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Lush Christmas Range

Lush Christmas Range


It happened, guys.

After yes of kicking and screaming, bitching and moaning, I’ve finally gone and done it.

I’ve finally fallen in love with Lush and I’ve spent about £70 in the place since!

I bought some things from their Halloween range and Christmas range. Since buying this, I’ve also got MORE stuff from the Christmas range, so expect a second post!

Lush Christmas Range Lush Christmas Range butter bear

Butter Bear // £1.95

A vanilla flavoured bath bomb that has cocoa butter, lyang lyang oil and cocoa powder.

Lush Christmas Range father christmas

Lush Christmas Range father christmas

Father Christmas // £6.95

A sweet smelling bath bomb that fizzes red until it gets to the centre, it then releases a massy gush of green waves into the bath water.


Lush Christmas Range dashing santa

Lush Christmas Range dashing santa

Dashing Santa // £2.95

This bath bomb just doesn’t stay still – his feet fizz first senting him whirling around through the water. This seemed to take ages to melt in. It features mandarin and bergamot oil.


Lush Christmas Range magic wand

Magic Wand // £5.95

I’ve always wanted to try this and now I finally have it, I’m too scared to ruin it!

This bubble bar want just smells delicious. Sweet and like bubble gum!

Lush Christmas Range bar humbug

Bar Humbug // £3.65

This bubble bar will leave your bath bright purple, it has fennel, bergamot and tarragon oil giving it a liquorice scent.

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range? What’s your favourite?




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