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#socialbloggers 86 // Your Christmas

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I’m actually not going to talk any more about Christmas, I’ve my previous 4 posts have been about Christmas!

In case you missed them, you can read them here:

kirkstall floods 2015

I’m back home in Leeds now, I got quite the fright when I came back to see all the flooding in my area. My gym is under water, so I’m hoping that’s sorted soon! It doesn’t feel real until you see it yourself. I drove over a bridge as I couldn’t get up Kirkstall road and the whole thing was flooded. Cars stranded. It was like a punch in the heart seeing a place I drive through daily destroyed. I had seen the photos on the news and Twitter, but nothing could prepare me for seeing it with my own eyes.

The building on the right is my gym. I really hope it’s not too badly damaged as I’m so eager to get back to the gym this week!

Anyway, less chit chat and on with the chat questions:

-there's no elevator to sucess. you have to take the stairs.-

Q1: How did you spend Christmas?

Q2: What was your fav gift?

Q3: What’s your fav Christmas food?

Q4: What are your Christmas traditions?

Q5: What are your plans for NYE?


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