Cyprus Part 4 // An Evening in Paphos


When we were in Cyprus, there was a sandstorm. Sand blown from the Sahara Dessert meant that for two days, the sky appeared cloudy.

It was such a strange thing to witness, like a cold, grey day – only it was 36C and still hot..

On one of these days, we took a short taxi ride into Pathos for a walk along the sea front and to get something to eat.

We were pulled into a restaurant by a man, who lured us in with lies to a place called the Captains Bistro.

The food wasn’t actually that good. My pizza was a bit burnt, someone ordered a well done steak and it came rare, my Dad’s calamari was raw… we complained and the manager, who was the man that told us to come in, basically said he had the best Chef on the Island and nobody has ever complained before. He didn’t care at all.

So I’d warn you all to stay away if you visit Paphos – it’s one thing to have a bad meal – even the best Chef has an off day – but for the manager to be so dismissive of our complaints shows a lack of respect and care towards customers.

I will, however, recommend to you the Rib Shack – which is easily the best place we are on our holiday. We went there twice!

Being a vegetarian, I was a bit worried about what a place called the Rib Shack would have to offer me – but these two meals were my two favourite.

The first time we went, I had vegetarian burritos, the second time, I had vegetarian fajitas and fried Camembert for a starter, which is what you can see in the pictures below. It was presented wonderfully and I couldn’t eat it all!

The meat eaters enjoyed things like steak and pork chops – the servings were all generous and we went home happy!

DSC_0910 DSC_0912 DSC_0913 DSC_0915 DSC_0916 DSC_0917 DSC_0919 DSC_0924 DSC_0925 DSC_0926 DSC_0927 DSC_0929 DSC_0930 DSC_0934 DSC_0935 DSC_0938 DSC_0939 DSC_0946 DSC_0950


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