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you know you’ve made it when you get sent a dick pic #BloggerProblems

I remember the first time it happened. I was at home one Thursday evening – wearing a giraffe onsie, playing Skyrim and drinking wine. You…


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I remember the first time it happened.

I was at home one Thursday evening – wearing a giraffe onsie, playing Skyrim and drinking wine. You know, totally #winning at being an adult.

I was waiting for the game to load, trying to get into Riften (WHICH ALWAYS TAKES AGES, GOD DAMMIT SKYRIIIIIMMM YOU WANKER!!!) when I was flicking through my phone.

I noticed a little icon on the top of my instagram home page I’d never seen before. So clicked on it.

I had two messages.

One was a picture that said ‘Nude for nude?’ with a caption that said ‘I won’t post if you don’t want to’. Oh, that old chestnut!

The other was.. well, I don’t know how to say this. It was a close up of some guys dick.

Yeah, that’s right – some guy that I’ve never spoken to before thought it would be a wonderful idea to send me a picture of his little man.

And now they seem to be popping up almost weekly. Guys I’ve never even had a conversation with beofre just lob a picture of their junk at me accompanied by ‘hi’ or ‘you’re cute’. Oh, okay great thanks. 

Curious, I googled ‘why do men send dick pics’, and something odd happened. Something that has never ever happened to me in the history of all my Googling life – Google returned ZERO results.

I mean, is this the one black hole in human nature that even Google can’t figure out? Surely it must have been a cock-up, right?

I did a bit of nobbing around on Google, after feeling a tad shafted by the initial results. After changing some of the keywords, I found some reasons that men may decide to message you their member.

  • Apparently some men do it to feel powerful and they like to make a women feel shocked.
  • Porn culture – porn is easily accessible now, as is being able to talk to people online and some men think women actually want to get pictures like this and it’s an appropriate thing to do – hey, who wouldn’t want free porn in 2015?
  • Men are visual creatures and most would love a picture of a naked women, so obviously think it’s acceptable to send a picture of them to women. Men fall in love with what they see – women fall in love with what they hear.
  • They think you’ll send them one back.
  • There are some women that do like getting pictures like this – leaving men thinking what works with one, works with them all?

I guess this is just another example of the power of anonymity online. You know, give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth show you his dick.

While I still don’t understand why strangers send me pictures of their pecker, I did hear a quote once by a YouTuber a few months back who was asking the same question.

She said that someone once told her ‘You know you’ve made it when you get sent a dick pic’.

When I first started blogging, people used to say ‘You know you’ve made it when you get hate comments’ instead. How times change.

So yeah, there’s that.

If there are any men out there reading this, please chime and and let me know why you do this! Surely it’s not the norm?!?!?! I’m in desperate need of a gentleman to reinstall my faith in the male species. I’m about to quit and collect cats instead.

I love how our society is progressing and I’m excited to see what is next. :/



  1. So far, I haven’t “made it” by this marker, and I cant say I am too disappointed. Of course many of the reasons above could be an explanation, but really?
    I would ask my husband, but I assume he doesn’t send dick pictures to women online (at least I hope so!), so I guess it won’t be of much help.

  2. My bf also doesn’t get it (I asked him, because you (as did I) wanted some male perspective), he said creeps do that – no shit.:D But babe, you rule. Seriously. But you already know that. You. Rule. I frigging love you.:D (But worry not, I’m not sending you any ‘nude 4 nude’ emails.:))

  3. Not even google!
    This all crazy and insanely disgusting. I don’t think that there’s a proper reason for this. The reasons stated above are indeed reasons, but not strong enough to lead to sending dick pics.. right?
    Jade xo

  4. OMG this post is one of my favourites so far – hilarious! I luckily don’t feel your pain as I obviously haven’t ‘made it’ – I’m seriously surprised there isn’t a Cosmo article or something on this though!

  5. It’s quite offensive to do this, imagine if they sent it to someone who had just had a bereavement or something like that

  6. Wow I had the same problem on IG and I now do not open and delete any male requesting for me to see. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I hope ‘feeling a tad shafted’ was an intentional pun hahah
    But yeah, dick pics are super gross, I will never understand why some guys think it’s okay to send them 🙁

  8. This made me laugh so bad. Luckily mine have calmed down but I used to get them all the time. I used to just send back pictures of my cat.


  9. OMG, I have tears in my eyes, Corinne! This is just epic! LMAO! I have never received any dick pics or hate comments/emails but hey, I’m happy to leave just the way it is. LOL!

  10. Hahah hilarious post and so true, it can be rather disgusting and not necessary! 🙂

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  11. What makes someone think that this is a good idea is beyond me. Firstly who wants to see someone else’s bits that your not even in a relationship with, no thank you. Secondly that they think their privates are that amazing that they want to share it. Please get over yourself Lucy x

  12. receiving a dick pic is like someone bringing a dead mouse to a cat. I mean, I don’t know you, we don’t know each other it’s weird. I think guys like to be complimented and they feel good if they makes a woman in the mood. What I do is, I block them.

  13. Oh, it hasn’t happened to me yet haha. I don’t understand why they think it’s necessary. It wouldn’t even remotely make me want to find out more about him, or send a photo in return.

  14. Being on dating sites is the worse for it! It became a game to me, I would respond things like “oh my goodness, of course now I have seen your penis I now want to make sweet love to you… Oh wait no I don’t” or my personal favourite “oh my goodness. It’s like a penis! Only smaller 😉 I’m such a witch. But seriously why???? I swear some of them think it is a way to get a girl to sleep with them. Hell no. They are not pretty, put it away and send me a picture of your clean house I may be more impressed 🙂 lol

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