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Pintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu and Winter Gin

Pintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu

Last week, I went to the launch of Pintura’s Christmas food menu were we were able to try a selection of food they serve over the holidays, as well as their festive gin.

Pintura (Spanish for work of art) opened it’s doors in March 2015 and is inspired by the food-crazed culture of the Basque region. We paint an authentic portrait of Spanish tapas using traditional recipes and artisan ingredients combined with bold and modern flavour combinations. In October 2015 Pintura was announced as runner up for Best Restaurant in the internationally renowned Observer Food Monthly Awards – something of which we are immensely proud and humbled by!

Pintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu

Upon arrival, we were given a gin drink served in a massive gin glass (can I get one of these to sup my wine out of, please?) – it had their very own winter gin blend. The gin is a warm blend of spices, full of festive cinnamon and orange flavours. We tried a drink called Copa Serve – as you can see from the photo, the presentation of it is stunning!

    Pintura Leeds Christmas Food MenuPintura Leeds Christmas Food MenuPintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu

Throughout the night, we were able to try a few more drinks, two that I’ve actually be dying to try for a while.

One of those was egg nog, which I’ve always been curious to try as it’s always spoken about on American Christmas movies, but not something we have in the UK. The best way I can describe it is that it tastes similar to a cinnamon baileys. The other drink I was happy to finally try was a hot toddy – a very sweet gin based drink with honey, lemon and other spices – traditionally made with whiskey.

We tried their mulled wine too, which was delicious. I’ve only tried mulled wine that I’ve bought from the supermarket from a bottle, so I was keen to ask the bar man how it was made step by step.

It’s clear the bar tenders at Pintura are very knowledgable about the drinks they sell – by being able to talk us through how drinks are made to get the best flavours.

Pintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu

We were given a selection of tapas style food to try, I didn’t get to try it all though because a lot of it was meat! Here’s what we were given:

  • Festive meats and cheeses with slow roast turkey fillet, iberico blot and house smoked duck
  • Parsnip croquettes with sage alioli
  • Mini jacket potatoes with idiazabla cheese
  • Turkey ala plancha with romeo sauce
  • Calamari with lemon alioli and smoked paprika
  • Pigs in Blanket chistorra sausages with bayonne ham and pickle ketchup
  • Baked Basque style cheesecake with PX raisins

I have it on good authority that the pigs in blankets were delicious! The croquettes were probably one of them most delicious things I’ve tried – it melted in my mouth and was the type of food that was heavenly, but probably too rich to eat too many!

I’m not usually a cheesecake fan, but the raisin topping was sweet and had a bit of a punch to it – I’ve never tried a cheesecake like it!

Pintura Leeds Christmas Food MenuPintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu Pintura Leeds Christmas Food Menu

With 81 gins in the bar, I think we’ll be going back to celebrate Hayley’s birthday next week! Yes?


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