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Things that make me feel awkward.

If you’ve met me in real life, then you might have noticed that I’m awkward. Especially at first. I’m recognised at work as an awkward…


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If you’ve met me in real life, then you might have noticed that I’m awkward. Especially at first.

I’m recognised at work as an awkward that would rather be left alone. They know my social skills are probably on par with that of a spoon and sometimes you can probably get more conversation out of a wall. Though to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m just rubbish at conversating with humans or I just don’t like Muggles. I enjoy silence and I get frustrating if I’m trying to do something and people interrupt me to ask how I’m doing. Like, why are you talking to me when you can clearly see I’m trying to Whatapp all my internet friends? Rude. 

Anyway, as a self-identified awkward person – hey, I feel like A LOT people think they’re awkward so LETS ALL HIGH FIVE, I wanted to put together a list of things that make me feel extremely awkward.

  • When you’ve already said HELLO to someone today but then walk past them again. Oh no what do I say this time?
  • Opening a door for someone who turns out to be too far away and then they feel pressured to walk faster.
  • Welcoming someone in a group setting who seems to be hugging everyone and it’s almost your turn..
  • When someone asks you if you have a boyfriend.
  • When someone invites you somewhere and you really don’t want to go and make too many excuses and then feel weird.
  • When you sneeze in public.
  • When you tell a joke and nobody laughs but you.
  • When you can’t understand what someone is saying so just smile and laugh a bit and hope that was the right response.
  • When someone phones you and you let it ring off and send a text 10 minutes later asking why they called. Is there actually away to delete the ‘phone’ app? 
  • When you order the same meal as your friend in a restaurant.
  • When you have a voicemail. I don’t know why this makes me feel so awkward but listening to voicemails just FILLS ME WITH DREAD.
  • When someone asks if you like their new tattoo and you hate tattoos.
  • When someone has a hair cut and you probably should compliment them but you don’t.
  • When you’re stuck in traffic and look into the car next to you and they catch you looking at them.
  • When you try to parallel park and totally fail and there are people watching.
  • When you’re THAT person that’s blocking someones way out of a junction during rush hour.
  • When you’re taking a gym selfie and someone catches you.
  • When you don’t know someones name but feel like you’ve let the conversation go on too far and can’t ask them.
  • When someone asks you if you want one of their sweets and you do but you say no anyway.
  • One someone gets your name wrong and calls you CONNIE for several years at work. True story.
  • When someone says they’ve found you on Instagram and you try not to think of all the gym selfies.
  • When there’s a knock at the door and you’re wearing a giraffe onsie.

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What makes you feel awkward?



  1. Oh my word I know what you mean! I can relate to these awkward moments!! xD Lol I want to slide down my seat when I accidentally block everyone else’s way at a junction. Oops….lol But I thought there was enough room to squeeze pass my car?! What happened?!
    I find it really awkward too when you bump someone who you’ve said hi already…hmm….what to say next…what’s up? XD

  2. When there’s a knock on the door and you’re wearing your giraffe onesie hahaha. I made a list of awkward situations on blog ages ago too. I hate when you think someone is talking to you, and after you respond you find out they were talking on the phone… ugh!

  3. i am that person who holds the door when you’re too far away, then chants don’t rush don’t rush as you get a shifty on to get though…I don’t do it intentionally but I’m worried I’ll misjudge your distance from the door and let it go in your face.

    Also, I imagined your high five for awkwardness as the MOST awkward high five of all time haha

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. Hahaha! You are really funny you know that? I think we would be friends. Love your mind, it’s a beautiful thing 🙂


  5. Zebra crossings! Strange I know but if i’m the only one approaching one I feel sorry for all the cars that will have to slow down so I either slow right down or walk past the crossing and cross the road when it’s empty.
    I’m with you on the phone calls and voicemails, I always tell people/employers/landlords to TEXT me but for some reason the prefer to call and catch me out when I don’t have five minutes to prepare an answer! xx

  6. You made a great list and most of them apply to me too. The worst thing is when you are feeling awkward, everything seems to go wrong. Like you’re holding the door for long time and that person decides to change the direction. How embarrassing that is…
    That giraffe onsie is so cute!

  7. haha my sister has that same giraffe onesie!

    She made a big fuss about getting to talk to me on facetime to show me something important, I was running around trying to find anyone with a compatible iphone…causing quite a commotion in the office. In the end I installed skype so we could chat that way, and all she wanted to show me was her onesie. Trying to explain to the colleagues who asked if I’d managed to have the important call….that was awkward. Also hilarious, but mainly awkward.

  8. Haha I can relate to sooo many of these :)) Except ordering the same meal as my friend in a restaurant… what’s wrong with that? Now I will feel awkward about that too haha 😀

    Bella Pummarola

  9. A lot of these I can relate to honestly… I got laughing reading through all these because jst like your heading, they truly are awkward…

    First timer here..

  10. Great blog!
    Would you like to support each other by following each other´s blog? ^_^

    Et Omnia Vanitas

  11. Oh my this is hilarious and so so true on all counts. Awkward for me is when someone opinionated who you tend to switch off to when they’re talking, asks you a question mid sentence and you don’t realise…. or you think you’re being funny and no one is even listening….

    Now I feel even awkwarder than usual 😛

    Victoria xx

  12. LOVING the giraffe onesie! I can totally relate to this post! Most people seem to dread silence and find it awkward, but I actually really like it and feel comfortable with it.. 🙂 oh and I HATE small talk, like, just be quiet?! 😛


  13. Woahhh what’s happened?! I haven’t visited your blog in a bit, and now it’s changed completely. It was nice to start with, but this is really good! Your blog looks so professional and aesthetically pleasing c:

    The one about when you can’t understand what someone is saying so you just nod along is so relatable! I know someone who’s a mumbler, and 50% of the time I’m asking them to repeat themselves, and the other 50% is spent with me like ??? yes i agree.

    A couple of days ago I was walking with a new friend I’d made form college and her other friend, and she asked me what kind of work load I have. I said, naturally, lots, and then she went “so is it much for you?” and I was like “yeah actually–” before she was like, oh, I was talking to my other friend… gahhh.

    Little Moon Elephant

  14. Love this post 😀 Although none of them apply to me 😛 I’m that weird person who doesn’t mind phoning to pizza guy or answering the door.

    I was at my boyfriend’s hospital appointment last week, one of the women kept calling me Kelly … Every time she said it, I just said “H O L L Y” very slowly and loudly 😀

    I do however feel awkward about doing good deeds when people can see me, I wonder if people think I’m only doing it because someone’s watching lol x

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