Womanly Wednesday // Childbirth and Pregnancy

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Welcome to the fourth and final instalment of Womanly Wednesday! I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series!

Let’s check out the stats and meet at the bottom.

Womens health infographic- childbirth and pregnancy

I think it’s no surprise that the most common number of children women have is two. That’s the dream, right? One boy, one girl?

It’s surprising to me the number of women that have gone through an abortion, and also the number of women that didn’t want to answer. It goes to show that people still feel a lot of shame, and probably pain over it. I’ve never been pregnant, or had an abortion so it’s hard to visualise how that must feel. I can only imagine it to be a battle between thoughts of guilt, and thoughts of ‘you’ve done the right thing’.

I never wanted children until recently, I always thought they were gross. I’m getting older now and starting to realise that it must be quite nice to raise something that loves you so much, that you love so much – to get to know this tiny person that is part of you, watch them grow and help them get the best out of life. It must be one of the meanings of life – to live for your children, to love something more than yourself.

I hope my ovaries aren’t dried up, yet, because I’m almost 30 and I don’t see myself with children until my mid 30’s! Doom.

What are your thoughts?


Infograph c/o Pharma Nord

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  • A for Alyce

    This is a really good series to read! It really highlights the worries that us girls have to face in life. I think it would be nice having children in the future but I do worry about raising them. I think being a mum is a very challenging and meaningful job. 🙂

  • Anca

    Is an interesting statistic. Only 10% having unwanted pregnancies is great and I hope it will be a smaller percentage in the next years. I was never in this situation, but a friend of mine was and it was so stressful for her.

  • kelly

    Corrine, this is a great read! Thank you for sharing. I can appreciate this for a number a of reasons. I always felt the same way as you – that kids were annoying and I didn’t understand why they always liked me or wanted to be around me. One of my friends told me it was because they “saw my spirit”. Ever since then I started noticing how I happy I am when around them. I hope for them someday in the distant future when I meet the right person (if I meet the right person). I feel a lot of things must fall into place before I feel I can actually dedicate my whole life to another human being.. 🙂


  • LauraDaisyChain

    I don’t see myself having kids for a few years yet either, Ben and I want to be living together and married first and neither of those have happened so yeah…hurry up boy. Baby Corrine’s will be epic.

  • Ela

    When I was younger, I thought I would definitely be a mother before 30 however now I am less than 4 months away from being 30 I can say it didn’t work as how I planned it years ago! Education came first on the list so I focused on that. I can say that I don’t think I will be having a kid for some years too so I will be in my 30s. Also yeah hopefully 1 boy and 1 girl 🙂

  • Kimmy

    Lovely post. I’ve always known I wanted kids. The question was when. It’s going to happen a little later that I anticipated but yeah, its definitely something I’ve always seen as part of my life. 🙂 Doesn’t make it any less scary though!

  • Lucy

    I have really enjoyed this series. There is such increasing pressure on women that you have to do things in a certain order and not leaving having a baby to late. The reality is that with the world we live in, the opportunities we have we are all leaving it later and later to have children. I have had so many sexist comments about that I needed to hurry up or my overies would dry up. Things don’t always happen as we think they will life sometimes has different plans. The trick is to relax and see what happens Lucy x

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