Holy hotness. This is the hottest holiday I’ve ever been on! On Wednesday morning, some of my family and I flew out from Doncaster…




Holy hotness. This is the hottest holiday I’ve ever been on!

On Wednesday morning, some of my family and I flew out from Doncaster to Cyprus.

There’s my parents, my brother and his family of 5, my sister-in-laws parents and some of their friends. 16 of us in total. So it’s a bit mad.

My brother is getting his wedding vows renewed in a few hours, which will be yesterday for you lot, or Friday if you’re a few days behind on THE SKINNED CARTREE.

Our flight was early, 7:30 – so we had to get up up up to the airport. I managed to score the front seat – you know, the one with all the leg room. I’ve never had that luck before!

I was sat with my 14 year old niece and we basically just played Kingdom Rush, a tower defence game for the whole 4 hours. I also drank wine so was in a pretty happy place when I landed.

A hot hot hot happy place.

It’s like walking into a warm hug, is getting off that plane.

Our pool is lovely – there’s a swim up bar. The beach is even better. We went snorkelling and I met some new fish friends. So many beautiful fish amongst that amazing coral. Ugh, how can the world be this beautiful?

I was a bit afraid of how the food would be – this is my first big holiday as a vegetarian, but it’s been good so far. Vegetable burritos, vegetable pizza.. we’ve only had two days here but so far so good.

Anyway – I better go and get ready for this wedding. I’m the photographer, wish me luck and please tell me about your holidays from this year in the comments below 🙂

cyprus7 cyprus1 cyprus2 cyprus3 cyprus5

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  1. It is strange that I haven’t yet visited Cyprus since I live in Greece. I have heard the best of things from those who have visited! And boy those sunset look amazing!
    Maditerranean countries are pretty much easy to navigate as a vegetarian, we have lots of veggies and vegetable dishes! As for my holidays, I stayed in Nafpakto, the town I live for now which is a seaside city and we live literally two blocks from the sea 😉

  2. It looks perfect, I could do with the sunshine :))) Thank you lovely for the sweet birthday wishes, it was super kind of you!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Xxx

  3. The resort looks so pretty! I go away on Wednesday and I’m so excited! I want to step off the plane into a warm hug! It’s the first time I’ve ever done an all inclusive sit around a pool all day holiday and I’m actually really nervous! I don’t know how to do nothing!

    Can’t wait to see some of the wedding pics if you share them! I’m surrounded by weddings right now and loving it!

    Sarah 🙂

  4. Love the way you described your time!! “It felt like a warm hug walking off the plane”. Pictures are great. Happy to see that you are having a wonderful time!


  5. Beautiful photos! Good luck with your photo taking tomorrow, I’m sure you will be awesome 🙂 I’m so jealous… It’s freezing here!

    Liz x

  6. Cyprus is beautiful, hope your brothers vows renewal went well and more importantly that you got good pics. Looking forward to more holiday adventures Lucy x

  7. My friend is from Cyprus and he said once it was so hot his contact lens melted in his eye! Not sure if I believe him though haha. Well done on scoring the front seat in the plane, I hope Friday was a gorgeous day x

    Josie’s Journal

  8. You really look like you had so much fun, Corinne!
    Although you said it’s hot in there, I’m still sure that it’s hotter here in my country lol, it feels like it’s going to be forever summer here, geez..
    But anyway, take care always!

    Jhem |

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