Cyprus Part 5 // Aphrodite Water Park

Aphrodite Water

During our holiday, we spent a day at the Aphrodite Water Park.

We got there for open time, 10am, and it was surprisingly quiet! Apparently – Saturdays and Sundays are usually the quietest days.

You’re not allowed to take any food or drink in with you – though they don’t check your bags. But you can get fined if you’re found consuming food and drink not bought from there. Which is a bit of a bummer because the price of everything is really expensive.

For beer – you are best going to the big food place at the back of the park past the wave pool and asking for the beer on tap. You’ll be paying 5.50 euros for a tin of Carlsberg otherwise!

They give you a wrist band with a barcode on and every time you buy something, they scan it and you pay at the end. You also get a receipt that tells you what you owe so far. I managed to wrack up a bill of 35 euros for buying a slice of pizza, a veggie burger and 3 beers. Like I said – it’s not cheap.

The rides themselves are a lot of fun but you may want to take water shoes if it’s as hot as it was when I went. The ground burns your feet! There are also a lot of steps to go up to get to the slides. Carrying a big inflatable ring, 34C temperatures and hundreds of stairs can take it out of you.

The have a massive lazy river that goes around the whole park. Also, a really great slide that runs into it. There is a slide right at the top that is a family raft – where about 6 of you can go on together and it’s like a rapids ride. If you go on this ride on a ring, then you don’t stop where the family raft does and go into the lazy river. It’s a lot of fun!

Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprusAphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus

There’s a wave pool that goes off every day at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. There is a loud klaxon across the park when it’s going to start so you know when – which is good because there are no clocks around! We only knew what time it was by when the wave pool went!

Aphrodite Water park cyprus

There’s a part that lets you jump across inflatables to get to the other side. Next to this, is a large pool area for general swimming. There’s a waterfall and under it, is a shaded area if you want to get out of the sun. Here hides a Jacuzzi.

 Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus

There is something called the Volcano – it’s like a climbing wall where you have to get to the top and then you can slide down. You have to take every piece of jewellery off though! They tried to make my sister-in-law take off her rings, bracelets, earrings, belly button jar.. I guess it is for safety but it’s a lot of hassle.

She didn’t bother in the end!

Aphrodite Water park cyprus

Next to The Volcano, is a big bouncy thing. I don’t know how else to explain it – but you jump on it. And it looks scary and dangerous haha.

Aphrodite Water park cyprusAphrodite Water park cyprus

Some of the bigger slides – there are two that have massive drops, which I didn’t dare gone on! There were also some that didn’t drop as much, but still enough to give you the belly tickles.

The ones on the far left – well they are fun! Instead of stopping at the bottom, you keep going up and down until you stop in the middle.

Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus The kids area has some of the adult attractions on a smaller scale, as well as a pirate ship!

Aphrodite Water park cyprus

Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus Aphrodite Water park cyprus

It was a good day out, if you ever find yourself in Pathos, you should go!

The park closed at 5pm, but we weren’t allowed on any rides after 4:45pm as they want everyone out at 5pm which doesn’t seem fair! To me, closing at 5pm means you let the last person on at 5pm! That was awkward.


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