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How much sleep do you get?

I love sleeping, I do. The only problem is: I’m not very good at it. I struggle to fall asleep at night, I struggle to stay…


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I love sleeping, I do. The only problem is: I’m not very good at it.

I struggle to fall asleep at night, I struggle to stay asleep AND I wake up early. On top of that I suffer with nightmares and sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis for me, is usually a point where my mind is conscious and awake, but I’m still dreaming and my body is paralysed. It can be quite traumatic as I’ve had such experiences as being in bed with someone pinning me down, someone hugging me, somebody in my room walking around. Very vivid, real experiences that I can feel as well as see. That feeling of someone getting in and out of the bed your in is terrifying. And you can’t move. After a brief bout of panic, I can usually recognise what I am experiencing and concentrate on moving my fingers and toe. Also trying to pry my eyes open.

It always leaves me anxious and afraid to go back to sleep, as I usually will experience it a few times in the same night over a period of days, but then not again for weeks or months.


I think one of the reasons I can’t sleep is due to my work patterns.

I work shifts that change every day. I can sometimes start at 6am, which means I have to get up at 4am as I live an hour away from work. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, I can start  work at 3pm and finish at midnight, meaning I don’t get home until 1am.

I’ve laid awake many nights counting down how many hours of sleep I’m NOT getting and picked up my phone to Google things like ‘how to fall to sleep‘ or ‘how to get a good nights sleep‘ and even ‘if I’m laid in bed but not asleep will I still feel rested‘.

It’s a complete nightmare. Apart from I’m not lucky enough to be asleep.


Most tips that I read are either unrealistic for me, such as ‘go to the bed at the same time every day‘ or ‘don’t use electronics two hours before bed’ (lollololololololololol, good luck with that) or they are things that I already do, like exercise, drink water, eat well, don’t drink caffeine after 3pm.

The only ONE thing that seems to work for me, is a white noise app I have on my iPad.

I’m the type of person that needs complete silence while falling asleep. Once I’m asleep, noise doesn’t generally wake me but it’s getting to sleep that’s the problem. So my housemate coming down the stairs, somebody walking down the street in heels, a car pulling up and slamming it’s doors.. these are all things that might wake up up when I’m falling to sleep.

So, this app simulates a rain sounds. It’s a consistent noise that drowns out most other noises, such as a bathroom door shutting, or the neighbours dog barking.

Obviously another big factor to how well you sleep is how comfortable your mattress is. If you’re looking for a new one, you can buy your mattress online from Mattress Next Day, who kindly provided me with the following infograph that is jam packed with information about how much sleep Britain are getting!

Night night britain

How much sleep do you get?



  1. I also seem to struggled to fall asleep I have gotten in the habit of using sleeping tablets to be able to sleep because I just struggle so much!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I always feel like I need more sleep but compared to most I think I do pretty well. It is so hard to get a good sleep pattern when you are working shifts though!

    Ash | Liakada

  3. Your schedule must be hard and your body and mind is confuse when is ready to lay down to sleep I get up at 4 am sometimes due to travel I go t bed at 12 am so it all depends I get 6 hours on a good day and 3 on my travel days. I need darkness and silent in order to get to sleep is very hard if my mind is wide awake so I get it. I never experience odd things in my room if I did I will never sleep lol.

  4. Sleep paralysis sounds so scary and I’m sorry that you have to deal with that! A good night’s rest is so important. I can’t fall asleep in silence so I always put Friends or another funny show on and that seems to help, especially since I’ve seen the episodes a million times each so I’m not eager to stay up and watch what happens.

    1. Yeah it really is scary! It’s not something that seems to feel less scary even when you know whats going on. I had a friend that could only sleep with the TV but the noise keeps me awake.

  5. I usually sleep only 6-7 hours a day, each day. I can’t sleep more. I noticed I sleep better if I get a ZMA pill before going to bed or a tea designed for a good night sleep. I can’t say I’m not happy with my sleeping patterns, going up at 9-10 in the weekends means I lose precious hours “doing nothing”. That is my opinion and I don’t believe many will agree :))

  6. Glad you found an app that helps! I always do seem to fall asleep quicker when it’s storming or raining outside, something so relaxing about the rain!

    It must be tough with the changing shifts to get a fixed bedtime or a good before bed routine! I’m finding most days I’m so exhausted I’m just falling to sleep quickly, haha! But I don’t always get a night of uninterrupted sleep which makes me more tired the next day too! I need my sleep ha!

    1. Ha, we’ll I’m sure being pregnant and having a baby doesn’t help.. head those things are pretty exhausting 😉

  7. I don’t think I get enough sleep during the week as I have to wake up around 6 am to get ready for work then I don’t really go to bed before 1-1:30 then I can’t fall asleep most of the time. I remember using a similar app before however I can’t remember if it was good 🙂 Have you tried drinking camomile tea? Some people say it helps them fall asleep quicker. Sleep paralysis is a nightmare, I heard some other people having it too and I’d really hate that. Is there anyway of getting rid of it?

  8. I’m an insomniac and have been for many years so I completely know your struggle, Corinne. I’m curious about the white noise app, I’ll need to check it and hopefully it can help me too.

  9. I really struggle with my sleeping and have tried just about everything. Luckily I’ve always been someone who can survive on little sleep, and have never been one for lie-ins. I have used sleeping tablets in the past but had horrible side effects from them so try to avoid, and lately seem to get between two and three hours per night. It’s not ideal.

  10. I sleep to much! I start falling asleep at 8pm and get up at 10am! I just drink a lot of coffee in the day haha!

    I hope you start to get more sleep soon!
    Fix Me In Forty Five – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin’ // Instagram

  11. I love sleeping, too! But I love to go to bed very late, almost in the morning)) And that’s my problem))

  12. These stats are so incredibly interesting. It’s rather shocking that so many get less than 7 hours. I’m surprised about the average wake up time for that category being 7.25- I thought it’d be much earlier. Sleeping is such a huge issue for me. I am so tired all the time and often feel like I am falling asleep at work. I often feel sick in the mornings from not enough sleep. I can’t get used to getting up early for work even though I’ve worked full time for 2 and a half years now. My main issue is that I, for my whole life, have had incredible trouble getting to sleep. It’ll be well after midnight and I’m still awake to get up for 6-6.30am. I’ve tried everything!!

  13. White noise works a treat, since pregnancy I have been listening to a hypnobirthing cd and I never get beyond the first ten minutes. Works a treat in sending me to sleep Lucy x

  14. I get LESS sleep now my Mr and I live together. He doesn’t sleep much at the best of times so his restlessness keeps me awake. I used to sleep pretty well until I moved out. I generally get to bed before midnight and am up by 7am most days. Not using electronics about an hour or so before bed really helps, I get a really bad headache if I use them right up until the point of getting into bed.

    The sleep paralysis sounds absolutely terrifying! Can you not negotiate more regular hours at work?

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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