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5 Panics Girls Have When Getting Ready For A First Date

The other day, one of my best blogging friends, Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty, was like ‘OI CARTREE, what do you panic about when getting ready for…


first date panics

The other day, one of my best blogging friends, Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty, was like ‘OI CARTREE, what do you panic about when getting ready for a first date’.

‘That he won’t show up’ is what I responded. ‘No, no silly Skinnedcartree’, Hayley replied – ‘I mean, like when you’re getting ready!’. ‘Oh, you mean like shaving your vagina and doing your eyebrows?’.

See what happened here? It’s the lifestyle blogger and beauty blogger trying to get along in real life. It goes well, mostly, but we have different views on some things.

It turns out Hayley was doing a posts of things you panic about when getting ready for a date and wanted an idea or two. This got me thinking – I should do a post too, about things I panically about.. like.. you know.. EMOTIONALLY! Because we all know I’m a totally paranoid, insecure girl trying to pretend I’ve got my shit together.

So that’s what this is. Think of it as a collab.

first date panics

Here are the things I panic about before going on a first date:

He won’t show up.

This has to be the number one fear, for both men and women – that the guy is just not going to show up.

I’ve had guys be late before and I really did get to the point of almost walking away. I hate going into pubs on my own – so I’ll always wait outside! I figure that if he doesn’t show, I can just walk away, rather than having to leave the pub on my own!

I’ll say something funny but he won’t laugh.

You know what? I think I am hilarious. My own humour cracks me up all the time. But the thing is, most people don’t get my dry, twisted sense of LOL. I always feel myself stifling my true, un-politically correct self, until I really get to know someone.

By this time, of course, they have already started to ghost me and disappear of the face of the earth.

Who is buying the drinks.

Money is just awkward, isn’t it? It hate it when the guy buys every drink and try to buy some rounds myself, but sometimes it doesn’t work out! I’ve started to get braver and better at saying ‘oh, I’ll get this round’, but there have been a few dates where it’s just felt awkward for certain reasons – like in a bar where you don’t know the menu and they’re picking the drinks for you.. help.

I just end up feeling bad.

The awkward pauses in conversation.

I’m so bad at small talk, and making conversation. I can never tell if talking to someone before you meet is good or bad for the old small talk!

I often find myself saying ‘what about you?’ after he is asking all the questions because I am not intelligent enough to ask one myself.

Then there’s the silence. and I don’t know what to do apart from down my drink.

What if he asks the ‘do you date often’ question?

LOL the last guy I went on a date with asked how many guys I’ve met online. I said he was the third. He was actually the sixth.

I’m not even sure why I lied. Ok, that’s a lie – I totally know why I lied! It just looks so bad to have met up with a lot of people and.. well.. not be successful in the art of love.

I know that it’s normal to not fancy everyone you meet, and to have them not fancy you, but there comes a point where you just start to feel like a loser. And for me, that was after the 4th date ghosted me. And here I was, sat in front of not-so-lucky number 6 not wanting to admit that out of the 5 guys before him, not one had survived past a third date… cuz I’m a dick.

Now, go and see Hayleys post about what she panics about before a first date here.

What panics you about first dates? 



  1. I love you even more now hahahahahaha. You said shaving vagina and mentioned the paying awkwardness and omg yes do you tell them about all previous dates?
    Ooof god stressy. Im never ever dating again lmao (prays) xxx
    p.s. this is amazing

  2. Hahaha omg I’m so glad I found your blog from reading Hayley’s post, this is great. Man, I don’t miss dating and my god shaving your vagina is such an effort.

  3. I got a kick out of your last question and your answer call it a little white lie meaning not harmful lol.

  4. Hahaha oh wow, I think him not showing up is definitely a fear and the money situation is so awkward, and know when to leave or just the whole end of date situation is super awkward!

    Ash | Liakada

  5. haha yes it’s always awkward when they’re running late for a date and you start to wonder if they aren’t going to show up at all!

    I don’t think 6 is a bad number either – we meet a lot of people nowadays but it’s not easy to find that perfect one!

  6. Haha this was a fun read. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about first dates anymore seeing as I’m an old married lady.

  7. When there’s an awkward situation, I just can’t stop laughing so having to explain it to someone I just met is really hard then I end up causing more awkward situation-endless loop-! Buying the drinks/food is one of the things I didn’t know what to do, some guys are weird and gets really annoyed when I tried to pay… Also we all lie from time to time so 3 or 6, it doesn’t matter 🙂


    The money thing is just so awkward isn’t it? I hate the guy paying but sometimes it just becomes too awkward to argue so I give in…and then I feel guilty. I’m also glad that I’m not the only one ends up saying “so what about you?” on the end of my answers because otherwise I will just.keep.talking.

  9. You are NOT a dick! Not at all! And so what if you’ve met 6 or 60 people? Ok, 60, that’s a lot BUT that’s your business, it’s not like your meeting them and burying them in your basement after the third….wait…is THAT what you’re up to?!

    I used to always get really nervous before, during and after a date, but I never felt too awkward as it was usually with someone I already knew. That familiarity really helps!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  10. Oh I feel you with this. I am at the talking to guys on Tinder stage and I swear I will go through all of these when I decide I want to meet up with one. Nightmare!

  11. You are officially my new favorite blogger for saying “shaving your vagina and doing your eyebrows.” Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing and I don’t know why because it’s just the truth!

    I haven’t been on a first date in a while, but all of these issues would come up. Also, “how many drinks is it okay to have?” Just one, you’re lame. More than three and he’ll probably get lucky. Sipping on two for two hours just isn’t realistic when you’re nervous on a first date. I finally went with the rule of thumb “however many he has.” As long as it isn’t more than three… which usually it is.

    Bottom line, you are so awesome and I am SO excited to have come across your blog because I totally get your humor. Like, I want to be like you and make people laugh in that same effortless way.

  12. nothing sets me into a panic actually. i find i get seriously amused… by how bad some men are at presenting themselves. i’m a huge fan of first dates! i wish it was possible for every date to be a first date. (: (: (:

    you’re seriously adorable, c. xx

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