More of the Lush Christmas Range

I already posted one Lush Christmas haul last month, but I accidentally ended up going into a store where I braved the humans there to…


 Lush Christmas Range

I already posted one Lush Christmas haul last month, but I accidentally ended up going into a store where I braved the humans there to get more. MOAR LUSH PLEASE.

Everything is so shiny and basically screams buy me. So I did.

 Lush Christmas Range lush christmas range magic of christmas

The Magic Of Christmas // £5.95

I’m still scared to use the pink version of this bubble bar because it just smells and looks too good to destroy. I must work on this irrational fear I have to using products that just seem too expensive or too nice to use up.

This is why I have too much stuff.

Cinnamon leaf oil, almond oil and sweet orange oil. Help. This is just all too much.

lush christmas range peeping santa

Peeping Santa // £3.95

How cute is this? Cute little peeping Santa with chocolate drop eyes 🙂

Contains olibanum oil, bergamot oil and geranium oil.

lush green bubbleroon

Green Bubbleroon // £3.75

This isn’t actually a Christmas product, oops! But it looks Christmasy so let’s just pretend, okay?

It has coconut oil, shea butter, juniperberry oil and lime oil in it, so you can only imagine how lovely this smells! Pull it in half to get two uses out of it and watch it turn your water green!

lush christmas range yog nog bath bomb

Yog Nog Bathbomb // £3.95

I’ve never tried egg nog. Is it actually nice? I know you Yanks out there love it, but it’s not really popular over here.

This sweet, spicy bath bomb will have to do, I guess!

Contains clover bud oil, shea butter, ylang ylang oil and soya milk powder.

lush christmas range popping candy

Cinders Bath Bomb // £2.95

Almond oil, cinnomon leaf oil.. these are a few of my favourite scents and they’re both packed together in one bath bomb, alongside orange oil and popping candy.

Gah, gotta love popping candy in a bath bomb!


Holly Golightly Bubble Bar // £4.95

Hmm, this is compared to a Hot Toddy, which I’ve never had before but WANT. Hot Toddy is a hot whiskey/honey/lemon based drink with spices, often known for being good for sore throats.

With spicy cinnamon leaf and patchouli essential oils, it smells lovely.

Are any of these on your wish list?



  1. Wow, these are something I’d love to shop here, but oopss.. I bet I’m gonna be disappointed cos I don’t think shops near my place are selling goodies like this. But anyway, glad to read your posts again, Corinne!

    Jhem |

  2. So sweet! By the way, whenever I bought any bath bombs or soaps that smelled too good or looked way too pretty to use as nature intended, I’d pop them in a beautiful glass jar or little pretty satin bag to display or hand in my bathroom. This way I still enjoyed them and the room smelled so so so good for ages! x

  3. I’ve still not tried anything from LUSH before – bad blogger! Think I’d avoid the glittery things because they look a bit messy but the Yog Nog bomb looks lovely x

    Josie |Sick Chick Chic

  4. I need The Magic Of Christmas; it’s so pretty! And, Peeping Santa is hilarious. I don’t let myself go to Lush too often because all I do is stockpile their pretty things and won’t use them till they got old and crumbly…

  5. Holly Golightly will NOT be on my list to purchase, I can imagine what a glitter nightmare it would be. :-O

  6. I was at Lush today but I didn’t smell any of the ones you mentioned here. I did get a sample of the charity pot lotion. wow, I love the very subtle smell and it feels amazing on the skin.

  7. I need to try one of these, everyone always talks about them and I feel like I am the only person who has never used a lush bath bomb!

  8. I really want to try the Yog Nog bath bomb and the Holly GoLightly bubble bar! Both sound fantastic! Cinders is a great bath bomb! I might have to pick up one or two before Christmas but I’m going to try and grab more in the sales to keep the cheer going through New Year!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. The magic of Christmas smells divine but since using is impractical for how it is meant to be used. You are meant to stir in the bath and be able to use again. It falls of the cinnamon stick though. Peeping Santa is wonderful, smells divine and makes a great bath. Haven’t used the others which doing wonderful Lucy x

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