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Glossybox November 2015 // Lipstick to Lashes

Hurrah! The November Glossybox landed on my doorstep this week. Well, kinda, I had a red post office slip and had to go pick it up…


Glossybox November 2015

Hurrah! The November Glossybox landed on my doorstep this week. Well, kinda, I had a red post office slip and had to go pick it up from the Post Office is DOOM.

Glossybox November 2015

MUA Eyeshadow Palette // £4

Oh wow, I’ve never tried MUA eyeshadow before and this is stunning. Just exactly the colours I used, as I’ve just hit pan on my favoured shade in my Naked 3 palette, this is a welcome replacement. HAI WELCOME TO MY COLLECTION OF NATURAL PALETTES

I’ll probably be reviewing this at some point!

Glossybox November 2015

Emite Diamond Heart Primer // £25.50

This is a travel size, not a full size sample but at 15ml, it’s enough to give you a good enough impression of the primer!

It’s a peachy fluid that balances skin tone, boosts radiance and creates a smooth finish.

Glossybox November 2015

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick // £7.99

This lipstick has vitamin E and avocado oil to keep your lips hydrated.

I NEED TO WEAR RED LIPSTICK MORE. I just feel like a kid dressing up in it. Help.


Glossybox November 2015 Glossybox November 2015

Royal Apothic Body Lotion // £14.50

Wait, what? This is kind of a small tube and I can’t believe this is a full sized product.

It’s a body cream that will help your skin stay nice and refreshed during winter. BUT STILL ITS TINY.


Glossybox November 2015

Eylure Natural Lashes // £5

I love lashes, I really do. but I’m wankshit at putting them on. Yes, wankshit is a word I’m using. On this blog. Which is my job. Okay, it’s not my job, but someone called me out for saying bad words on my blog because they thought it was my job and it’s not professional. But even if it was I’d still swear because it’s fun.


Glossybox November 2015

Another great selection from Glossy box. What’s your fav?



  1. Everything looks so good! I love the palette!
    Fix Me In Forty Five – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin’ // Instagram

  2. The MUA palette looks fab. It’s crazy that Royal Apothic is considered full size considering how small it is.

  3. What shade is that Revlon lipstick because it looks so pretty in the tube! And whoa, that is a freaking tiny size for body cream, surely there’s some mistake?!

  4. My favourite one is the MUA shadow palette~ My Sister from London bought me that as a gift and I’m crazy about it especially its shade ( as in super the same shade as the one that you have posted here) cause it could go along well in any of my outfits.

    Hello from the Philippines,

  5. Oh that red lippie sounds lovely! 🙂 I was doing a style challenge on instagram and the theme was once again red lipstick and I thought I’d just go out and try one, and it is actually really nice to wear! It’s almost a daily wear for me now! Give it a go! Hopefully you like it 🙂 I tried just a very light layer at first to warm up to it!

  6. Wow this months glossybox has a lot of lovely stuff, that MUA Palette is pretty! & I’m sooooo glad Eylure has made an appearance I love their lashes!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  7. This is the best Glossybox I’ve seen in ages – I unsubscribed in the summer (remember the awful “festival” edit?!) and am wondering whether to try again now?

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