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Frustrations of a blogger

LOL I’ve been blogging nearly 3 years. What what? This website is officially the most consistent thing in my life. And I love it. Most of…



LOL I’ve been blogging nearly 3 years. What what?

This website is officially the most consistent thing in my life. And I love it. Most of the time.

But there are some things that can be frustrating. Some of these things are really petty and to be honest, I can’t even give you a good reason why some of these things even do frustrate me.

Please take this post in jest. It’s supposed to make you smile, not think that I’m an ungrateful spoilt brat. Even though I probably am, being the youngest child AND only girl and all.. but that’s a different story.

DSC_0189Those dicks that unfollow you.

You know, like when you’re almost at 1000 followers, then you send out a tweet to let everyone know OMG I’M ALMOST AT 1000!!! and then 5 buggers unfollow you. Doom.

Vague Opportunities.

This has been something I’ve noticed quite a lot lately! When you get an e-mail to ask you about some collaboration but they are really vague about if they’re able to send products or samples.

After a few polite e-mails back and forth – requesting more information about this amazing and unique opportunity for, you have to bite the bullet and just ask. Like dude, do you have a budget for this?

This is the point where:

  1. They don’t reply.
  2. They don’t have a budget but want you to do it for free and offer to maybe Tweet your blog to their 200 followers.
  3. They surprise you and actually DO have a budget!

I know that working with brands shouldn’t always be about getting paid or getting something sent to you – but let’s be realistic here. Although I do work with some brands for free if I think it’s a great idea for content, something that relates to me or for a good cause, I’m going to be much more likely to be on board and getting a post together quicker if I’m being offered something in exchange.

So please just be up-front with me if you can’t offer anything. It prevents an awkward conversation later down the line and I’d be much more likely to work with a brand with no budget if they were just honest about it, rather than sending e-mails trying to convince me how great an opportunity it would be for me to advertise your product or services for free on my blog I’ve spent 3 years building.

Just sayin’.

Missed Parcels.

It’s like sods law or something that when I come home, I’ll have a red MISSED PARCEL note that had an attempted delivery time five minutes after a left.

I think someone was really playing with me last Saturday when I went to get a package from the sorting office, only to return home 30 minutes later and yes. I had missed another parcel while I was out.

Press Releases.

Some press releases are okay, but I find myself being sent the strangest types!

If I get another press release about expensive golf clubs then I’m going to go over to whoever sent it and shove that expensive golf club up their arse. Do I seem like the type of person that want to spend $30,000 on a putter?

I like to keep my blog e-mail junk and spam free – this means I only want to receive e-mails that are actually for me. I unsubscribe to any mail list or press release list as soon as I’m sent it to keep my mail box clutter free.

Please stop trying to ruin my life.


When you’re just about to do an OOTD and it starts raining.

Nuff said.

Those people that just have it.

You’ve probably seen them – new bloggers that come along but just seem to have SOMETHING that you don’t.

Whether that’s amazing fashion sense, brilliant makeup skills, great at web design, hilarious content..

This something leads them to creating a following fast and you’re left feeling behind on the times with nothing but blog envy and then feeling guilty about wanting to stab said blogger in the face.

Oh, and she’s tiny and beautiful and perfect and has a lovely personality and a hot boyfriend. What a bitch I HATE HER.

Reflective Packaging.

Have you every tried to photograph something that’s over reflective or has metallic writing on? It’s looks so pretty in real life, but it’s basically impossible to get photos that look decent enough to put on your blog.



What frustrates you as a blogger?



  1. This is probably going to sound pretty bad but here goes. What annoys me is when I put a crap ton of effort into a post or my layout or I see others doing the same, and then this blog will come along and it ain’t pretty looking, the photos are crap, every post is littered with spelling mistakes and they use a lower case i when it should be in upper case – and they have a bazillion followers. Every other post seems to involve PR and I’m just over here like THE HELL am I doing wrong?

    That’s frustrating.

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Haha yeah, that can be frustrating. I think a lot of these bloggers just comment a lot on other blogs, which obviously brings more traffic and comments to them. I know when I comment more I get more back!

  2. Omg you kill me with the collaboration is so true they should keep in mind if they were to advertise some where else it will cost them a lot more than a blogger. I also agree with followers who get jealous of your success in gaining on twitter or any other media and drop you if you announce it those are not real follower kudos and so long. As per other bloggers moving up fast I get happy and hope they make it and said I was one who saw that journey of that blogger and wish her or him the best is my nature, I cannot stress about who is better than me is will be plenty lol. Have a great weekend doll.

  3. This is such a brilliant post, Corinne. Numbers 1 and 2, and the final post, made me go “yes!!!”. Now it’s getting dark I’m struggling so much with photography and every pretty product I have seems to reflect everything!! I’ve also tried giving up with the vague opps but my curious mind always wants to know, even though I know if it was a good opportunity they would lay it all out in the first email. And let’s not go there with the unfollowers.. I seem to get them all just after I think I’ve posted my best post/Instagram photo yet :’)

    Jodie x

    1. Yeah it’s annoying with the darkness and photos! I have some box lighting now so hopefully this year won’t be as doom!

  4. My favourite is when I receive an incredible offer to share an amazing “bacon with something” recipe on my…. vegetarian cooking blog… just fab! 😀

  5. This gave me a couple of chuckles. One thing I can’t stand is people who expect follow for follow as it’s so ungenuine.

  6. Rain is definitely one of my frustrations, the other one is me clearly explaining before taking on something that I will have a blog post live within x amount of time and then being chased up way before that deadline

    1. Ohhh that’s annoying about being chased up! I’ve been quite lucky in I’ve always had PRs kind of leave me too it. I think most don’t expect it as quick as I get it out.

  7. I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed so hard while reading a blog post. This is just epic! And yes, I completely agree with all your points here and I have felt the same way too especially on the collaboration part. FFS just let me know what the hell you want instead of being vague about it.

  8. haha I had a good giggle at some of these, a very fun post!

    I relate to the rain one the most – it is so tricky trying to get a good photo in the rain here! I take my photos with a camera remote and a tripod so I can’t hold an umbrella over the camera and myself at the same time….ha! Trying to take photos indoors I can never stop the photos looking orange no matter what I try. I think it’s our lights, as it happens on all 3 different cameras I’ve tried!

  9. These were all true, but what gets me, I have tones of people visit but never write anything. I work hard on my info on my blog, and everything that goes along with it. When I even put what are some of your suggestions… that means don’t read it and leave means I want to hear your opinion.

  10. I have many frustrations as a blogger too like: Writer’s block, not earning through blogging, can’t help but compare yourself to other bloggers, that kind of thing but I realize that I should be happy where I am now. BLogging is meant for enjoyment and it’s a passion

  11. All so true, I hate reflective packaging and winter light or lack of it. Pr companies who clearly have never read your blog and have strange ideas for collaboration Lucy x

  12. oh my goodness, i have to agree with you on this post!
    haha, the frustrations are real, especially reflective packaging issues. haha

  13. You are hilarious!! I hear ya on many of these except the press release gruff because I share not my email address with la internet because it is scary!!!! 🙂
    The DARK in winter is a blogging irritation as is the annoying blogger who I comment in everything she does (I like hee content) I’m about the only one who does and she never acknowledges my existence-that’s just plain rude!!! Just once a year acknowledgement is all I ask!!!x

  14. Right now my biggest frustration is dealing with the feeling of never being good enough. Becasue everyone else always seem better. Or prettier. Like everyone ‘got it’ except me. And that I’m never going to have it either. Gah I hate that feeling.

  15. Great post. I get frustrated with brands/prs trying to play smart with the ‘no budget’ line. That is so old, they need to think of new ways to get me to advertise for free on a blog I have slaved over 3 years of my life. I also get frustrated with the new bloggers that think they can be the next big thing after a month of blogging.

    Many more things frustrate me, but I will be have all day if I name them all.

  16. Haha this gave me a giggle. I’m so with you on the reflective surfaces!! I used to try and photograph stuff on my glossy black table and you’d just see a big ass reflection of the camera. Ps I’m a fellow Leeds girl 🙂 x

  17. Some of these really made me laugh because they’re so true. I’ve received some pretty weird emails too! Also photographing make up products with mirrors inside and not realising so when you put it on the computer, you see your own reflection photographing the product in pyjamas haha!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  18. Cannot believe I just found this post I LOVE it! All of your points had me nodding my head and laughing – so true! One thing that irks me is because I work full time like most I don’t have a lot of time for my blog but try and keep in ‘presentable’ (!) but there is always that one blogger that starts it as a hobby because they are bored of doing nothing at home and asks for all of your free time but forgets you when their blog stats sky rocket! Irked!!!
    Your blog is just awesome 🙂

  19. OMG! this made me laugh because I can ‘almost’ relate to everything. I love the way you wrote this hahaha!

  20. This post is so relatable I just want to plaster it everywhere! I agree with every single thing you’ve said. Metallic packaging is the worst… It looks so nice in your hand and then you photograph it and the reflection is of you makeup less with a scraped back ponytail with wispy bits flying everywhere… Yep that’s me every time!

  21. All of these are so accurate! Rain & reflective packaging are the worst enemies of every blogger, I remember trying to take pictures for a makeup post and I completely failed haha. x

  22. A thousand times yes to all of these! Especially the people who unfollow you just as you’re about to or just hit a milestone, it’s actually heartbreaking! And photos that just don’t do justice to the things in real life, it’s so frustrating! I loved this post girl, so relatable haha! 🙂 xx

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