloggers, and was just generally very hard on myself. But I’ve managed to do it for most of December, and I already have a plan for January ready 😀
    Lastly, I want to engage more with other bloggers – through guest blogging, commenting and social media – and I’ve realized that’s what I enjoy most about being a blogger, besides being a creative outlet 🙂

    – Anne |

  3. Great goals! Looking forward to your course. I have to learn more about blogging. I am blogging now for 1,5 year but I still do not have so much visitors and I do not know why. It a little bit frustrating. But I do not give up because I love blogging! (and I have to stop to compare my blog with experience bloggers, just what Anne said).

  4. I’m not sure what’s happening to Google+. I should probably give Bloglovin more of a push too! Have a great NYE, Corinne

  5. Good luck for all your goals!! I’m sure you’ll do great. I’m so looking forward to more blog tips posts, I’ve been following your advice for Twitter & Bloglovin and I’ve seen a huge difference already! I’ve been wondering about Google +, I was going to start giving it a go and then saw it was being discontinued so I didn’t bother, but now I’m wondering again if I should try!

  6. Looking forward to your course! I’ve been blogging for years but never have any specific goals to increase following etc, perhaps your tips can help me focus on that 🙂

  7. Great goals—good luck with them, I bet you can do it. I’m a bit scared to set goals for myself because my traffic is so unpredictable, but maybe my goal can be that by the end of 2016, I’ll understand blogging enough to set myself some real goals!

  8. Those all sound like achievable goals to me. I’m pretty sure G+ is still a thing, I’m just not sure how many people use it. I don’t get a whole lot of traffic from there, but my account is pretty dead.

    I have some blog goals but none are very specific, most of my specific goals are more personal, and still not as specific as they could be. Oh well, haha.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for those newsletters too 😉


  9. Wowee, those are some fantastic numbers.. You are going so well 🙂
    Good luck with all of your goals, I’m sure 2016 will be a good one for you.

    Happy New Year!
    Lyndsay xx

  10. Genuinely I haven’t thought about this much! Maybe 200 BL followers? I’m at 108 now but haven’t gained much as my blog has been stagnant the last few months!

    Lizzie Dripping

  11. Ooh I’m very excited about your blog course! My main blog goal for 2016 are to post more consistently and to keep engaging with other bloggers. I tend to do both quite sporadically so I definitely want to be more consistent in 2016. We’ll see!

    Happy New Year 🙂

    Liz xx

  12. These are great goals, I hope you reach them and more :)) Am back after my much needed rest, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and your New Year will be bliss x

  13. I have so many blog goals for 2016, but overall I really just want to find my voice and gain confidence in my blogging. I used to blog so consistently in college and never ran out of ideas, then I graduated and lost track of who my audience was and what my purpose was for writing. Now that I’ve figured that all out I really just wanna create a space for twenty something females to visit where they just nod their head along while reading. Something relatable, funny, yet helpful.

  14. Your going to smash these goals in 2016! I’m really looking forward to your course and ebook, honestly this is where I see your blogging future going, your amazing at creating this kind of content! You make everything really easy to follow and understandable at all levels, I’ve always found your blogging advice to be really useful, helpful and funny. It’s going to be an amazing year for the CarTree, I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes you! I’ll be cheering you on all the way!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  15. Just came across your blog and really like your ideas! I just recently (a few days ago) started a website. I teach literature and my goal is to offer inspirational tips based on literature! I hope 2016 is a good blogging year for you 🙂

  16. Good luck! I’ve been contemplating starting up a newsletter this year. And I’m planning to give pinterest a go too. The blog course sounds like a great idea and you’ll definitely find me here getting involved with that! Happy new year!

  17. I’m so excited about your 8 weeks blog series *dances in circles* And yes to Twitter and Bloglovin. Thou can do it!

    – Somdyuti | One Tiny Wish

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