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What to do When You Can’t Adult // Guest Post

? Today’s post is a guest post from one of my good blogger friends, Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty. Hope you enjoy the post and have a…

?What to do When You Can’t Adult
Today’s post is a guest post from one of my good blogger friends, Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty. Hope you enjoy the post and have a nosey over at her blog and see what she has to offer.
What to do When You Can’t Adult

I recently did a post on Things No One Tells You About Growing Up, which got me thinking about the things I do when I just can’t adult any more. When life as a grown up gets too much and the thought of doing another pile of washing makes me want to flood the whole house, I know I need to take a step away from adulting, and start living a little for me. Forget about the washing/ironing/taking the rubbish out and just embrace being alive, like kids do. So here are a few things I like to do to forget adulting and responsibility.


Ahhh, Netflix, the greatest procrastination tool of our time. On the bank holiday Monday I got home after a couple days out of the house and new I had a mountain of washing to do, which made me do the ‘I can’t adult’ face. Netflix is a great way to forget about it all; build a fort in bed, grab some sweeties and biscuits and a bottle of wine then let the Netflix marathon begin. You have to build a bed fort otherwise it doesn’t count as not adulting.


There is nothing in the world a good Disney binge cannot make better – OK, maybe some stuff but you know what I mean. Whenever I am feeling blue I just pop on Alice in Wonderland or Beauty and the Beat or Little Mermaid or ALL THE DISNEY and it somehow seems to melt away the blues. Again, building a bed fort to watch this in makes it so much better.


And not for adult things like running or taking the kids; going to the park for you is awesome, although I recommend going with a friend as an adult going down the slide alone might raise a few odd stares or police calls. Swings, slides and roundabouts are so much fun and you kinda forget how much spinning round on a metal wheel can make you laugh.

Obviously, adulting and responsibility shouldn’t be put on the back burner all the time otherwise you won’t have any clean pants to wear on Monday morning, but giving yourself a little break from all the responsibilities is good for the soul. How do you like to forget about being an adult?



  1. Sometimes taking time out and remembering that you can be light hearted, have fun and do the things lthat made you happy when you were a child is important Lucy x

  2. HAHAHAH loved reading this guest post! when I don’t want to adult, which is probably all the time! I just get out my Disney films too 😀

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  3. Some fun ideas! 🙂

    I find taking a little time out now and then helps cope with the stress levels, then the piles of washing don’t seem as bad haha!

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