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#socialbloggers 70 // Blogging Mistakes

If you’re anything like me, then you probably started a blog on a whim without thinking about any type of blogging rules.. not like there…


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If you’re anything like me, then you probably started a blog on a whim without thinking about any type of blogging rules.. not like there are any rules of course, but there is advice and things most bloggers generally follow, or are taught to follow.

Things like starting a Twitter account, getting a bloglovin account and button, having large images with your posts, learning its of SEO and HTML.

I’m sure we’ve all looked back at a post and cringed. For me, my first photos were small, dark and I had all my text in the centre. It wasn’t pretty at all!

I have wrote a post called Mistakes to Avoid if want to take Blogging Seriously, you’re interested 🙂

Q1: What were some initial mistakes you think you made when you started blogging?


Q2: How did you improve your blogging mistakes? Did anyone help you, in particular?


Q3: Was there any tool, bligger or website that helped you learn and fix your blogging mistakes?



  1. I like looking back at the journey. It makes me sad when bloggers and vloggers get rid of their first posts. Why it shows you have grown and developed Lucy x

  2. I think I wandered about a bit post-wise when I started my blog, before I got into the format I use and enjoy now. I’m always evolving it, so I don’t think any previous post formats were mistakes..they just weren’t as good as they could be. Blogging, like everything, is a constant improvement and learning I think 🙂

  3. Hello lovely, thank you for visiting my website at and a huge hug for taking time to write a comment! I adore reading them!

    It’s good to see that I am not the only one! Healthy criticism is always good. I am still taking care of grammar and photos but slowly, slowly… I think I am getting there!

    I would love to connect with you on Bloglovin and Twitter here and here: & Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  4. I definitely wish I had gotten into social media and better promoting my blog across other platforms when I first started blogging.

  5. My answers 🙂
    1.blogging was easy
    2.I am still a newb and learning
    3.I haven’t checked anything yet 🙂

    I have so much to improve and so much to learn but yeah my biggest mistake was to think blogging was easy and it wouldn’t need so much effort! I was so wrong! Working fulltime and coming home all tired then trying to do something for the blog is such a struggle!

  6. For my first posts, I didn’t know how to use collages and so I tried to space the photos out randomly myself! I need to go back and fix the old posts

  7. Not being able to trim photos and having some shoddy indoors images, too much text? I’m not on other social media and I don’t want to be because I barely have the time for the blogging, let alone anything else! I expect that’s my most fundamental error..that and not having my own header, logo, button, not publishing an email address, messy side bars. I’m a walking Blogger no-no really! I should give up! 🙂

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