Things that RUINED YOUR LIFE as a teenager.


Remember when you were at school, and a bunch of really fickle things made you think feel like you had ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD AND YOUR LIFE WAS OVER?

It was hard to believe that in a week, or even in a day, nobody would even remember!

Here are some of those #mylifeisover moments I had as a teen.

1) LOLOL Let’s get the boy related one out of the way first….

When a boy texts you saying you they want to see you. And you take it as in seeing. Like.. the stage before the relationship.

And then you tell all your friends you’re seeing him. And someone asks him about it in front of the whole class and he is like WTF.

When he actually MEANT see you as in person.

Then you ignore is phone calls.

I never should have let him put his hand up my top on the coach ride back from that school trip.

2) When you block someone on MSN and then someone adds you to a group chat with the blocked person in it.

3) When someone kegs you in front of all the popular people.

For those that aren’t sure what kegging is, it’s when someone comes up behind you and PULLS DOWN YOUR PANTS. 

4) When someone trips you up in front of all the popular people. Or any people. And you faceplant.

5) When your friends find lemonade from Netto in your kitchen and start singing

N-E-T-T-O, that’s where all the scrubbers go!

For those non-Brits – Netto is a cheap supermarket – in my school, you were deemed poor and scruffy for shopping there. 

6) When your at your friends house and they don’t have a lock on the door and their Dad walks in while you’re having a wee.

7) When all your friends had Rockport boots. But you weren’t allowed any because they cost £120.

8) When your teacher sends you out of the class for shouted ‘WASTED’ when they were wrong about something.

Then they leave you out there, papping your pants, finally call you back and shout ‘WASTED’ back to you in front of everyone as you sit down.

9) Looking in the bathroom mirror and realising you’ve had you dinner around your face for the past two hours.

10) When your friends find your very personal and very EMO livejournal blog.

11) When you look like this and don’t realise than in 8 years time, this will be known as CHAV:


What are yours?


1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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