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The perfect tartan dress makes a comeback

Coat: F+F Dress: F+F Shoes: F+F Hat: A market stall Haha, I didn’t even realise I was a walking F+F advert until this post! It’s…


perfect tartan dress

Coat: F+F
Dress: F+F
Shoes: F+F
Hat: A market stall

perfect tartan dress perfect tartan dress

Haha, I didn’t even realise I was a walking F+F advert until this post!

It’s autumn again and so I’m pulling out the tartan from the back of the closet.

I’ve had this tartan dress two years now, and originally posted about it in October 2013, claiming how much I love the cocktail dress.

I’m happy to say that two years on, I still love it!

I’m one of those people that can often buy clothes and only wear them a few times, so when I find a dress I love and wear for a few years, it’s like a mini victory. #winner

What’s your favourite dress? Links to posts about it are encouraged 😀



  1. I wore a tartan dress yesterday but its not as nice as this. Shame its 2 years old so I can’t get my hands on one
    Carrieanne xx

  2. I think by now you know I almost never wear dress, it’s jeans all the way for me. LOL! You look fabulous in that dress, Corinne.

  3. I love it Corinne! What an amazing dress!!! I think one of my favourite dresses is my Cath Kidston cops and robbers dress Cops and robbers dress
    – I love it!
    I’d like to see the collar more, so could you kindly move your hair out the way please – ha ha!!x

  4. I wish I could pull of a dress like you do! Just doesn’t happen though haha!

    That’s it though, I’m getting my butt back to the gym asap and then I can wear nice dresses at time too 😉

    Sharon x

  5. I can see why you love this dress. The tartan print is so chic and it has a great classic feel. My favorite dress is a midi length LBD.

  6. That is a really cute dress on you, I can see why you love it! 🙂

    I like all my dresses, but it’s so easy to have favourites too, there are a handful I always feel good in that have lasted me years and I’m glad I still have them!

  7. I like tartán too! I have a blouse and jacket of this fabricación and Still love it each one of them, your dress is beautiful too and your hat is a chullo, is from Perú? Kisses!

  8. I love the tartan dress looks lovely on and very festive for the time of year. I used to have a green tartan dress and used to wear it so much that in the end the only place for it was the bin Lucy x

  9. I don’t have any tartan dresses but I love it. You look so chic in this outfit, btw I <3 that red coat too!

    Sara | Check out latest Pakistani Lawn Dresses

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