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Autumn Handbag Wishlist

I’ve been in need of a new bag for a long time. My usual day to day bag is falling apart. The lining has all…


Autumn Handbag

I’ve been in need of a new bag for a long time. My usual day to day bag is falling apart. The lining has all come unstitched and I basically use it for an accessory rather than to carry things in.

I’m not really high maintenance and when I go out, I only tend to take my keys, phone and purse. I’ll bring my camera if it’s a blog event. But apart from that, I might have the odd pen or sweet laying in the bottom of my bag – but nothing intentional.

The last time I used my go to bag, I struggled to zip it up because cotton from the damaged lining got stuck in it! So I decided enough was enough and I’m currently on the hunt for a new bag.

First up is the Ted Baker Bowcon bag. It’s probably more a bag you’d take out shopping or to the gym than an actually handbag though, but look at that colour! Plum is lovely, especially for this time of year!

The second bag is the Therapy Jenny frame bag – it’s a much better size and has that twist clasp fastening that reminds me of the types of bags and purses my Mum used to have when I was a child.

The third one is the Biba Mini Blake Bowler Handbag, which is totally out of my price range at almost a hundred quid! But I really like the gold detailing and the tassels!

The Marley Triple Compartment Handbag is close to the style I usually go for – I like bags with compartments and this has three, the middle one has a zip too which is good for smaller, more valuable items!

The Therapy Kitty Cross Body Handbag is much smaller than the rest but would be able to house my belongings no problem! I find myself going for cross body bags quite often as I hate wearing bags on my shoulder! Especially when you’re in a busy place where people are likely to be knocking you about. Like in the middle of Primark on a Saturday afternoon..

The Ted Baker Purple Patent bag is not usually something I’d typically go for, but it’s the colour again that caught my eye! It has lovely lining, too – patterned with leaves, insects and flowers – very pretty and matching for the seasonal.

The Filorelli Mia Cross Body Tote Bag is probably the one I would be most likely to buy – it’s very typical of my usual choices in colour, size, and the compartments and it’s not a bad price, either!

Autumn Handbag

Which bag would you pick?



  1. Definitely the purple patent Ted Baker. It is absolutely perfect. The colour is so stunning. Now you make me want it- I’ve never seen one in that shade before.

  2. Ahh I’m torn between the triple compartment one and the patent Ted Baker bag!

    I always tend to go for casual messenger bags which I carry on my shoulder, but my friend has a really nice rucksack-style on which I love… so I’m currently on the hunt for one of those!


  3. #5 and #6 get my vote! All my bags are either cross body bags or back packs, I can’t use anything else. I can’t be doing with bags hanging off the crook of my arm, they always end up so heavy and uncomfortable and leave my arms looking like they should belong to an addict. Not really the look I’m going for! One shoulder bags always leave me with shoulder and back ache too!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. The biba bag is PERFECT, I need a new bag too and this served some great inspiration!!! Have a good week,
    Bethany xx
    I return all follows and comments on my blog, so be sure to check it out 🙂

  5. I really need a new bag too, I haven’t bought any bags for a long time. I really hate when something gets stuck between the zips too, I just can’t manage to get them out. These bags look really good, great picks! I used to hate cross body bags but now I really love them, they are easier to carry around. My favourites are the third and the last xx

  6. What great picks, Corinne! The Therapy Kitty Cross Body Bag looks wonderful! I myself have been looking for a new bag to replace my thrifted ol’ backpack, haha

    May | THE MAYDEN

  7. All great choices but especially like Ted Baker Lilyana Purple Patent Tote Bag it is a lovely colour and looks pretty Lucy x

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