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#socialbloggers 71 // Blog Routines

My life before blogging was already heavily revolved around the internet. Mainly YouTube and xBox live. The biggest change is that I went from gamer to…


Blaze On (11)

My life before blogging was already heavily revolved around the internet. Mainly YouTube and xBox live.

The biggest change is that I went from gamer to blogger.

When people ask me how I blog daily alongside two other blogs (see Secrets to blogging every day for a year) – I don’t see it as a big deal as I don’t watch TV. I know people who spend a few hours a day watching telly after work. That interest hasn’t been in me since I was a teenager.

As soon as I had the computer in my room connected to the internet, I was in love. All my spare time was online, on forums, on MSN, creating websites on Geocities while listening to music. This stayed the same when I went to uni.

The only difference is that there’s been a shift in the ways I’ve spent my time online, blogging, vlogging, watching YouTube, hours of Call of Duty, Minecraft…

So my life didn’t really change that much. I just went from putting my xBox controller down and putting my fingers on my keyboard a bit more…

I’m still in Cyprus, by the way, so sorry if I’ve been a bit lax about commenting on your blogs!

Q1: What was your life before starting a blog? Did having a blog effect your regular routine?


Q2: If you could design your ideal routine, how would it look like?


Q3: now back to reality, tell us how does you REGULAR routine look like?



  1. HAHA I had no routine , life was boring and lonely , had no friends besides my boyfriend..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. When I started my blog did not realize I were love it and enjoy every minute and also enjoy learning about other bloggers.

  3. I took the TV out of my room last year and it’s insane how much more I actually get done! I hope you’re enjoying Cyprus, I’m very jealous – the weather was awful today! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I’ve been trying to juggle blogging and real life and honestly am struggling to balance both. I think my life before blogging has been very slow and boring but then again, the little one wasn’t born yet. Blogging definitely takes up most of my time and frankly I’ve felt really burnt out by it.

  5. Lol, I used to play a lot of Sims and WoW! Before that I was very active on Livejournal. Just mentioning Geocities brings back so many memories!
    I guess I’ve always had something I was obsessing with my entire life. 😉

  6. I still am amazed that you blog everyday. Doing two posts hard a week was a challenge and now that I am shattered with an expanding bump even harder. It takes real focus and energy Lucy x

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