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#socialbloggers 72 // Interaction and Networking

We all know how important it is to interact with other bloggers and your readers – but with so many ways to do so, which…



We all know how important it is to interact with other bloggers and your readers – but with so many ways to do so, which ways are most popular?

My personal favourite way is to visit the blogs of my readers, read their post and leave a comment. Twitter comes second to that – but I struggle time wise to be as committed as I’d like to be! Some people do Twitter really well – but it’s something that just doesn’t naturally seem to happen for me. I’m a bigger fan of Instagram, to be fair! I neglect Facebook and Google+ the most – I basically let content auto-post and that’s it. I’d be interested to see what would happen if I had time to spend time across all social media accounts!

What are your views?

Q1: How do you interact with other bloggers?


Q2: How do you interact with your audience?


Q3: Do you find interacting with others easy or a chore?

Q4: What tools or social networks do you use to help you interact and network?


Q5: What’s your biggest networking tip?




  1. I think I definitely interact with other bloggers more by commenting on blogs but I’ve been getting into twitter a lot more recently and really liking it! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Great post. Networking is something that I struggle with – not because I don’t enjoy talking to people, just because I find it difficult to manage so many social media platforms! Thanks for the tips, this was really helpful x

  3. I’m with you on visiting reader’s blog and leaving a genuine comment. I try to be active on Twitter but it’s too time consuming for me and yes, Instagram is definitely my favourite too!

  4. I used to love Twitter, but have become sort of bored with it now…I love Instagram though, it’s quickly become my favourite one, much easier for me to interact and see what others are posting too. It’s really great 🙂

  5. I do the same, read posts of my readers and comment. This creates a real connection that is so important, is one of the reasons I love blogging so much.

  6. I think commenting on other blogs is my biggest thing! I don’t do any other Social media! You are very good at that- I am always surprised such a hugely successful blogger like you comments on my blog which is lovely- i follow some small blogs and left months of comments and there is absolutely zero reciprocation- and in one case from someone who spends their life on the internet and has no job! Oh well, my blog must be too rubbish for her!x

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