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Soft & Gentle’s Skin Science Range

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Range

Do you ever get those mysterious e-mails where a company wants to send you a new product. and you’re like OMG WHAT COULD THIS BE?

Sometimes blogging is a lot like Christmas.

Unfortunately, my box of mystery arrived while I was in Cyprus. Because I’m the impatient type, I made my housemate open it and send me photos over the wifi.

Inside the box was two bottles of the new Soft & Gentle Skin Science range.

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Range

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Range

The range comes in a compressed can of 75ml but lasts just as long as 150ml cans. Here’s the two I was sent:

Visibly Smooth // Skin Science

This anti-perspirant contains Kelisoft, which is an ingredient that reduces hair growth and the thickness of hair to help give you smoother underarms.

This means your underarm hair will be thinner so you look smoother for longer. Ideal for those with dark, thick hair grows fast!

Ultra Protect // Skin Science

This product is for those that want the ultimate level of protection – keeping you dry for 72 hours! It helps to minimise irritation and halts sweat production.

Funnily, or unfortunately, I didn’t get sent the one bottle I would probably buy if I saw it in the shops:

Really Pure // Skin Science.

This is a deodorant, rather than an anti-perspirant. It’s a really gentle way to protect yourself and doesn’t have any allergens, alcohol & aluminium chlorohydrate – so if you’re worried about the possible link to anti-perspirants and cancer, this is something for you.

While I’m not someone that 100% only uses deodorants like this, I would opt for the more natural one given the choice!

They also sent me this cute tote bag that I’ll be using for the gym from now on – thanks, Soft & Gentle!

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Range

What’s your favourite deodorant/anti-perspirant?


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