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Christmas Day #OOTD // #GeorgeChristmas

Dress: c/o George Christmas Jumper: c/o George Bag: c/o George Shoes: ASOS      I know I keep banging on about Christmas buttttt. IT’S THE MOST…


christmas day outfit

Dress: c/o George
Christmas Jumper: c/o George
Bag: c/o George
Shoes: ASOS

christmas day outfit christmas day outfit  christmas day outfit christmas day outfit christmas day outfit

I know I keep banging on about Christmas buttttt. IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

I proper love Christmas, me. And I love a good old Christmas jumper. So when George asked me to join in with their 25 days of #GeorgeChristmas, how could I say no?

The idea was simple – pick a dress from their party dress range and a few other items to create your ideal Christmas outfit.

We already know that my ideal ANY OCCASION OUTFIT is dress with tights – and maybe a cardigan or jacket. But at Christmas, this all changes.

For the past few years I’ve posted Christmas outfits on Christmas day. And there’s always a pattern. A pretty dress that gets ruined and hidden under a Christmas jumper.

Not one to ruin tradition, I headed over to the George website and selected a dress that I like. It arrived on my doorstep not long after. I’m a girl of great height. Well, not GREAT height, but I’m taller than average and most dresses look too short on me, but this is a great length and I’m a fan of the cut. Tucked in waistline, yes please!

The line of Christmas jumpers at George is worth a mention, too. Because they’re adorable. I tend to add a new Christmas jumper to my collection every year as we wear them every day at work during December. If you’re looking for one then check out their Christmas jumper section as there’s loads of totes adorbs one for reasonable prices.

The bag is a fox. I don’t think I need to say anything else to convince you it’s wonderful.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing what my Christmas day style is like…

and because EVERYONE loves a good DERP, I’ll leave you with this beauty…

christmas day outfit

What do you wear on Christmas day?



  1. Dang it, Corinne! Christmas is still more than a month away! LOL! All jokes aside though, that fox bag is super adorable!

  2. DERP!! So glad you included that picture hehe, love it!

    I have a feeling I might have just ordered that EXACT dress too! Great minds think alike!

    I love xmas jumpers and don’t have nearly enough of them. In an ideal world I would have one for EVERYDAY in December!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. And I shall be going home via town to get that bag tomorrow! How cute!!!!x
    That IS an adorable outfit!!! I like all aspects. I bought an adorable fix jumper from George last year which I was super pleased about! I am trying NOT to buy a new Christmas jumper so thank you very much Miss Temptation!

  4. I’m trying hard to resist all mention of Christmas until at least December (I’m a total Scrooge) but I have to admit I really like your jumper.

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