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Nars GlossyBox November 2015

After what feels like MONTHS of teasers, GlossyBox finally released their Nars GlossyBox on 16th November. It sold out in a mere 20 minutes apparently!…


Nars GlossyBox November 2015 Uk

After what feels like MONTHS of teasers, GlossyBox finally released their Nars GlossyBox on 16th November. It sold out in a mere 20 minutes apparently!

It’s easy to see why, at only £30 for GlossyBox subscribers, and £35 for non-subscribers, it was destined to be a winner.

Nars GlossyBox November 2015

The Nars Limited Edition came in a black GlossyBox with a velvety feel to it – much like most of the Nars products. It’s the little details such as this that make it extra special.

Tucked inside the box are 5 Nars products, from what I can tell they are all full size apart from the mascara, which is a 3ml sample rather than the 8ml full size. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – this is the first time I’ve held any Nars products in my own real life human hands, so I’m likely to be mistaken!

Nars GlossyBox November 2015 blush orgasm Nars GlossyBox November blush orgasm

Nars Blush in Orgasm // £23

I just want to say something before we get started here – I’m not a fan of some of the Nars names. I know they’re probably meant to cause shock and maybe make you feel like you’re a hip young women from modern times for buying it, but brushing Orgasm on my face just isn’t something that appeals to me. They also have a colour called Deep Throat which I hate beyond HATE. Wah.

But that aside, the colour is beautiful. LOLOLOL.

Sorry, I’m sat here thinking of creating my own makeup line and use names like clitoris and foreskin. Anyone wanna make a business deal with me on this one?

Let’s swiftly move on..

nars glossybox satin lip pencil in rikugien

nars glossybox satin lip pencil in rikugien

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien // £19

This is a nicer name. It’s the name of a park in Tokyo. Woo!

This is probably my favourite of the products. It’s such a lovely colour and very typical to the shade of lippy I tend to wear.

It’s described as a dusty rose shade and is perfect for autumn. It has a slight shimmer to it which I think is beautiful.

nars glossybox november the multiple in orgasm nars glossybox november the multiple in orgasm

Nars The Multiple in Orgasm // £19

This is a multiple use product that you can use on your cheeks, lips or eyes to add a bit of colour, it’s a warming shimmery product which will work as a highlighter, giving off a pink glow.

nars glossybox november 2015 larger than life long wear eyeliner  nars glossybox november 2015 larger than life eyeliner

Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner // £19

This long stay eyeliner will stay on for 12 hours. With it’s rich, creamy texture, it will leave behind an intense black trail, perfect for any smokey eye look.

nars glossybox november 2015 audacious mascara nars glossybox november 2015 audacious mascara

Nars Audacious Mascara // £21

This mascara claims to give you a long lasting mascara experience, with a special mascara brush to help lift, curl and amplify your lashes.

nars glossybox november 2015 uk

So there you have it, the Nars GlossyBox – do you think it’s worth it?



  1. I have read a lot of great reviews about Nars products, but haven’t tried em before. Hope you’ll share your verdict too. Awesome beauty goodies!!
    *P.S: Can I ask how you or who did the layout of your ‘side-by-side’ posts on your blog, please? Tag me in the reply, pls.*


  2. I agree with you about the product names, though I’d try that stick blush as it does seem to be a lovely shade.

  3. That is a really great box filled with some of Nars best selling products but after my disastrous experience with Orgasm blush, I would give this box a pass. And on the topic of your makeup line with the name foreskin, I hope you’ll name a lipstick that and I can say “I’m wearing foreskin on my lips”. Eww….

  4. OMG! I love NARS. I wish Glossybox is available in my country. I don’t like the subscription boxes available in my country right now 🙁


  5. Seriously you made me laugh! “Creating my own makeup line and calling it clitoris and foreskin…!” Great point! I wanted to get this set too however I wasn’t lucky enough. I have my eye on orgasm for so long (now I don’t think I will look at these blushes same way again… brushing orgasm on my face… hmmm). £30 is such a bargain for this set, I hope you enjoy using them.

  6. This looks great! I like the look of the eyeliner, looks soft and as if it wouldn’t drag over your eyelid like some do, brilliant x

  7. This is such a great box! Nars does do great products!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read. Maybe we can follow each other on Bloglovin?

    Deepti x

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