Cyprus Part 3 // Boat Trip


Hello again kids. I’m still in Cyprus!

On Monday we took a boat trip to the blue lagoon and to coral bay. It was one of those all day trips – we were picked up at 8am and taken by coach to a rocky beach. The type of rocks that get stuck in your flipflops and you’re not sure how to comfort your feet.

So there I was, at 9:15am in 29C heat, stones in my shoes and my niece was sat on a near by sun bed, almost vomiting from the winding roads of Cyprus. It was a hot journey and I was shielding my legs from the sun with the shadow of an American. I felt like I was burning already.

The boat came in close to the shore and we all walked towards it to board. All kicking our feet in discomfort and smiling in excitement.

As soon as I boarded, I took my shoes off to empty them and we had our tickets checked and got on board.

All the food and drink was in with the price, so we enjoyed a light breakfast and drinks. The boat stopped twice for a swim stop. The waters were crystal clear. I had my snorkel and mask on but didn’t need it. You could see the bottom of the ocean and the little black fish just by looking down.

The second stop was also when they brought out the food. Everyone jumped in the water, then went to eat while me and my family stayed in the water.

I never get the reason why Muggles rush everywhere. To be first. To not miss out. To stand and queue. So, we were alone in this water and it freed up both the small boats for my family to use while everyone else was waiting in the scorching heat with plates in their hands and empty glasses.

Fuck that. We wanted to swim in the blue water.

The current was so strong. The type of strong that you’re swimming but feel like you’re going backwards.

I kind of liked the challenge. It feels good to sometimes feel out of control, to feel unsafe and to feel small.

Back on the boat, the queues had gone down and we got our food straight away.

The vegetarian options we’re shit.

When I say shit, I mean none existent. So I ate salad and potatoes.

I alternated between sitting in the scorching sun and spending some time downstairs in the shade. I’m terrified of getting my skin burnt and being ill. I am an English rose, after all.

When we got back to our hotel, the dip in the pool was amazing.

It was like a bath.

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