Some people hate me because I’m a vegetarian.

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now and I’m loving it! Apart from the vegetarian hate I sometimes experience. My reason for suddenly…


I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now and I’m loving it! Apart from the vegetarian hate I sometimes experience.

My reason for suddenly turning vegetarian has been the result of years of outside influence. Being vegetarian is something I’ve always wanted to try since my teens, but it’s something I never sat down and decided to fully commit to. After looking into going vegan and vegetarian on and off for several years, I was slowly educating myself on the pros and cons of cutting out meat products.

vegetarian hate

I’ve read and watched many videos about the animal industry and how they are treated, I’ve read many theories about how cutting out meat can help improve your health.

One day last January I took the plunge, with the intention of only going veggie for a week. And I never looked back.

It didn’t really make much of a difference to my lifestyle, to be honest. I only really ate meat with salads, so just swapped that out for things like olives, humous, couscous and quinoa.

Eating out at restaurants became less stressful because rather than having a huge variety of dishes to pick through, I’d only have about 4 or 5.

Healthwise, I felt much better in myself but this was also a time when I had upped my exercise and cut out alcohol – so it’s hard to tell if it was the food that caused this.

Vegetarian Hate

The hardest part about being a vegetarian.

The trickiest part about being a vegetarian isn’t having willpower when you smell bacon in the morning.

The hardest part is people and their vegetarian hate.

I don’t really shout about being vegetarian and most don’t know until they’ve eaten out with me and ask. I’m a little reluctant to tell people.

And that’s because admitting I’m a vegetarian can mean I’m suddenly in the middle of some debate when I’m forced to defend my life choices and answer stupid questions.


I’m pretty happy to answer anyone’s questions around vegetarianism, but more often than not, these questions are not asked because they’re curious. They are asked because they’re implying I’m an idiot for cutting meat out.

It’s almost taunting me and laughing at me.

They want to know what I’ve replaced meat with, if I feel ill, if I care about animals, what’s so bad about meat?

It’s almost like people want me to go into a full-on debate about why I’m vegetarian and why meat is so bad. They treat me like I’m judging them and they feel the need to defend WHY MEAT IS SO GOOD FOR YOU. Truth is, I don’t want to debate or defend myself. I don’t really care what other people eat. I don’t hate anyone for eating meat.

I know some the pros and cons of eating meat but I’m not an expert. I don’t know all the data, science and facts around it and I don’t have any desire to start learning them just so I can pull data out of my ass every time someone is calling me stupid for not eating meat.

I’m not judging anyone for eating meat. You can eat what you wish. I don’t think it’s disgusting or awful. It’s just a thing some people do and a thing some people don’t do.

I’ve read a few articles about people disliking vegetarians. There is this stereotype around that says all vegetarians/vegans are these smug group of people that think they’re better than you. But it’s not true try. I’ve met a few other vegetarians and they seem to feel the same way. It’s not something that even needs to be a conversation.

There might be some people that preach about vegetarianism. But there are also some people that preach about quitting smoking, about God, about exercise, about Yoga, about Call of Duty..

So now, whenever someone asks me why I’m a vegetarian, I simply reply I‘m vegetarian because I want to be.

Are you a vegetarian? Have you experienced vegetarian hate?

Or are you a meat eater who has experienced a vegetarian trying to influence you to change your lifestyle?

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  1. If people can hate somebody because of their dietary choices, there isn’t much hope of clearing up the terrible racial hatred from the world! It’s really hard to fathom out – maybe it’s fear of the unknown? Yes, it can be harder to choose a balanced diet if you are vegetarian, having to make sure you combine foods to get a complete protein and range of vitamins, but to be frank, just how many meat eaters have a well balanced diet? And if you are fit and healthy, you are demonstrating in the best way possible that you are getting those choices right.
    The only time I have ever come close to hating a vegetarian – and then, “being very annoyed” would be a better term than hatred, was when somebody invited a friend to come with him for Christmas dinner, and neither of them mentioned beforehand that she was vegetarian. That is just downright inconsiderate, especially when they know very well what a traditional Christmas dinner consists of, and had I known in advance I would have been able to prepare something suitably festive for her. As it was, she had to make do with a plate of sprouts and carrots – NOT a balanced meal!

    1. Oh, I imagine that Christmas situation must have been awkward on both parts! I got invited to a wedding not long ago as someones guest and I was too scared to ask about veggie food, idiotic I know!

      There are better things in the world to dislike people for, but I think people just don’t like feeling like someone is judging/challenging their life choices and I guess they think I’m doing that?

  2. I think its rather stupid because people hate you for that – its your life and you live the way it makes you happy – what you choose to put inside your body is your choice it actually takes alot more to stop eating meat.


  3. One of my best friends is a vegetarian and it’s never been a thing between us. We can go out for a meal, I will order steak, she will order a veggie bean burger and we will both enjoy our meal and there will be no question about who is/isn’t eating the right thing. I DO ask her questions about her vegetarianism but it’s out of curiosity as she tends to try out different diets and ways to get nutrients and minerals into her body. I love food, so me asking food related questions isn’t about her specifically being a vegetarian, it’s just looking for new info/ideas when it comes to food really.

    I have been there when she’s been asked ‘but why not meat? what did meat ever do to you? how are you healthy?” and it probably wound me up more than her!

    Sarah 🙂

  4. There is nothing that pisses me off more than self-righteous vegetarians/vegans. On a couple of occasions I have had people suggest that I can’t possibly care about animals or that everyone should cut out meat and it wound me up something chronic.

    I would never suggest that a vegan/vegetarian goes back to eating meat as it’s a personal choice. One which I have a lot of respect for. I don’t get why it is such an issue for some people. xx

  5. I couldn’t be bothered with people that don’t like someone because their a vegetarian. They could go and get stuffed, wouldn’t make a difference to me at all. Much more in this world to be upset about. I was a vegetarian when I was a teenager, I ate it again when I had my first child because I craved it like mad, but now a days I don’t eat it as much. So, I’m slowly veering off to vegetarian again. I think it’s a healthy choice not to eat too much meat if one does. I don’t think many eat enough vegetables and stuff as it is, so being a vegetarian would be a good thing for them. x

  6. These are ignorant people I have all types as a matter of fact. I’m hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and several of my guest are Vegetarian, and I also have Pescetarian they only eat fish and I make sure to please every one palette and needs I do not hate them nor do they knock me because I consider myself epicurious in food and enjoy cooking and eating all types of meal. Is funny how people think their is something wrong with someone lifestyle is makes us an individual. I like that my friends do not knock meat eater their are some that do I had read in my blog, I always respond well you could always said great recipe for meat eaters is sufficient.

  7. I had no idea people behaved like this, I mean its not like you are causing anyone any harm by eating what you like. Also how unreasonable would it be to go up to someone who has just eaten a chocolate bar and give out to them? Ugh people! Just eat what you want!

    Ash | Liakada

  8. It’s funny how everybody would say “have fun” if I told them I’m going to get drunk 3 nights in a row. But if I say I eat veggies, some of them would say is not healthy to cut out meat :))

    I heard lots of stupid things in my 7+ years of being a vegetarian. I am asked about my energy levels and protein intake by people who are very unfit. Anyway, I’m not bothered, I know most of them don’t have a clue what a macronutrient is. I know how I feel and I don’t try to convince anybody of anything. Each to their own.

  9. I’ve been through this, too. And even now, a few years on, I still feel uncomfortable admitting to some people that I am a veggie. Because I just know they will never understand how it is possible to live without meat. And yes, eating out is difficult unless in London or a big city because over here I consider myself lucky if I get 3 options on a menu to choose from (seriously, some places don’t even have pasta – and any idiot can cook pasta)… Still, I feel good, I know what I am doing (being a nutritionist helps, of course! 🙂 ) and frankly, most of the time I really don’t care about what other people think of my diet because I know it’s a good and balanced one. x

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty confident that my diet is better than most meat eaters. I eat loads of fruit and veg, exercise and try to make good food choices!

  10. I used to hate this, although I definitely know some vegans who preach until the cows come home (hehe). Honestly I don’t get why people care about other people’s lifestyles unless it’s affecting them personally, which it isn’t when it comes to being vegetarian or not!

  11. As I’ve said before in your previous post, I don’t understand why some are hating vegetarians but then again, idiots are everywhere and they don’t need a reason to exist.

  12. So I’ve always been a meat eater but I work with some vegetarians and I’m definitely starting to embrace it and I’ve been cutting my meat intake. I’m loving it! I want to be influenced, I’m worried more about my health than the ethics of eating meat but I want to be educated.

  13. I think hating someone’s dietary choices is just ridiculous! I’m not vegetarian myself but I learned to make so many veggie dishes when I was a student as I figured a 60p tin of mixed beans was cheaper (not to mention far tastier and healthier!) for me than a 500g of mince at £3.50 x

  14. I’m a great believer that people can choose to do what they like, it is such a thing as freedom of choice. I love my meat too much to be a vegetarian and would end up eating cheese as a substitute all the time and be the size of a house. There are lots of positives to being a vegetarian so good on you Lucy x

  15. Being a vegetarian is amazing but it’s not for everyone, so a lot of people don’t understand. Just don’t listen to bad comments and keep up with what you believe honey!

  16. Yeah I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 years starting at age 14 and people thought it was odd but I’m hoping we are moving to a vegetarian normal. I became vegan about 6 months ago and I felt like for that people are more judgey, they are uneducated and don’t want to learn, Its a sad world we live in. Good to see you are making a positive change by not eating meat 🙂 xx

  17. Mostly (as a meat eater) I get vegetarians trying to “gross me out” or shame me. There’s a few at work who say things like “oh eating something with a face is cruel” or “meat eaters are destroying the planet” or “have you seen how they’re killed?!”
    Winds me up. The take home message is – what you eat doesn’t matter, because if you’re a dick, then nothing’s going to change that.

    1. Gah, I’d never make someone feel bad for eating meat. If someone is interested in being a veggie and they want support, then I would give them some advice etc, or if they want to talk to me about animal rights, then I’m all for having a talk about how animals are killed. But it has to be a welcome conversation!

      There are things destroying the planet much quicker than meat eaters right now.

  18. You shouldn’t have to defend your lifestyle choice, as long as you aren’t going around and throwing buckets of red paint on people because they eat meat, it really shouldn’t matter.

  19. I absolutely feel you on this! I’ve been vegetarian for almost 16 years now (vegan-ish for 8!)! Growing up I detested meat…just didn’t like the taste or texture. When I turned 10 my parents finally let me stop eating meat and tried making tofu for me! In the past 16 years the food for vegetarians has come a long way; there’s so many great options to choose from, places to eat are now offering veg options…it’s amazing!

    Congrats to you on your first year as a veg-head and welcome to the club 🙂

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  20. My husband doesn’t est meat and I don’t that much. I’m tempted to become veggie but I haven’t actually done it. We largely eat veggie at home though. I’ve always loved veggie alternatives and often choose them. Tofu-Mmmmmm!!!! I’ve never judged veggies as why would i??? As a child, we couldn’t afford meat v often and mostly ate vegetable stew made with veg from our allotment. I don’t understand people who judge veggies! I love veggies and wish I could just go for it!!

  21. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 11 years old (27 years!) and don’t think I ever had anyone act negatively towards me, but I do occasionally get bored of the questions! It sometimes gets tiring justifying my dietary choices.

    1. You’re lucky that you’ve not had to deal with it too much! I think it’s having to justify myself that makes me feel tired!

  22. I don’t eat meat, fish, dairy, or eggs and have had all of the crazy, silly comments such as protein stuff, people asking why I choose not to consume ‘even’ dairy and eggs, and of course people calling me a hypocrite and also the stupid ‘bacon’ comments. I feel you.

  23. I’ve recently gone vegetarian and your right people are the biggest problem! It astound me people have such a problem with it particularly when I don’t judge them for eating meat nor do I push my opinions on to them. I have no problem with people asking me why, it’s the interrogating after that’s annoying. I’m with all my extended family for Christmas, who I’ve not ate with before, so I’m definitely not looking forward to that conversation over dinner.

    Great post!


  24. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, so I definitely understand what you mean! The next person who asks me if I eat fish…I just tell people I don’t eat anything with a face and people seem to get that when I say “vegetarian”, I mean “no animal flesh”. My mom, dad, sister, and fiance all eat meat. I don’t judge them, but I definitely get a hard time about it from them (and lots of other people). Ughhhh.

  25. You really shouldn’t worry what people have to say! Some people make choices about their lifestyle for many different reasons and at the end of the day it is your body and you can put in it what the hell you like!

    Many people turn veggie for health reasons nowadays too! F the haters girl!

    xoxo, Lauren

  26. I’m a meat eater but have been considering going veggie for a few months now. A lot of people I know are veggies which has made me consider what excuse I actually have for eating meat, no excuse. I live away at uni so I think I’ll gradually cut it out there but at home I don’t want to be an inconvenience to my family/friends who cook for me so maybe when I leave home I can fully commit!

    Anna x

  27. Well im 13 and just turned vegetarian . I was having a conversation w/ a classmate in which bacon was a topic. I said I didnt ea it because Im a Vegetarian and he got mad(he felt like I was rubbing it on his face I guess)and another classmate said: You arent a vegetarian, you only have been one for 2 months :S I really dont think saying im a Vegetarian is bad but now im scared of saying it. :/

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