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Provocalips // Little Minx

  If you’ve been around for a while, then you might remember at the start of the year I posted about Provocalips. I managed to…


Provocalips Little Minx


If you’ve been around for a while, then you might remember at the start of the year I posted about Provocalips. I managed to get three shades for £1 that we’re unused testers. Basically, they’re full size products that have a white ‘tester sticker on’ that you can peel off.

Well, I got the chance again to pick up another of my favourite shade ‘Make your move’ and also this bright pink, known as ‘Little Minx’.

Provocalips just ticks every single box for me. They dry quickly and last for hours. I’ve worked a full 9 hour shift with this stuff on, eating and drinking during breaks and never had to reapply.

The only downside is that it can dry out your lips and it’s a pain to remove – I’ve found the only thing to get it off is waterproof-makeup remover – which makes me unsure whether it’s what I’m using to remove it that’s making them dry, more than the product itself?

I’m pretty sure there’s probably a better way to get this stuff off maaahh lips, but let’s face it, well all know that I’m a totally noob when it comes to makeup and totally wing my way through reviews. I don’t know know why you’re evening reading this, if you still are. Cuz I know nothing. Ziltch. Zero.

But look how pretty the colour is 😀

Provocalips Little Minx Provocalips Little Minx Provocalips Little Minx Provocalips Little Minx

Have you tried Provocalips before?

How the chuff do you get it off your smackers?




  1. I have this exact one and I love it!! It lasts a really long time – Only issue I have with them is that they are drying to the lips other then that I got 5 hahahaha Love them

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. India’s suggestion of coconut oil sounds good. I’m actually abroad at the moment and forgot my eye make up remover so I’ve been using body lotion to get make up off and it seems to work!

  3. OMG how did I not know about this? I’ve been looking for the perfect long lasting lip colour for ages and this looks exactly right. Even the colour is full of gorgeousness!
    Like the others mentioned, I already use coconut oil to remove my makeup so I think it would be perfect!
    Suzy x

  4. I have two that same color you have that by the way looks amazing on you and this nude pink color love the packaging it does remind me of my blog. I do agree 100% it dry you lips that is a big downsize. Have a great weekend.

  5. I haven’t tried this lip product yet but it sounds good to me. I hate how some lip colors can easily wipe off when you ate and this one is impressive. I was just wondering if it’ll stay good if applied over a lip balm, Corinne?

    Jhem |

  6. Coconut oil as suggested by India is a brilliant idea! I wanted to pick this up but after testing a similar long lasting one by L’Oreal and hated it so much, i am hesitant to pick this up. The shade is freaking gorgeous on you though!

  7. This is a really pretty shade, I don’t have it but I will check it! You summarised provocalips so well. I had the same problem with drying and all I needed to do is apply some lip balm 🙂 I’ve tried different things to remove it and only scrubbing works haha 🙂 x

  8. It’s a gorgeous colour. Must be quite a thick and heavy pigmented gloss for it not to come off!

    Victoria xx

  9. I’m pathetic when it comes to make up, too, haha. 9 hours without reapplying? That’s insane?! Lip products that last long, I find, are usually drying and they usually don’t look cute on the lips, so I usually go for the less long lasting ones that don’t dry out.

    May | THE MAYDEN

  10. I haven’t tried it but so many bloggers recommend how good this is! I’ll be happy to drink my coffee without leaving red smoochy marks everywhere haha!

  11. What an absolute bargain, the colour is lovely shame that it is drying I wonder if you added lip solve first that would help Lucy x

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