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#socialbloggers 79 // November Goals

New months often bring new goals, this weeks #socialbloggers chat was all about goals for November. My goals focus around keeping my 3 blogs sustained…



New months often bring new goals, this weeks #socialbloggers chat was all about goals for November.

My goals focus around keeping my 3 blogs sustained – which is hard work!

I have this blog, which I post to daily, my fitness blog which I post 2-3 times a week and my tech blog which I’m currently updating once week. I’d love to update them both more but it’s just not realistic right now!

I’m also working on a fitness challenge, #fitmas, which is a 5 week challenge leading up to Christmas and will be open for anyone to join and download the eBook!

My other goal of this month is to be more active on Twitter. I reply to Tweets and schedule posts, but I never really make time to make conversations with people in my feed! Most of my traffic comes from Twitter, so it makes sense.

I have no goals around Bloglovin’ anymore. It’s just like, the biggest pile of wank. It’s much worse since they changed it so you could save posts instead of just liking them! BLOGLOVIN, IT’S OVER BETWEEN US.

What are you goals for this month?

Q1: What are your blogging/general goals for the month of November? Is there anything special you’ve been planning?

Q2: Is there any help/guidance you need to complete some of these goals? Why is it important to accomplish them?



Q3: What are some goals you ticked off, successfully, last month?


Q4: Is there something you NEED to accomplish/do this month? What is it & why it’s so important?


Bonus Q: Do you want to collaborate with other bloggers on SOMETHING? Tweet it right now & see if others wanna team up on it



  1. I don’t think I will be planning another special for November – it’s crunch time and life is just so busy I hope to have a post 3 of four times a week atleast – with it almost holidays theres so much that needs to get done

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I agree with the Bloglovin it does not benefit blogger just convenient for me to read other blogger post. My plan this month get my house ready for guest Thanksgiving will be here before I know it and I need to get the ball rolling lol. As per my blog continue doing a weekly post since it works for me,

  3. This reminds me I really need to get in gear with my planning of posts over Christmas! I want to be sure I have enough scheduled in advance that I can take a couple days away from the computer entirely! 🙂

    Your fitmas challenge sounds great but I think the HIIT is out of bounds for me with pregnancy – will need to check with my OB when I see her in a couple days 🙂

  4. I haven’t been involved in any twitter chats for ages nor have I tweeted… I’ve really got to get back on the twitter bandwagon. The bonus question is so good! What a great way to get bloggers collaborating!

  5. I miss joining Twitter chats but there isn’t any time for it now. I miss Summer break where I don’t have to rush for schools and actives with my little one so I have slightly more time. I have no idea how you juggle 3 blogs, Corinne, bloody hell, you must be Superwoman.

  6. I have never been a fan of bloglovin, but I think I really need to get more into twitter!

    Ash | Liakada

  7. Liking the sound of #fitmas to counteract all the canapes I’ll be eating! I don’t do much with Bloglovin either though intrigued why you’re less keen now you can also save posts, I don’t know really how it works

  8. Three blogs! I can barely manage one! LOL. But I guess my blogging goals for November would be to stay ahead of my posts. It’s been raining to much here that it’s been hard to get shots outside so I really hope to keep staying ahead and organized. 🙂

    <3 Trou

  9. It’s always interesting to read the goals that bloggers set up for them. My only goal is to finish “Blog Every Day in November”, so far I’m on track.

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