Essential Items You Need To Survive This Winter

Essential Items You Need To Survive This Winter

Life is pretty sweet right now. When I say right now, I mean RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I’m writing this post laid my warm kingsize bed with a cup of tea, Whatsapping my friends and browsing on the line.

In a few hours, it’s not going to be so sweet. I have to venture outside, you see. And outside isn’t very nice.

I’m not sure if it’s colder this year, or that I’m just being less of a hermit and actually have some sort of a social life this winter – but damn, it’s cold. I usually just hop from my house to car, from my car to work then back. But I’ve been doing crazy stuff like walking to local pubs, getting public transportation (DOOM) into the city centre and meeting other hoomans to be all social.

It’s becoming pretty clear that I’m not prepared for cold what so ever. I’ve had the same coat for years, my go to shoes are black ballet pumps that let water in and I only own dresses and skirts.

While looking through the winter coat section on HoF, it got me in the mood to do a survival guide around what you need to get you through this winter. So here we are.

Essential Items You Need To Survive This Winter

First up, the coats. Long coats that look cute but also keep you warm – I love a nipped in waist! Then we’ve got to think about our hands – gloves! But not just any gloves – gloves that let you use your touch screen phone so you can Tweet away while waiting for the bus without getting your hands cold.

Boots are a must for keeping your feet warm and dry and an oversized blanket scarf is always needed. LOLOLOL I stole Hayley’s and I’m NOT GIVING IT BACK.

A coffee cup is a great idea – I use mine all the time in winter so I can have tea during my hour car journey to work.  I’ve included the hat because DUH HATS. Also time to swap out the standard tights for a warmer wool version to keep those pins warm.

aannnnnd my work here is done.

What are your winter essentials?


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