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Welcome to the third instalment of my 4 part mini-series on women’s health.

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Let’s have a read of the stats and meet at the bottom!

Womens health infographic- sexual and reproductive health

The most shocking stats in this one has to be the first one. I would have thought more women would have been gay or bisexual! 91% being heterosexual seems like such a large number, but maybe that’s because I know a lot of gay or bisexual men and women.

10% of women experiencing vaginismus is also shocking to me. I only found out what that was after reading someones blog about it, about a ago. I never knew this existed – which is probably a really good thing because it sounds like something that’s horrible to have to live with.

Vaginismus is involuntary muscle contractions that cause the vagina to close up whenever penetration is attempted. Some women may be able to insert a tampon, but some can’t even manage that. Obviously this can have a massive impact on someones sex life and cause confidence issues and relationship problems. I imagine it must be a terrible thing to have – and to have to describe it to a partner must be nerve wracking.

13% of people having an STI at some point seems a bit.. much! I seriously am clueless when it comes to this stuff!

What are your thoughts?


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