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Lush Halloween Range

Hi, I have a confession. I hate Lush. It’s a basically my worst nightmare in a shop. You know how as soon as you walk…


lush halloween

Hi, I have a confession.

I hate Lush. It’s a basically my worst nightmare in a shop. You know how as soon as you walk in someone is like HI CAN I HELP YOU and you’re like NO THANKS. Then a second later someone else is all HI CAN I HELP YOU and you’re all like NO THANKS. Then a second later someone is trying to rub something on your hand and you’re like HELP I’M TRAPPED.

This is why I hate Lush.

Because I now have a bath in my new house and I’ve been having baths a lot lately, I wanted to treat myself to some Lush goodies in the guise that it’s ‘for the blawg’.

I decide to be sneaky and order online to avoid Lush humans. £35 later, I had a selection of Halloween and Christmas Lush products.


Lush Halloween Range

lush halloween Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar // £3.65

Sparkly. Prepare to get sparkle all over you as soon as you touch this. I ended up with it all over my hands and camera taking these pictures!

This spicy bubble bar is filled with juniperberry and lime.


Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb // £3.95

This is both a halloween and a Christmas range.

Guys.. I need to tell you something about this.. like, something important.


It smells so spicy and herbally and contains black pepper oil. The green froths away to reveal a red wine-coloured centre and POPPING CANDY.


It leaves your bath water blood red. Which was a bit creepy.

lush halloween lord of misrule


Nightwing Shower Jelly // £3.95

This smells like red and black fruit pastilles. It’s so delicious!

It unfolds into a BAT which is perfect for me. As I am the batman.

I can’t begin to describe to you how nice this smells.

I’m not going to lie though, this is so hard to use. It is exactly like jelly and hard to keep a hold off. I wish they could make it in smaller ‘one time use’ bats or something so this dude doesn’t keep slipping out of my hand!  halloween lush nightwinghalloween lush

Have you ever tried anything from this range?



  1. I am the batman.

    I really want to try the pumpkin. I had one of their Christmas ones last year that JINGLED when you shook it and was just a glitter CAKE. Seemed like a great idea at the time, I came out the bath all Twilight sparkly skin – but then I had to clean the bath…I don’t think I’ve ever hated glitter so much in my life!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I was there lately and I can say that Lush people attack you, but it was not so annoying. I was too busy to watched all beautiful stuff there 😉

  3. I’m not the only one!!!!!! I thought I must be crazy for not enjoying myself in Lush. The reps are so pushy and they don’t even let me have a look at the range and everybody else in the shop seemed so keen to talk with them.
    I would like to try the range, but I have to smell it before buying and I’m not sure I’ll survive a trip to Lush :))

  4. See I LOVE Lush but I agree, the sales assistants can be a bit in yo face!
    I’ve steered clear from the shower jellies for a few yrs now – I find them a bit fiddly but I do adore their bath products.
    I recommend their Maypole soup too if only for the scent alone, it’s smells delicious.

  5. Wow I want to try the Christmas one. The pumpkin is cute but I do not like glitter all over me the bat looks like fun too cute.

  6. I always love the smell of the lush store as we pass, but like you I’m a bit intimidated by the overly helpful sales staff so I’ve never bought anything from there.

    It’s a shame as they do make some very fun products! You’ve tried a few here! 🙂

  7. I don`t really mind the sales assistants to be honest. I work in retail as well, so I have to greet customers as well..though after I do that I let them be until they need my help. If someone was too pushy, then i`d probably get annoyed as well. Anyway, these look so cute, I definitely need to check them out. Normally I save my money for their Christmas collection, but this year I might get a Halloween treat or two.

  8. That happens to me whenever I visit Lush as well. So annoying but I still enjoy their bath products. I need to try some of the holiday bath bombs.

  9. Me thinks it’s time to take a trip down to Lush & grab myself a batman inspired shower jelly! hehe I love the sound of that!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  10. LMAO and I can completely relate to the Lush experience, it’s easy to feel suffocated. Haha! I will NOT be ordering that glitter doom pumpkin because I foresee scrubbing the glitter off my bathtub but I love the jelly! Really need to do a Lush haul soon.

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  12. it could really be because Lush employees get a personal commission if they serve you and close the sale, hon. don’t think they’re trying to be pushy/creepy/ott on purpose. lol! that said, if i ever do end up moving to the uk, Lush is the second company on my list i’d reallyreally want to work for!

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